Welcome to albania

>>/anime/6334 >>6332 All my friends recommed reading the manga which is currently on hiatus due the mangaka's health problems.
>>/leftypol/1326192 >>1326185 Because it doesn't make sense for a nationalist American to blame something no (by that I mean zero) American deny on
>>/anime/6333 I re-watched the original 1980's astroboy series and it was still pretty good , although the art has a certain nostalgic quaintn
>>/leftypol/1326191 >>1326190 Oops I'm not King Lear lmao, I was pretending to be him in a different post and now it shows that as my default name.
>>/leftypol/1326190 >>1326186 It's a /pol/yp false-flagging to make it seem like we're Biden supporters, pay it no attention.
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