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(5.93 MB 640x360 1602515774102.webm)
YTPMV/音MAD thread おたく 11/02/2020 (Mon) 03:27:20 No. 4781
Post 'em.
(5.05 MB 640x360 mssuiren.webm)
(5.68 MB 640x360 1598995101840.webm)
(3.93 MB 640x360 sneed's night of nights.webm)
(5.73 MB 640x360 adolfmaster.webm)
(3.81 MB 480x360 1597028750896.webm)
(5.69 MB 640x360 Castlevampire.webm)
(5.74 MB 640x360 Merry☭Christmas.webm)
Are you retarded m8? AMV thread >>71 It's on fucking Page 2 is not that hard to find and post your music videos there instead of making another thread for the same purpose. >inb4 MAD isn't AMV They're conceptually nearly the same and your inclusion o YTPMV excludes what difference there is.
>>4791 Fuck off nigger.
(2.70 MB 640x480 september.webm)
>>4791 lmao amvs are technically mads but not all mads are amvs and ytpmvs definitely arent amvs you impotent janny wannabe
(2.82 MB 480x360 Objection Funk.webm)
(5.78 MB 1280x720 1.webm)
(5.79 MB 640x360 Controversial YTPMV.webm)
(3.92 MB 480x270 Scatman.webm)
(3.21 MB 640x480 September.webm)
>>4796 >>4793 >hurr ur a nigger janny <This duplicate isn't a duplicate because irrelevant detail! <I'm going to be a lazy faggot because fugg u boring Also FYI for your retarded 4chan ass We have a 5 image post limit, with a fucking 80Mb limit, you could literally post 90% of the posts in the thread in 3 posts you lazy nigger
(2.93 MB 320x240 Jake Paul has a House.mp4)
(2.93 MB 320x240 Jake Paul has a House.mp4)
(2.93 MB 640x360 PLATINUM_TACO.webm)
>>4868 wtf spam detection doesn't even work
(3.88 MB 640x360 1598582370862.webm)
(5.62 MB 480x360 1598582898769.webm)
(3.88 MB 640x360 1598582370862.webm)
(4.00 MB 256x144 1598582964648.webm)
>>4807 >WHY ARENT YOU USING JAVASCRIPT bold of you to call someone retarded when youre a tech illiterate dumbfuck yourself
>>4876 >tech illiterate <Muh Java script The fuck are you even on about with this nonsequitur.
(3.82 MB 400x300 BOOM HEADSHOT.webm)
>>4888 >wasting trips on a shitpost that isn't even /anime/ content Ought to be a bannable offense
>>4884 you just proved it >>4889 >otomads aren't otaku culture wow this thread is bait for newfags
>>4884 you just proved it >>4889 >otomads aren't otaku culture wow this thread is bait for newfags
also this shithole has absolutely garbage software
>>4892 >>4893 >this much autism Some fag playing FPS games and overlaying that with some barely audible jpop is not "otaku" content, it's just shit. >just proved <muh software Go, and stay go >>>/tech/
I fucking hate you guys.
why is this board so bad


no cookies?