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(201.21 KB 554x554 houshou_marine.png)
Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 14:58:29 No. 4347
What is /leftypol/'s opinion on vtubers? I think some of them are cute and funny.
>>4347 how do i hide a post in leftypol i dont wanna see this shit
>>4367 based on dengism
>>4347 Can I get an example of a vtuber?
what the fuck is a vtuber
>>4380 Click the circle with a line in the middle and then click hide thread
>>4382 Houshou Marine is the one in the OP
>>4347 >cute and funny absolutelly shameless
(29.85 KB 357x347 stim.jpg)
goooooooood morning slaves
A H O Y Communist vtubers when?
>>4379 escaping reality by role playing as an anime avatar is pretty much peak alienation
It's shit like this that makes me think niggas like Adorno and Kachinsky were 10000% right
>>4388 There's one but she's cucked revisionist socdem https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiIorjuYtMeFIcqlHQmF6Lw/videos Hard to expect better from a country so cucked by US though >>4389 Are you escaping reality by posting anonymously instead of attaching your photo and full name to every post?
>>4389 Most of them do it hoping to get big enough to make a living off of it. It's no different from regular streaming, in any way except that they are more anonynous.
(57.03 KB 800x429 CxBqcaDW8AAbhqQ.jpg)
>>4388 >Communist vtubers when? There is this guy who is role playing a hyper realistic avatar from red alert. Technology is very advanced these days!
>>4391 I can't believe something like this really exists
>>4347 FFS we already have a youtube thread, we don't need another one, even if it is transferred from /leftypol/. SHould have just locked the thread and linked the anime youtuber thread
>>4393 >hyper realistic avatar >the unruhe's picture This once again shows the superiority of Oriental cartoons. Unlike the fake gun wielding, Cal Arts aesthetic persona of Roo, this virtual persona not only does actual organizing and real praxis but carries actual weapons and does not conceal their affiliations, broadcasting their communism through their uniform.
>>4354 Streamers that use anime/cartoon characters to represent themselves. It's no different than shit like rantsonas/avatars that people on youtube have been doing for a decade now.
>>4347 E-celeb cancer with an anime girl mask, no less worse than twitchfags or youtubeshitters.
some have good designs and i am horny sometimes
>>4421 I like 'em. But i'm also very lonely.
>>4393 >>4404 Urhue is the OG content creator.
They're fun as characters and/or actors but they can be even more dangerous for the psyche than standard streamers, especially ones like Rushia that really lean into the virtual GFE.
>>4347 >cute and funny most of them are grown-ass men
>>4549 Damn, they must be really great actors then
>>4555 yes
Most Vtubers (the ones with a cute anime girl avatar) are a depressing reminder of the state of the world and weebs today Some Vtubers are ok though. I used to like Kizuna Ai, she wasn't trying to be disgustingly kawaii, she didn't fake a childish anime accent, and she reacted like a real fucking person, at least compared to all these 2D Vtubers
>>4575 That's the whole point of vtubers. They act not like real people just enough to be "anime-like" in their attitude, but not embarassingly childish. It wouldn't have became as popular if they were mainly acting or not acting at all. I do not really understand why you chose Kizuna Ai as an example, because she is very obvious with her being just an actor.
Social media threads should stay in social media. Thank you and godo night.
>>4629 >godo night <can't even do 'le fake wapanese' right Honestly fuck off with your pointless whining. Either post content you like and 'be the change' you want to see, or stop complaining about every other thread that happens to pop-up A) Social media is any digital tool that allows users to quickly create and share content with the public. WE ARE SOCIAL MEDIA you fucking twat, we're just anonymous and don't require an account to post B) This thread was moved from /leftypol/ to the next most appropriate board according to mods - /anime/. It's not even that popular and is only higher in the catalog because it's new.
>>4391 Using anime avatars and being a vtuber to spread leftist ideology. Now dats PRAXIS
>>4347 its bourgeoisie degeneracy
Suddenly every retard is ok with e-celebs because they're posing as anime girls
>>5007 See >>4638 This thread was a /leftypol/ thread, so much for your whining about how 'leftypol' will be the only leftist anime board'
>>4347 It's pretty much the same as regular streamers. People do feel they are more "authentic", ironically, because since they are "anonomized" by their avatars it feels like they are more honest somehow. It's bullshit tho. They're just as much playing personas as everyone else online. Some of them are very good entertainers, and quite funny, but most of them are just subpar comedians/actors/singers "enhanced" by some decent character design. I do like watching some of them, but honestly, it's not really very relevant, they were just lucky because the pandemic raised online viewerships for obvious reasons, which exploded their channels.
>>5492 It feels more authentic because you know that the character you see is a persona. While with an actual person there is an expectation that they are somehow "real". It's like rap music artist are expected to be hood to come off as authentic while metal musicians can be the dorkiest skinny fucks possible because they have a more thick layer of personality that is pretty obviously fake.
>>5497 That is true. The expectations are definitely different, which does contribute to less of a "whiplash" when they obviously end up not being the way they act on stream. Still, the fundamental premises are the same, that is, it's all just an (sometimes elaborate) act. Honestly the puritanism that people declare against this sorta stuff and anime is pointless honestly, commodities are commodities, no matter if they are cars or cute anime girls. I do get really annoyed by all the pseudo-Nechayevs in this board, ready to give up every and all small pleasures for the sake of a hypothetical revolution and to chastise people who aren't """as strong""" as them.
kek based soyposter
>>5503 >He's still mad LOL
>>He's still mad >LOL soyjak.png
>>5498 The one interesting thing about vtubers that supports my theory is that a lot of them just seems like a bunch of perverts. Gawr for example despite the generally more "innocent" persona was doxxed and made like a bunch of horny posts in the past and I think she has been known to "like" twitter posts of lewd pictures of her character. The other vtubers are much, much more open in their general horniness. Hell the very first popular "vtuber" was IMO project melody a straight up cam whore who is actually liked instead of disdained by people outside the people who jerk off to them.
>>5507 that's the main argument for the "authenticity" i feel, but it's just the anonomity (despite how easy it is to figure out who are the people behind the avatars). There is a certain perverted candidness about being honest behind a mask, right? Like those weird european bourgeois parties.
>>4566 Senzawa was better
>>5507 >Gawr for example despite the generally more "innocent" persona was doxxed and made like a bunch of horny posts in the past You can't just claim that and not provide some links.
>>5511 Well you can just take a look at >>5510, since that's who anon was talking about. I mean it's not even subtle.
In all honesty, being a vtuber seems like a better gig than being a regular streamer, the layer between the person and the persona probably absorbs a bit of the impact of death threats and the general unpleasantness of being a public person. Still probably a pretty crappy job tho, unless you hit it really big like hololive (and even then it still sounds kinda shit)
(87.83 KB 912x618 Screenshot (141).png)
(1.08 MB 2283x1284 EoHsH-WVQAAvdyn.jpg)
(401.93 KB 2508x1410 EoHufA4VoAAFMq3.jpg)
Anyone want to become a VTuber? Now's your chance. https://twitter.com/NIJISANJI_World/status/1333621846881628169
>>5507 >the very first popular "vtuber" >projekt melody
>>5570 >greentexted excerpts yes, what is it you want to say?


no cookies?