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File: 1608528984653.jpeg (738.56 KB, 2894x4093, 899.jpeg)


Not much of a vtuber fan, I only occasionally watch clips, but I'm saddened to hear that even something as innocent as the vtuber sphere has been infected with politics and will breed new reactionaries out of lonely people with nothing better to do. Is no form of escapism safe from politics anymore?
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saying the N word is controversial
doing un-idol shit in general is controversial since the holos are marketed as idols


wtf is the idol industry?


We have to remember these are human beings behind this whole thing. This idol culture crap is insane and it is preferable if it was done by the full ownership of the person “selling” themselves, because this corporate shit is insane.

What is so hilarious though is that these losers got what was coming to them, not the idols, but the fans who were simping a corporation and got fucked in the when this corporation does corporate shit. It only reveals the “fandom” for the bankruptcy that they are. Man how I would love to kick one of those losers until they are convulsing on the ground. It would get off on beating those corporate bootlickers. What is funny is that they dehumanize the idols more than the corporations do by going to war about some country and shit, it’s hilariously insane.


They got into a lot of controversy because of China related stuff and a couple other things.


I love idol shit, but I've never understood the people that are fans of the corporation too. Like, you can be an idol fan without simping their boss.

File: 1608528755012.jpg (885.75 KB, 2480x3507, otp.jpg)

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What are some classic cute yuri animu to watch??
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What the fuck
it's even worse now kek


just enjoy the titties bro
stop thinking so much


I will enjoy it when you start posting real yuri and not just shitty patreon porn


This, let's talk about yuri.
What are your favorite authors?


i don't post porn lmfao
i just enjoy the content that others post

File: 1623810122697.jpg (219.06 KB, 1128x1600, 1623809274707.jpg)


The more characters you kill the least impact each consecutive death has.


One man's death is a tragedy.


Post kino OPs, EDs, or OSTs of anime
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unforgettable for its cheesiness


a newer one that's fairly enjoyable




What's wrong?


File: 1623782383982-0.mp4 (5.91 MB, 960x720, digimon-op1.mp4)

File: 1623782383982-1.mp4 (3.9 MB, 480x360, digimon-op1-english.mp4)

Reminder that anglos are subhuman and have no soul

File: 1623670551511.jpg (96.15 KB, 1280x720, 1623661872221.jpg)


Mangadex is finally back but now they've got a full-JS UI, god damn it.
Is it really so hard to make websites that still work with javascript disabled?
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Yikes, now that's one hideous fucking user interface "upgrade". Guess I'll be mooching off some other manga site now.


I spent 3 minutes figuring out where chapters were now located. All they had to do was make the website more secure after getting hacked, not change the whole design for fuck's sake. Also uploading is still disabled LOL


I don't understand why they didn't just make it read-only from the beginning.


How are you supposed to add new stuff if it's read-only?
It's fucking shit. We waited more than a month for this crap and we still gotta wait.


what are the best takyomi extensions to browse mangas with

what are the best manga sites on f-droids manga app

File: 1623717573349.jpg (553.79 KB, 1951x1612, 1623716483535.jpg)


Anyone into NTR? Is this accurate?


Not into NTR but that's literally me.


me on the left

File: 1615594594057.jpeg (193.64 KB, 560x420, detective conan.jpeg)


>1000 episodes
The absolute madmen. They actually did it. They made 1000 episodes of this show where literally nothing ever advances, no characters ever change, and it's not even a sitcom. Have you ever wondered what Detective Conan fans are like? How do they think? What are their hopes and dreams?
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>Have you ever wondered what Detective Conan fans are like? How do they think?
I would know how they think for I am one. I saw the entire anime at the time (900 episodes), 18 movies, and 150 chapters – finally now dropping the series.

I checked it out since Gravity Falls ended too soon, I now have gained a deep respect to anti media.

>What are their hopes and dreams?

Conans side bitch blows her brains out and it's just a 30 minute slide show of him being depressed with hyper realistic eyes.

More like experience 20 years of time in 6 months.


>anti media
What's that?


Idk about that. From the earliest episodes until now, they absolutely massacre some victims and show it. Not really kids friendly, innit? Or maybe japanes kids are just weird


I mean, death note is a shonen


only 9 months have passed in the universe despite going on for over 25 years

File: 1608528978551.jpg (19.07 KB, 320x240, 3887-waltz07.jpg)


Discussion of movies, TV, web shorts
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This belongs on the board.


>on the board


The goys will lose after all.


why? they already have Hollywood and look how shit that is


shut the fuck up nazoid

File: 1614020513957.jpg (123.33 KB, 974x1200, Overflow.jpg)


>we already have a Hentai thread stop replicating threads you moron
I here you but this isnt like the other thread were people just post pics/gifs
Here we Review and Discuss our favorite Hentai
Best sites to watch Hentai
New Announcements and Hentai that just dropped
I'll start by talking about Overflow
The animation has a high production value and I personally really like the art style
The story is extremely wholesome for Hentai
Which is really a breathe of fresh air between all the rape shit
Season 1 was pretty succesfull
A Season 2 was announced but now cancelled I dont know the specifics
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Maybe search for animated gifs of that on gelbooru and you'll find some from hentai anime which then you'll be able to search more precisely on hentai watching sites




looks nice


I got some good ones too


File: 1623013097686.png (342.99 KB, 640x480, ZFightersKingKai.png)


Why didn't King Kai teach Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Tien the Kaioken and spirit bomb techniques? Did Toriyama already forget that was a thing?
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I always hated how these characters got phased out of relevance after the Dragon Ball


i always laugh think about people who started watching from dragon ball instead of dbz

oh man, that must be painful




File: 1623499998679.png (427.67 KB, 720x540, 1488837902215.png)

launch what?

imagine if she is in the next movie
they brought back 17, out of nowhere and made him mvp, someday anon


Because Dragon Ball Z is poorly written

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