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(885.75 KB 2480x3507 otp.jpg)
Yuri おたく 05/12/2020 (Tue) 06:56:10 No. 101
What are some classic cute yuri animu to watch??
(3.62 MB 2448x2750 1604878490539.jpg)
(685.34 KB 1200x1200 1605379070808.jpg)
>>5533 The new strike witches has been pretty good.
>>5539 Haven't seen it but that's good to hear.
(156.84 KB 1400x1200 elsanna.jpg)
https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=ylvuRp2IG-g I wake up in the morning And I raise my sleepy head I've got your soft breast for a pillow In your arms was last night's bed My queen knows where we're going Only we know where we've been I'm your partner on this road Your faithful lover An anchor in your wind When we're brought into this world They say we're born in sin But our feelings for each other Are far too strong to ever dim Well they tell us that we're tainted But if this is tainted then I don't care for their morals This is the purest love for us Just try to stop us if they can I'm going down in a blaze of glory Feed me now but know the truth I'm going down in a blaze of glory Els' I'll never not want Your taste on my tongue You're my only one Feed me your cunt They ask about our conscience And I offer you my soul They ask if I'll grow to fear your magic Well I've always loved your cold You ask me if I can taste love And if I like to lick you in the rain Well, I've made my love come And I've felt you sag down I've held you when you came Come now in a blaze of glory Feed me now but know the truth I'm going down in a blaze of glory Els' I'll never not want Your taste on my tongue You're my precious one Feed me your cunt Each night we go to bed I pray my queen my soul to keep No I ain't looking just for pleasure But before we go to sleep Els', I got to ask a favor And I hope You'll understand 'Cause I'll always crave your nectar Let me taste you without end Staring at your petals Let me lick you where you stand Come now in a blaze of glory Feed me now but know the truth I'm going down in a blaze of glory Els' I'll never not want Your taste on my tongue You're my only one Feed me your cunt
>>5588 Nice double dubs, checed
Caulifla and Kale are definite Yuri bait and their Kefla combination is probably part of Japan's love for a metaphor of "becoming one with X"
(393.74 KB 1800x1900 1606935334298.jpg)
(383.02 KB 750x1032 1606967286715.jpg)
>>5626 Pic 2 is funny, pic 1 is weeb cringe
(525.18 KB 1402x2000 3000Days_pg02.png)
(535.74 KB 1393x2000 3000Days_pg07.png)
(25.14 KB 1402x2000 After3000_pg08.png)
>They ask if I'll grow to fear your magic >Well I've always loved your cold https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/21392584 elsa/anna 1280x720 mp4 170.9 MB
(110.60 KB 668x800 1607549626844.jpg)
(197.61 KB 760x1100 1606670701189.jpg)
>Alice Margatroid (looks 17) >Reimu Hakurei (26)
>>5942 Is Reimu a Christmas cake?
(443.66 KB 542x767 1567384323796.jpg)
>>5952 Christmas cakes are 25+ right? I suppose then Reimu in the picture would qualify.
(385.58 KB 800x620 1609931633018.png)
image test
>>6079 Cute!
>>6079 What happened to the images?!
>>6082 I don't know, mate. I'm just a lowly prole and saw the thread suddenly in this state.
>>6082 Some mod from the other side infiltrated this site and deleted every board. They have been restored from a backup but apparently some images were missing from it. You can help us recover them by posting any missing image you have in >>>/testing/799 if it is exactly (bit-for-bit) the same image, it will reappear here too.
(2.20 MB 2000x1854 1609773349546.jpg)
(338.19 KB 700x750 1610104120647.jpg)
A comrade seems to have already performed God's work: https://bunkerchan.xyz/testing/res/799.html#833
>>6091 Unfortunately they got a different checksum, which means they don't replace the broken ones.
(195.46 KB 960x679 EqkwyQ5UYAAFZVJ.jpg)
>>6092 What's a checksum? I originally posted some of those images so if I reposted them there would it help?
>>6095 Yes, that should help. A checksum is a number derived from the contents of a file. It is most often used to verify the integrity of a file. For example, when you download a huge GNU/Linux disk image, its checksum is usually noted next to the download link. Once you have downloaded the disk image, you use the same method the original checksum was calculated with to calculate your own checksum, and if they match, you can be confident that it is the same file. Since the exact same files have the same checksums, but even the most tiniest change gives you a different checksum, Bunkerchan can use checksums to determine if two files are identical. When you upload a file, it checks if its checksum is already present on the server, and if it is, it can be safely discarded as the exact same data is already there and can be used instead of it. In our case the file is missing, so Bunkerchan will store it, but when the old missing file is requested again, it finds the newly uploaded identical file. Bunkerchan uses MD5 as a checksum, if you look at URL of the image you just posted, it is the 32 characters after the last slash but before the "-imagejpeg" part: https://bunkerchan.xyz/.media/f4b8d8c0f39d6531ae596f16c667eedb-imagejpeg.jpg On GNU/Linux you can calculate the MD5 checksum of a file with the "md5sum" command, based on this I can predict that the URL of the image I am posting will be: https://bunkerchan.xyz/.media/4858d747290d44a52ba878d72b2f2f21-imagejpeg.jpg Boorus usually also let you search by md5, for example: https://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=md5%3a4858d747290d44a52ba878d72b2f2f21
Business idea, loli yuri
(725.40 KB 868x1228 1593007588249.jpg)
(425.99 KB 752x831 1608636532183.jpg)
(171.40 KB 1024x940 1602854948124.jpg)
(62.36 KB 714x580 C8Vap4iVYAAncrR.jpg)
(1.91 MB 500x281 cutest.gif)
(757.86 KB breasts.webm)
webm test
(2.75 MB 700x394 1548016064133.gif)
(3.58 MB tifaeris.webm)
Tifa/Aeris NSFW
>>6221 The models look nice but the animation is pretty basic.
>>6222 In a loop it grows on you.
Rias/Akeno a bit older
So...Any scanlators here?
(888.99 KB 1500x1159 2c3028cba875ef94e1cc79f9695ac544.jpg)
>>6251 What's a scanlator?
>>6252 Someone who illegally translates manga.
>>6253 So the illegality is a requirement to qualify as a scanlator?
>>6254 Not necessarily.
>>6254 I think so, it's specific to unauthorized translations, otherwise it would be just a regular translator.
does blood+ qualify as yuri?
(1.20 MB 5047x4593 thewitcher.jpeg)
>>6258 Thanks.
(624.74 KB 1200x693 75974899_p0_master1200.jpg)
>>101 milf yuris are the best someone send one right now
>>6373 I don't think I've ever seen something like that.


no cookies?