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(196.59 KB 1280x720 lol.jpg)
おたく 09/15/2020 (Tue) 04:03:42 No. 2994
Who the hell is even the target audience for this cringeworthy shitshow these days? I'm seriously curious.
(42.08 KB 500x500 redcumlaude.jpg)
>>2994 I like watching dramatic buff dudes pummel aliens into the dirt. "ha ha alien rekt heehee hoo hoo" is basically my thought process
Newfags and people who just want to see colorful shitshows with fake tension because they have nothing to do.
>>2994 Wait are you saying there is more after the Dragon Ball Super Tournament?!!!? fucking how? Goku's beaten literal gods at this point FFS.
There's no way older fans would be watching this truly awful devolution after Namek and Cell. Thus, they have to be small children. But I do find it a bit difficult to believe a small child would be able to get into this series without starting from the beginning.
>>2994 >Who the hell is even the target audience for this cringeworthy shitshow "people" like Jason Unruhe
>>3005 Doesn't Jason still live with his mom?
Based on what I've seen on tiktok the Dragon Ball stuff is still really popular.
>>3030 Dragon Ball stuff from From which Dragon Ball era?
>>3033 Pretty much all of it.
(32.41 KB 629x355 1477407726347.jpg)
>>2994 People who like to enjoy things. I haven't watched dragon ball for tension since I was a kid. I watch it for the comedy.
>>3000 No real dragon ball fan watches the show after the glorious Pilaf saga ended. omg the moment when goku goes giant ape once again like when he killed gohan was just so perfect thematically. stupid toriyama and his cashgrabbniess ruined DB after that reeeee Everybody watching after that saga are fake fans smh
>>3040 Well there's certainly no comedy to be found so you must be mistaken.
>>3040 >>3047 I watched it to see how garbage it was... skipping around a lot of course and doing 2 other things at the same time.
(8.86 KB 346x235 1488130965167.jpg)
>>3047 >Well there's certainly no comedy False You're purposefully acting dense and ignoring the gags in the show because you do not like it. Which is even more childish than my sense of humor
I could swear we already had a DBZ thread but apparently we don't
>>3053 >le smug fat cat god.png Nice, thanks for that
(446.89 KB 1920x1080 dbs (12420100000).jpg)
>>3066 This is sarcastic But I'm taking this "thanks" anyways FARWELL ANONS 2UPER WHEN??? Moro saga is almost over in the manga now
>>3072 Second Season is going to come out in December I think
Dragon Ball hasn't been good for a while now, but brands are big, so IDK what people are expecting
>>3076 it is returning in december? fuck yeah
>>3464 More screamfests and wacky fights galore
The new video-game related OVA's are weird as fuck but fun to watch as clips. A lot less screaming ironically.
Spics and niggers.
>>4251 ... Spics and niggers what?
(1.08 MB 464x260 tenor.gif)
I dont get why people hate on Super, Tournament of Power is the hypest saga since Namek. >>3041 >hahaha child is pissing >hahaha creepy grandpa molests girl Original Dragon Ball series is unwatchable shit.
>>5795 >Tournament of Power is the hypest saga since Namek Because the hype was too obvious tbh. >>5796 kek
>>2999 reminder than buu was already shown to be stronger than the supreme kais, which at that point were introduced as THE god(s) of the DB universe. I never bothered with Super but afaik they simply pull out newer gods and newer godlike villains ad-infinitum, so I can't see what could possibly stop them from doing that again and again.
>>2994 nostalgic spics t. spic
>>3040 based
>>5795 >I dont get why people hate on Super, Tournament of Power is the hypest saga since Namek. Because it's dumbfoundingly stupid garbage that makes no sense and isn't even funny to make up for its stupidity. How can you have any hype left after two decades of relentless power level retcons?
(6.14 MB 739x422 6763948-4810277030-gplus.gif)
>>5843 >dumbfoundingly stupid >makes no sense >isn't even funny >power level retcons That has literally always been a case with Dragon Ball. People watch it to see buff aliens punch each other, and Super delivers fully on that. Like I usually work out while watching, cuz its really fucking hype. And dont even get me started on the new Broly movie, have you seen that shit? Its so gorgeous, even if you dont like the rest of DBS, you really owe it to yourself to give that one a try.
black people and hispanics
Who is the best black character in this anime
Yeah it's sad what Dragon Ball has devolved into. It didn't used to be this bad, the fights were entertaining, there was some nice drama and heartfelt moments, cool themes, pervy moments, excellent worldbuilding, awesome Toriyama art, etc. of course it had problems (like Goku never maturing into a responsible person with a purpose other than "get stronger" and "have fun") but that's besides the point. Super meanwhile? The only thing I could praise is the occasional cool soundtrack, that's literally it.
>>5872 Isnt that just nostalgia talking because you were watching it as a child? I started watching Dragon Ball in my early 20s, and I must say, overally Super is better show than Z. The fights are much better choreographed and animated now then they ever were. With the exception of Sayan invasion, they had all the same formula of villains completely dominate the heroes => heroes power up and dominate the villains => villains powers up and dominate the heroes =>heroes power up etc. etc. Fights were always completely one sided and the sides constantly kept switching. The animation during combat was like 5 frames looping.
>>5873 Dragonball should have ended with Namek blowing up. That doesn't mean Super is good.
>>5861 Obviously Mr.Popo >>5873 >fights are better choreographed/animated Only because of the debacle with the movie where the fuckups were so obvious only the most inattentive missed them. Super had a bigger budget and isn't hand-drawn unlike DBZ. DBZ had some bad parts but it was overall really fun, if stupid at times... this is solved by having DBZA which is peak Dragon Ball.
Some effort posts >>5951 >>5948


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