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(12.07 KB 174x200 psychic wars.jpg)
so-bad-it's-good animu おたく 09/02/2020 (Wed) 02:52:39 No. 2623
How much of this actually exists? Annie-may that's so embarrassingly incompetent that you can actually sit through and laugh at ironically, like a hilariously bad movie? It's normally a lot harder to do because every bit of animation has thought and effort put into it, so it just comes off as intolerably bad when it's bad. Unlike an incompetent movie, which is much easier for someone with a handheld camera to half-ass their way through to a finished product. Pic related, Psychic Wars is fucking terrible.
>>2642 Wouldn't the tip of the blade have retained the momentum of the swing and impaled her in the face?
>>2642 It sure felt like a shitty isekai game-world.
(909.74 KB 280x210 chargeman-ken-roll.gif)
Chargeman Ken.
(1.95 MB 1700x3140 4chan's high fantasy recs.jpg)
>>2658 More like a dating sim. But seriously, look at the ABSOLUTE STATE of fantasy anime by the early '10s. Absolute boring garbage like LotLH making it onto rec lists.
>>2635 Another is a great example. The threads on /a/ while it was airing were so much fun. It was the last time I saw some decent OC on the board before I quit.
>>2642 >Free Trade Cities <such horrendous choreography despite such fairly decent animation <cliches galore holy fuck the first episode alone was hilarious.
>>2642 >Cecily Campbell <every time I here her introduction I just think of the soup <I get hungry for soup Fuck
>>2851 Maybe this is the anime Moot was watching way back then
>>2786 what the fuck is that glitchy roll LOL
Midori Days was so wierd. A literal walking "your girlfriend is your hand" joke
>>3722 The anime is short but sweet. The Manga is a lot longer running and TBH it gets a little tiresome in terms of how it treats its gags.
(114.10 KB 253x400 Einerad-1.png)
(1.41 MB 1440x1080 o0Fd0UQ.png)
(1.69 MB 400x288 0lXK0wg-1.gif)
Victory Gundam, easily. The monolithic dumpster fire that came about from Bandai exec meddling and Tomino raging against them is a sight to behold. >execs required more female characters <introduces an all female pilot team only to gruesomely kill them off once per episode >execs required gundam to appear in the first ep <Tomino just made the fourth episode the first one which is confusing as fuck >execs required the series to move to outerspace like old gundam so they could sell battleship kits <the show has a motocycle obsessed pilot become the designer for all their mechs and battleships <this let them have battleships with giant wheels so they could move the show back to earth the coup de grâce of stupidity comes from the last stretch of the show where the bad guys literally have a giant mind control satelite that makes everyone act more retarded picrel3 related that said there are some amazing episodes hidden in this shitpie
(13.12 KB 212x300 gesito.jpeg)
M.D Geist, this legendary anime is so good/bad that you will feel ascended after watching it. Also you will feel deeply confused about it and spend long lengths of time contemplating why M.D Geist does what he does in it. It's like a retarded attempt at fist of the North Star, 10/10.
Netflix Original Anime lmao.
Samurai Flamenco is pretty great in this regard. It starts as an unironically good anime version of Kickass or something before going violently and hilariously off the rails. I remember watching this show with a friend of mine and the edibles kicked in right as we got to episode 7, and let me tell you we have never been the same since. Garzey's Wing is an absolute classic of the genre. It's an incomprehensible disaster from the bottom up. I've heard Mars of Destruction is in this category as well. I found Cross Ange pretty funny, but I didn't get very far into it.
Would Miraculous Ladybug count? It was made by Toeie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp3Hft9sSRM
ADHD's Schoolgirl Crush is without a doubt the most autisticly accurate parody of "fighting girl" anime
(351.14 KB 1060x1500 Mad Bull 34.jpg)
Mad Bull 34 Actually it's great but people say it sucks
>>4033 Holy fuck this. I still remember that one time he was buck naked with grenades strapped to his junk and starts beating the fuck out of some equally buff niggas. That shit was a wild fucking ride.
>>4033 Brings me back, you don't get anime with this quality anymore.
>>4033 I remember seeing the old Manga Video VHS cassettes with all these... those were some good times. Still have Ghost in a Shell on one of them
>>4033 >people say it sucks It's a funny semi-noir, semi-80s commando anime with a policeman main character. Compared to a lot of modern single-season garbage it's great but on it's own it's just cheesy fun
Planetes Black Rock Shooter NGE Big O
(122.68 KB 399x202 u wot m8.png)
>>4607 >Planetes >Big O
>>2966 Chargeman Ken is on a entire different level of incompetence. https://youtu.be/uczvIKDcnS4
>>4608 Got that in lower resolution? My pet ants are having trouble seeing the whole picture
(704.29 KB 212x326 angry sheep.mp4)
>>4608 Oi I'll fite ya on dat, ya fat ginga cunt!
Goblin Slayer
(21.94 KB 403x208 goblin-slayer-fans (2).jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO_ewrEc820 Chouetsu Sekai (超越世界) is one of the many anime and manga created by the Aum Shinrikyo in order to appeal to anime and manga fans. There are 10 episodes of this series in total. Asahara Shoko himself personally sings the OP and dubs the majority of the anime...
>>2940 >a "brb" reference lol
try apocalypse zero, its nsfl
>>3722 LOL i remember that one, it was actually decent imo >>2635 >watch zero no tsukaima >never want to watch romance animes again
>>4941 >Watch Familiar of Zero <dislike it blasphemy!
>>4942 >violent tsundere
>>4998 Ok and? Conveniently ignoring the rest of the characters, story and their development is a poor argument.
>>2642 This is like a shittier parody of Claymore
(34.20 KB 480x497 Islam Naruto.jpg)
Not an anime, but a set of hilarious images of Islamic shonen characters. There's a whole set of Palestinin ones with Goku I don't know where tho.
I felt this way about Highschool of the Dead.
>>5666 Satan trips for such a post.... MFW
(55.17 KB 660x680 1565816519297.jpg)
I might get some disagreement but I thought Code Geass was laughably bad. I watched only the first three or four episodes before I had to turn it off. I think what did me in was when the edgelord protag kills his cousin or half brother or something after storming some kind of base, and then in the next episode he has to go back to school. 2silly4me
(130.85 KB 450x623 euphination.jpg)
>>5671 It's actually really good as the politics of different groups ramp up, with the absurdity you complained about neatly highlighting class absurdities in the colonial holding of a deranged monarchic empire. Sadly, once, er... THE EVENT happens at the end of R1, the entire show immediately falls apart. I was so angry I didn't bother watching R2, but from what I've heard it's a total shitshow.
(3.00 MB 540x405 cf.gif)
>>2623 Crying Freeman. I don't know why. As I recall, the animation is decent, the plot is alright although a little cheesy, and so on. I think it's a bit janky and having watched it in drunk company, we couldn't take its serious parts seriously. Was fun, though.
>>5672 >>5671 It's a product of it's time and therefore comes with all the bad translation, hilarious dialogues and other material expected of it. It's a bit avante garde with a touch of otaku-cringe.
>>5671 >>5672 Hot take from anotheer anon: On the subject of American fetishization. Code Geass might be the most egregious example where every single country became the United States [insert country name here] (even when it makes no fucking sense like Japan) under the system of an even worse UN. Somehow weebtards still try to paint the story as anti-imperialism when the villain main scheme is the anti-communist dog whistle of “making everyone apart of a hivemind/the same”. https://codegeass.fandom.com/wiki/United_Federation_of_Nations
>>3845 V was peak Tomino and the BBB corps were peak gendum
(43.06 KB 853x480 Tenchi.jpg)
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (or Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari) is some of the most unintentionally hilarious and terrible harem anime out there. It begins in a way that build intrigue... and then throws it away for a weird fucking power-fantasy and other insanity reminiscent of Infinite Stratos. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Tenchi_Muyo!_War_on_Geminar_episodes
>>4026 Yes, it would. Especially since it's a 90s type of cringe in 3d
>>3722 >>3729 I love the way this amv makes me feel. Hits me in the feels in a sort of comfy way. Vid link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROzyMwmpjXA webm is in the AMV thread >>3713


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