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Must watch animes 01/10/2021 (Sun) 20:10:54 No. 6099
What animes one has to watch to be regarded is a connosoire. There are obviously classics like Studio Gibli Evangelion etc but what else is there. Are there more modern anime one would call instant classics? Obviously a connosoire doesn't just watch mainstream stuff but also underground things.
>>6099 I'm retarded and can't write connoisseur worst part I learned French for 6 long years
K-On! is an obvious one.
>>6099 Grown Ups 2
Lain, Stand Alone Complex, Zeta Gundam, Yu Yu hakusho four of my faves imo the whole > le underground shit is just for normies who want to feel special watching anime - or actual artists/historians studying how the genre changed over time (extremely rare and requires $$$ and infinite time)
>>6099 FLCL is something I see constantly recommended as something of the type OP is looking for
(123.55 KB 614x768 1609858284829.jpg)
things that I've watched that I loved and that are pretty widely acclaimed (series): steins gate hyouka legend of the galactic heroes (old and even remake is good) welcome to the NHK planetes genshiken erased (kinda drops ball in finale oh well) and if ur a history/military nerd and can stand a good slow anime, give Zipang a try
>>6106 Thats true, and I was op at one point and after constant reccomendation I read the FLCL manga. It was shit. I cant even say the soundtrack was good like I can with the anime. Seriously it was horrible, the panelling was a disgusting mash of different art styles and there was such a lack of continuity between them. More so then that, the characters were annoying or boring, and the story was straight up confusing. I cant say anything good about the manga
(3.75 MB 710x400 1595876237052.webm)
(3.69 MB 650x370 1595876322758.webm)
>>6108 Basado
(145.96 KB 1920x1080 113315.jpg)
Hellsing Ultimate is what hooked me into watching anime. There is nothing quite like it out there. Not much in terms of story, most of the show takes place during a single night. It is carried by characters and visuals. Animation is absolutely gorgeous, every frame is like a painting.
>>6118 Hellsing ultimate is great What happened with the Hellsing anime I watched that first and the plot was just confusing
(983.32 KB 540x408 gfjcghkjgj.gif)
>>6120 The plot was literally the first two episodes of Ultimate stretched into entire season. Plus something about werewolves, I dont remember what that was about. I think it was just another Nazi transformation plan, the same as artificial vampires. I did appreciate the character stuff with Seras thought. And the OST was the bomb, really wish they used it in Ultimate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOD2DVq1r60
>>6099 heard FLCL mentioned but idk i had a kinda negative experience with how cringey it was, but anyway ones i'd say: lain paprika/perfect blue/paranoia agent (kon gets a spot but idk which is the best of his) angels egg (i thought it was meh but it has a huge circlejerk afaik) welcome to nhk a silent voice your name akira and on a closing note i heard berserk, steins gate, and your lie in april are good and famous but cannot vouch for them,
>>6108 ^ correct opinions. i didnt really think is was that famous but i just finished binging NHK yesterday/today and is probably my new favourite of all time and would recommend everyone to at least give it as try. there are very, very few anime that leave as much of an emotional dent as NHK
Nhk is normie trash
>>6130 this
Neon Genesis Evangelion One Piece Death Note Pop Team Epic Sword Art Online
>>6130 Are there better animes about Hikikomoris?
>>6130 no U are normie trash
>>6135 sage
There's a disturbing lack of Code Geass ITT
>>6142 I liked Code Geass till the twist with the massacre in the stadion Just didnt make sense to me
(514.81 KB 351x239 MOCj7Ft.gif)
>>6143 I thought the entire show was a comedy
>>6143 >pinochet >doesn't make any sense to me the average leftist
>>6145 Code gease is about Pinochet?
>>6132 Forgot K-On
Cowboy Bebop
(2.39 MB 750x1334 smonkyink.png)
I'm no connosoire but here are some shows I like: Serial Experiments Lain Death Note Steins;Gate Kill la Kill Gurren Lagann Devilman (all of them)
>>6132 SAO as like, a right of passage? Or do you actually like it?
>>6177 Because what? The other titles re good?
>>6176 Don't worry: just put NGE in there and you become a real animefag.
>>6176 That picture would be so hot without the sm*king.
>>6201 Are you 15?
(109.36 KB 500x396 im-twenty-3470269.png)
>>6205 This reminds me of video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGxCMyLm6js&ab_channel=ProZD >>6201 Cope Zoomer.


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