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おたく 12/13/2020 (Sun) 21:19:04 No. 5894 [Reply]
Is Naruto communist or fascist? Explain your reasoning
It's definitely idealist.
>world ruled by effete feudal lords >entire story is about conflicts between clandestine their footsoldiers >never questions the power of the daimyo, even when the entire world is about to be destroyed Naruto is clearly feudalist.
USE The mother fucking Naruto thread you dull retards >>1401
It's just shit.
>>5914 No u

(1.56 MB 1500x1500 JAPAN DOES IT FOR FREE.png)
/weeaboo/ おたく 11/17/2020 (Tue) 20:28:41 No. 5190 [Reply]
This thread is to talk about things on Japanese culture, and the good and bad of it
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>>5639 I mean not really, but I'll do some "Chuni" things on occasion for fun, oon impulse. >>5644 No ethical consumption under capitalism. THat said, don't be a brainless consumer either.
(237.35 KB 1024x767 5b86ca5a0ddbd.jpeg)
What even is revolutionary about weeaboos
>>5864 Nothing, there's literally nothing communist about liking weeb shit; it's personal taste. Faggots as always want to make a big deal out of it (eg. you can't be a communist and enjoy X). The only reason this board should exist imo is to give weebs a place to escape from the reactionary bullshit that often infests other weeb spaces.
>>5870 >only reason this board should exist imo is to give weebs a place to escape from the reactionary bullshit that often infests other weeb spaces. Yes that's why we're here.
>>5650 >No naruto reference <weaboo Kek

(225.10 KB 636x900 pPwTniI.jpg)
Lolipol Anonymous 09/14/2020 (Mon) 08:44:35 No. 2865 [Reply] [Last]
Why a lot of leftists hate lolis? Are they retarded or just thinking loli mean Pedophile?
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Why are People of Colour in popular representations of loli lacking
>>5863 Random thought, maybe because lolis have the appeal of "dolls" and dark skin isn't doll-like. Dark skinned shotas are rare also.
(125.84 KB 453x360 Look, a faggot.png)
>>5875 yeah bitch so what?
>>5886 Time for the gay gulag for you

(105.34 KB 500x651 1531290890229.jpg)
おたく 05/08/2020 (Fri) 04:04:43 No. 915 [Reply]
Anybody know any good cutesy Yaoi manga/anime? I've watched the stock standard Doukyuusei and Yuri on Ice, but apart from that, I don't know of anything good. Also, general SFW Yaoi thread.
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>>920 I watched No. 6 and it was pretty damn good. It's essentially the only yaoi anime I've ever watched, but the story hooked me and has opened me up to watching more yaoi in the future. Great setting, cool drama, and there's the humor of the main character casually dumping his slutty smart childhood friend who loves him after she kisses him in the 2nd episode for the the aloof gay guy. It also has the leftist theme of a dystopia with serious inequality, and the need to tear down the Berlin wall and destroy the system.
(583.43 KB 860x970 Genos punch Sonic.png)
>>915 I personally hate 90% of yaoi 1) Because I'm not gay 2) Because most writers make it the most contrived fujoshi shite ever 3) Because its always done obscenely All that said an interesting doujin is Victory by Ellen Chain for One Punch Man, depicting Genos and Speed o' Sound Sonic https://e-hentai.org/g/1213230/a2bafbeb15/
Bump thread
>>5868 If you don't post content, don't fucking bump. That's called necroing, faggot

(207.69 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
おたく 12/11/2020 (Fri) 04:51:37 No. 5841 [Reply]
Patalliro! I love this anime / manga. The greatest genderqueer anime of all time. The art direction is amazing. ...Is it a new movement of it's own? Watch all the English subs on a stream website.

(97.98 KB 425x640 love hina.jpg)
おたく 12/09/2020 (Wed) 18:37:46 No. 5804 [Reply]
What the fuck even is the point of harem series? Aren't most of them just romance but with an even greater chance of blueballing you? Yeah, it SEEMS like pure wish fulfillment, but it isn't even good at that because in most shows there's only relentless teasing instead of any actual romance and the MC only ends up with one of the candidates anyway. The only explanation I can come up with is that it's just a way to increase the appeal (and thus commercial potential) of a standard romance series by cramming it with different archetypes. Either that or anime fans just love getting teased with no real guarantee of a reward, which would explain a lot, actually.
(27.96 KB 361x413 agga ruter.jpg)
Spaceship Agga Ruter did it right. Everything else is really lame.
(111.67 KB 1242x1416 superior harem protagonist.jpg)
It's a (power) fantasy and often an attempt at Slice-of-Life, usually with battle-waifus. Most harems go to shit because they're very same faced and predictable in both the MC and the girls. To repost my old rant. this thread reminds me why most harem shows, other than DxD are annoying. All this over-sexualization for no reason except anime-gags. At least DxD doesn't try and hide behind the whole 'pure protagonist' bullshit the others do and instead revels in this. There are very few Harem anime that are good or fun, such as Ranma 1/2 or is Zero no Tsukaima (though in the end Saito subverts the usual harem stuff by having Saito leave with Louise for his world after marrying her and her alone, though in his case you actually wish they had gone all the way with the harem route) Let's list off the number of SHITTY Harems, starting with the ones I can think off the top my head: - Testament of Sister Devil (or whatever its called) is DxD if written by an edgy fanfic writer who doesn't understand what DxD is about, (I actually plan on writing a comparison on the two later). - Unlimited Fafnir, a weird as fuck typical anime similar to Black Bullet except unironically having the main character getting intimate with the 'dragon lolis'. It's less a cohesive story and more a mixed bag of story ideas from other better anime like Evangelion - Girly Air Force is like Dragonaut but as a (potential) harem and with the reasoning for the protagonist actually being there in the first place as rather weak. It's also a wierd attempt to fetishize planes - Rosario and Vampire, initially has a cool idea but doesn't think about the long-term and makes the vampire too over-powered and edgy while the protag is bland and weak. - In another world with my Smartphone: It's OP done wrong, simple as that. It's got no stakes, not even the shitty, SAO-type ones. A good video got made on this actually; How to (Not) Handle an OP Character - Ft. Isekai Smartphone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz3dBaUh9PU There are way more but I might get to them later.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Ranma 1/2 was one of the few manga I've read from start to finish. I digged the martial arts aspect, but ngl I found many of the cliche hijinks pretty entertaining but I'm not even sure why, so I won't even try to defend my allegedly shit taste.

(114.59 KB 1280x720 wfesdghmj.jpg)
おたく 08/15/2020 (Sat) 00:14:47 No. 2359 [Reply]
is it weird I really want to fuck oreki-kun? n-no homo
I want to fuck him to
Why is this a thread... don't we already have >>4494?

(367.60 KB 540x810 1543015186096.gif)
(309.08 KB 1920x1080 DH7gsdMVwAAG8PV.jpg)
(107.41 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (22).jpg)
For me, it's gyarus おたく 05/18/2020 (Mon) 22:36:27 No. 648 [Reply] [Last]
Recommend me anime, manga and doujins with gyarus
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>>5772 >what is this? your brain on cummies
>>5773 you're one to talk, you're a fucking frog
>>5778 And frogs are based
GETchan should have this board.
>>5786 GETchan can go get fucked with it's cringe idpol LARPers

Interesting Paper on the Lolicon Cultural Phenomenon おたく 12/09/2020 (Wed) 00:55:31 No. 5741 [Reply]
Written by Patrick W. Galbraith, lecturer at Senshu University in Tokyo and author of "Otaku and the Struggle for Imagination in Japan", "Otaku Spaces", "The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider's Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan", "The Moe Manifesto: An Insider's Look at the Worlds of Manga, Anime, and Gaming". bumplocked: duplicate
Edited last time by antious666 on 12/09/2020 (Wed) 02:18:27.
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>>5745 >mental gymnastics The author used multiple academic sources. Are you suggesting the academic sources are responsible for "mental gymanstics"?
>>5746 1) citing academic sources means nothing when the extrapolations are his own - those are mental gymnastics 2) I can find academic sources for all sorts of inane bullshit and create arguments for why Dinosaurs and birds shouldn't be related. Doesn't make that thesis correct 3) This has been covered before. A lolicon is still a lolicon no matter what pseudo-intellectual trappings you dress it up in. Stop continuing this shit duplicate thread.
>>5749 >1) citing academic sources means nothing when the extrapolations are his own - those are mental gymnastics Doesn't he directly quote the authors? Don't make me re-read the whole thing again.
>>5751 >Doesn't he directly quote the authors? 1) out of context excerpts can be made to mean anything i.e. Stalin's out of context quote about "no communists in Lithuania" 2) An author is not an objective source (death of author) 3) He takes a quote and then explains it in his own subjective and biased interpretation (obviously a lolicon will argue favorably for lolicons - including a lolicon in denial). >reread Then don't. It is an absolute waste of time to write such a paper on a subject of whether fiddling drawn depictions of child-bodies is pedophilic or not. And it is even more a waste of time to read and discuss it repeatedly. Don't take anime seriously and don't engage in drawn CP. All his citations and other crap still boil down to the same fucking arguments about 1000 year old vampire lolis or petite bodies or hebephilia and other nauseating semantics. Again go to the lolipol thread.
>>5751 >>5753 Just to add on: No matter how many quotes and deflections he uses, his arguments boil down to the same debunked shit. It's not worth the time of day

(158.29 KB 734x550 punctures.jpg)
Anonymous Gamer 05/07/2020 (Thu) 23:16:19 No. 451 [Reply]
What have m/a/nga have you been reading lately, /anime/? For me personally it was probably Beastars and Chainsaw Man, both until the last released chapter at the time and i haven't gotten to reading them again. Both are fairly enjoyable and interesting, although fair warning that the latter is rather angsty. It has some nice character designs, though. Spoiler for body horror.
Edited last time by krates on 07/12/2020 (Sun) 05:23:45.
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Kaiju No.8 is pretty awesome. It's really fun so fr I wanna read Hard Boiled Cop and Dolphin, but it's only available on Viz and I'm not paying for that.
>>2202 >Kumo Desu ga, Nani Ka? <Reincarnated as a Spider Ooooh it's that one. LOL
>>1869 This shit is Black Dynamite tier. Some of Japan's contenet feels like its stuck in the 80s, I swear.
(108.03 KB 608x1016 sickos.png)
(1.45 MB 2579x3643 teasing.jpg)
(1.16 MB 2150x3036 wholesome.jpg)
(428.98 KB 1451x2048 lewd.jpg)
>senpai ga uzai kouhai no hanashi >introduce shota >pair him with best girl Insane power move. Not even interested in the main premise but I'll keep an eye out for these two and see where they go. Helps that it's only a light 4 pages. The collective pearl clutching of horrified non-sickos is a freebie.
(708.92 KB 1114x1600 frieren - bottomless quagmire.png)
(656.63 KB 1114x1600 frieren - warm and comfy.png)
Frieren is pretty comfy


no cookies?