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shotapol おたく 11/01/2020 (Sun) 11:11:54 No. 4761
peak dialectic
(202.21 KB 480x640 1603989830833.png)
>>4761 Based shotacon dialecticism
>another dump thread
Lolis are inherently reactionary
(11.38 KB 200x200 ..png)
>>4761 Post source.
>>4761 guys, Im really into shota and I hate it. Every few months a get a panic attack about all that lewd shota shit on my hard drive and delete it all, only to start piling it up next time im horny again. the probelm is that there is just too much of that shit posted around the online spaces I frequent, but I don't wanna quit them due to them being my last social connections. should I just bite the bullet and let go of those places or embrase my inner shotacon?
>>4842 Let go of them, it's all fake fetishism that you escape into because you're alienated. Leave it and find yourself something better. IF you're that pent up, watch normal porn and beat off to that regularly and the go off and do something in your life.
>>4814 It's Kodomo no Jikan. This is a wholesome mature carttoon!
why is this board full of shit threads
>>5001 anime is shit
The loli discussion brought up Cuties, so this shit thread could also discuss movies. What is the verdict on Emperor Tomato Ketchup? Does it deserve to be prohibited? How does it fit the era of the Japanese university movements, if the film does fit? What qualifies artistic work from mere exploitation?
This board shouldn't be called anime, because it has general otaku threads.
>>4842 embrace. stop beating yourself over it. try encrypting your stash I guess. Clean up your tracks etc. Also share lol.
>>5319 nitpicking >>5318 >Emperor Tomato Ketchup This is so obscure that I haven't even watched it and therefore can make little judgement. The only thing I can think of is that this isn't a new concept and can be done well or poorly.
>>5318 >Emperor Tomato Ketchup the what
>>5374 It's some obscure Japanese short film where kids take over and overthrow adults.
>>4842 Get help for your' pedophilia. There's nothing immoral about being born with an attraction to kids but it's up to you whether you will do the right thing and seek help. There are anonymous online therapy resources with people you can talk to. You don't want to risk hurting kids and ending up in prison
>>4842 Become a superior and cultured footfag instead.
I can't form friendships with non-imageboard weeb lefties because I love /ss/. The fear of rejection is strong. I also want to one day draw /ss/ but don't want to get into trouble for it...
>>5748 /ss/ is the only based shota stuff. But yes, don't talk about this outside anonymous boards because that's not public content anyway.
>>5750 >public content They talk about their strange and bizarre fetishes freely, it is only I who is silent...
>>5752 Then take the risk. ease them into it or somethin. Ara~ara is a big part of SFW anime TBH
>>5754 They want to hang people who look at sexualized shota and loli.
>>5755 What are their fetishes? They really have no room to judge here. And besides, while lolishit and shotashit is usually gross. /ss/ isn't
>>5756 Rape, gore, bestiality, dickgirls, femboys (which for some reason don't count as shota?), etc. >And besides, while lolishit and shotashit is usually gross. /ss/ isn't There is no difference in the sexualization of shota in /ss/ and the sexualization of shota outside of /ss/, the only difference is subjective; whether the audience identifies with the boy or whether the boy is an object of desire which is not exclusive to either form of shota sexualization.
>>5760 >Rape, gore, bestiality, dickgirls, femboys (which for some reason don't count as shota? traps are often shota, so they're hypocrites. Rape and gore is just as bad as any pedophilia - ordinary rape is probably worse in most cases than statutory rape. >Beastiality No space for them to be moral-fags; animals have even less an ability to consent than a kid. >the sexualization of shota outside of /ss/ Yes there is. /ss/ is straight, meaning the shota is the penetrator 90% of the time. Penetrative rape is far more traumatizing than the other way around.
>>5761 >Yes there is. /ss/ is straight, meaning the shota is the penetrator 90% of the time. Penetrative rape is far more traumatizing than the other way around. Where do you get this impression from? How is having a vagina stimulated more traumatizing than having a penis stimulated?
>>5764 It's not about the stimulation, it is about the penetrative act itself - Imagine it this way getting run through by a sword is a lot more painful than running someone else through with one. Both may cause trauma but the latter is only mental at worst, while the former has physical implications. While I am verry skeptical and have much distaste for feminist (due to the inherent liberalism that plagues it), there are feminist works that are legitimate, some of which cover the difference between a man raping a woman and a woman raping a man and why the former is worse in terms of consequence.
>>5766 Those works I assume are referencing what you called "ordinary rape", not statutory rape.
>>5768 Primarily ordinary yes. HOWEVER they did reference examples like teachers having sex with students and so on.
>>4762 >>4778 >>5320 There are few images being posted. Post animated characters.
>>5318 Is this something that is relevant? Picture is unrelated.
(438.00 KB 1280x1072 1607204599650.jpg)
>>4842 lol


no cookies?