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Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Hate Thread Anonymous Comrade 04/13/2020 (Mon) 17:33:56 No. 3296
These two are supposed to be the Citizen Kane of anime, everyone loves them, yet they are such fucking garbage, literal trash, why are they so fucking bad holy shit. And I watched it when I was a kid and even then I HATED it, I had a friend who also watched DBZ and he hated it too, even we who were just two little dumbass kids could recognize how shit this cartoon was. And dont get me started on Super. Naruto is just as bad if not worse, they somehow contradict their own message every god damn time, and have a little privileged retarded kid as the main character who was born with le epic god powers, and never works a day in his life to achieve anything, its all just handed to him
(428.11 KB 558x744 constanza.png)
>>3296 >Citizen Kane of anime lmao
Naruto is Maoist Third Worldist and anyone who denies the class conscious message will go to gulag.
>>3341 Naruto is ideologically conservative but with a message of serving the greater good. It's very Stalinist if anything considering the inherent ideals of "sense of duty" and "shinobi being tools AND people" which is the idea behind "The Will of Fire"
>>3296 >Naruto/DBZ hate thread <not even a single decent meme for the OP pathetic
>>3342 Nah the main villains of Naruto were basically anti imperialist third worlders fighting against first world (kohona) imperialism. It doesn't get more redpilled than that. All the god stuff that got brought in at the end ruined the story.
>>3344 >the bad guys are anti-imperialist >red pilled
>>3345 Might be a polyp. There is no shortage of nazi weebs
>>3345 Actually the whole point of the arc was to make Naruto realize that he and his country had still not come to terms with their imperialist dickery and that if he truly wanted to govern his country he would have to find a better way that took into account the interests of the other nations and peoples. Watching people he love get slaughtered by people who had been abused by his forerunner's military forces impressed upon him the callousness and futility of the power struggle. No, it's not CCCP propaganda but for a fucking anime that's still better than most. >>3346 Holy fuck this place truly did get invaded by ledditors if a term such as "redpill" is immediately associated with /pol/. Stop guzzling the MSNBC libtard.
>>3347 Shut the fuck up polpotato There is a difference between the real REDpill and le redpill used by kekistanis and weebs
>>3344 In what sense Madara and Kaguya were anti-imperialist?
>>3349 Madara realized “Muh liberal Konohagakure” was really just a means for the Senju ruling class to rule over the other clans peacefully rather than through direct warfare; Madara tried resolving it by giving everyone peace, freedom, and abundance; the problem was he was a staunch individualist with bourgeois idealism. Kaguya was an imperialis herself, hence why she’s given no redeeming qualities.
>>3332 The 1997 adaptation is good, 2016 version is trash.
>>3344 >the main villains of Naruto were basically anti imperialist third worlders <A Mercenary who gained immortality through organ replacement <A puppet maker who is obsessed with immortality and creating eternal heart <A man obsessed with blowing things and people up as art <A man who lives to fight strong opponents and cut them down <An immortal sado-masochist who worships a bloody god and loves murder <(Formerly) A genius scientist obsessed with immortality and abilities <A sociopathic murderer who killed his entire family. Later retconned into being a man ordered to do something by the equivalent of the CIA <A living black slime bonded to a tree person who has attempted to manipulate the shinobi world for millenia to bring about the Resurrection of his goddess mother <A boy manipulated by an arrogant bastard in hiding into bringing about a world war to serve his purposes of disillusionment <A decrepit arrogant bastard who wants to be god because "muh humans always fighting so just live an illusion everybudy!" The only real anti-imperialists of the Akatsuki was Nagato and the original Akatsuki, who are 'villainous' reflections of Naruto's ideology who lost their way. Oh and Kaguya, a goddess who ate a god-fruit to bring peace, but out of paranoid delusion she started putting everyone in a trance and making them obedient plant-human slaves. >>3348 >Everyone I dislike is /pol/ Fuck off plebbitor >>8425 What 2016 version? There is no 2016 Berserk in Ba Sing Se. >>3350 >Senju ruling class Which is a delusion equivalent to "muh Jew overlords" Madara is a literal ancap >Madara tried resolving it by giving everyone peace, freedom, and abundance No, he sought to provide the ILLUSION of this because he decided that it can't be done in reality. >Kaguya was an imperialist No, she was essentially corrupted by power after attempting to single-handedly create peace. This is a recurring theme of Naruto m8. >No redeeming qualities ...You need to read into the lines more then. The point wasn't that she was iredeemable, but that Naruto and Sasuke, like with Madara could not physically take her down and force her to see the error of her ways like Madara did when he died.
>>3352 Naruchad Gang rise the FUCK UP
Narunegros are in absolute cope mode/buyers remorse because they wasted a big part of their life’s watching a 1000+ episode shitshow. At least DBZ negros have the excuse that they watched it when they were kids and didn’t know any better
>>3352 >everyone i dislike is reddit Fuck off polyp
>>3355 Go back projector >>3354 >imagine being so mad <buyers remorse LOL an hour of saturday morning cartoons is SUCH a big part. You're just salty.
>>3355 Nah he's right it's always the redditors and newfags who scream /pol/ at everything and who have no idea how to fit in. FFS you're shitting on anime on a fucking imageboard - forget leftypol you don't even understand the culture. I don't like anime either and never watch it but unlike you I participated in this thread and pretended to be a naruto fan because it's all good fun. But you come in and just start shitting on anime in a thread discussing anime. Pretty retarded. We should bring back copious use of racial slurs since that is what protected this board from being stuck with dumbass redditors before. I miss the days when redditors told each other how bad and reactionary/misogynistic/racist etc. Leftypol was so we never had to deal with them.
>>3356 >>3357 Okay, poltards
>>3354 >buyers remorse Most of people watched it on telly growing up bruh.
>>3357 >I miss the days when we more heavily appealed to /pol/ ans engage in white idpol Kill yourself or go back
(50.25 KB 1024x995 When you summon Pepe.jpg)
>>3360 >>3358 >Muh White pypo! >Muh pol Y'all faggots are as original as soggy white bread >>3357 >We should bring back copious use of racial slurs Kek, that's a thought >it's all good fun Not anymore, or you'll offend our radlib overlords!
>>3361 >ifunny memes >frogposting >kek >fag fag fag Nah I was right, you belong in 4cuckchan. Suck my dick polyp.
>>3362 >he thinks frogposting has never been part of /leftypol/ Yup newfag confirmed. kys
>>3363 >announcing sage >newfig >"kys" LIKE A FUCKING YOUTUBE KIDDIE nice revisionism, 4cucktard
>>3361 Tbh only the virgin white kids like Naruto. Chad black and Hispanic kids staned DB
>>3365 What about chad white kids?
>>3366 Oxymoron
(273.98 KB 1080x1423 naruto v DB blacks.jpg)
>>3365 >Chad black and Hispanic kids staned DB Nigga are you serious? Black kids fucking loved Naruto, I remember being that we was in "le ghetto" areas and shit. >>3362 >ifunny Bitch where >frogposting Pepe has been a part of leftypol for a long time you dope <bitching about keke and fags You really are a fag, go back to reddit butthurt lib. >>3366 >>3367 Oh look its the "le anti-white racism is good" gang... idiots who take ironic memes seriously need to leave, cause ethno-nationalist retardation and leftypol are opposite ends of the spectrum
(358.20 KB 1086x1086 SCP are you well.png)
>>3364 >announcing sage <when there is no sage button and everyone just fills every tab across /leftypol/ to sage posts because Space didn't bother reinstalling the Do Not Bump checkbox. >newfig >muh kys If that is what you're offended by you really are a redditing newfag. Constant swearing isn't necessary, but your level of "no u can't do dat!" is pathetic. Cope or leave.
>>3368 >we can say nigger because that’s based and drives the Redditors away <but if you make fun of wypipo you’re a fucking nazi monster!!!!!
>>3370 >>8541 No it means that you guys are outing yourselves as retarded r/socialism rejects because you can't go two posts without bringing in race and shitting on naughty/bad/reactionary/unapproved words. For the record, no one in this thread even said "nigger" before your post here >>3370 but the mere suggestion of using naughty words immediately brought out your liberal rage against wyte peepol. You guys are imbeciles. Making fun of wyte peepol is fair; anglos are literally a meme, but you came in here with an agenda of tone policing so that ONLY wyte crackas could be made fun of since that's the only approved race to hate on. Fucking imbeciles. None of you belong here.
(1.57 MB 1680x984 Black Cosplay Naruto.png)
>>8556 >>8555 >>8554 >samefagging this desperately Liberalism, not even once.
>>8563 >comrades You're not the comrades of anyonem aside rad-lib knee-jerkers. But hey, keep up the denial, whatever floats your cope-boat.
>>3373 >Bitter cunt is the only one keeping the Naruto thread alive
(97.19 KB 737x866 1566833338632.jpg)
>>3374 yeah, this shit thread does need anymore bumps or replies. the truth has already been posted >>3313 and this guy just seems to be interested in projecting for the the replies. >>3373 >n-no you're not my comrade!1 because of cartoons!!111 and white people jokes!1 radlib reeeeeeeeee
(989.71 KB 1400x1400 laughing mocking anime girl.png)
>>3375 >because of cartoons The fuck do cartoons have to do with "muh whitey stoopid" idiocy? >Truth has been posted While the Goku post is pretty good, it also has nothing to do with the past 10 posts of liberal COPE. >projecting I don't think you know what that word means >bumps thanks again! >white people jokes <Hurr talking racist shit about white people = white people jokes and is totally funny This isn't even the same as casual chan speak and the use of 'fag' and 'nigga'. Especially when its just 3 posts in a row jerking the same person off. >I posted a smug Kefla edit, I wun! Brilliant argument >>3374 >Bitter cunt You mean the bitter cunt, samefagging about "whit pypo" nearly a dozen times? Honestly, thanks for bumping this thread, fags!
>>8662 Probably the mods doing their job. Thanks for the bump
>>8675 Are you braindead? 1 - Some redditor got offended about the word redpill and when they got called out they started screeching about "le /pol/" to shout down opposition. 2 - In response to the reddit COPE, people ponder bringing back the old chan-speak of being casual with "faggot", pepe-posting and and other shit that people did for laughs. 3 - Immediately people start posting about "le whitey" unironically parroting black-supremacy memes, because "hurr racism against whites is funy xD", on and on for a dozen cringey posts, like somehting out of a liberal race-pandering twitter. So how does this correlate to "muh racist whitey offended about diversity" you absolute mong? How is deleting shitty posts like that = "muh bad mods" when its both A) a derail of the thread B) completely un-leftist and idiotic Do you like the Black Panther movie too?
(24.68 KB 771x812 1526282957472.jpg)
>>3376 >I posted a smug Kefla edit, I wun! Yes.
>>3379 >Zamasu smug derp This is needs a 'Hnnng' edit.
>>3303 >It's another seinenfag can't appreciate shonen episode Hahaha, every time.
LMAO when you remember Vegeta sold his soul to a wizard nutsack to be stronger than Goku and then Goku let him win
(55.96 KB 560x562 Babudu and Buu.jpg)
>>3382 Pic related is the perfect reaction image to this revelation
https://archiveofourown.org/works/25263772/chapters/61247113 Funny fic about the Otsutsuki being sent to the One Piece world after being hit with Therapy Fist and Talk no Jutsu. Similar https://www.webnovel.com/book/otsutsuki-in-one-piece_15637811806570705
>>3308 >akugou is also a bad rip-off of Sasuke I take this back and instead replace it with him being more like Vegeta.
All shounen is shit.
>>4246 >Saging this opinion in a thread dedicated to it Fucking why tho, lol
(1.50 MB 640x360 Naruto Arabic.mp4)
>>3312 >It is absolute Kino. And better than OG DB+DBZ combined. DBS is awesome every arc. Is it? I haven't watched it and the last time I watched DBZ was in the early 2000s when its run ended in my shitty latam country. What makes Super so much better than the original?


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