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(22.79 KB 347x419 hisenpai.jpg)
Nagatoro thread おたく 05/26/2020 (Tue) 03:54:11 No. 790
Today is Nagatoro day Just notifying that the new chapter has been released in english now. You can use this thread to talk about the manga in general too if you want https://mangadex.org/chapter/904083/1
(47.19 KB 452x509 4 (1)-1.jpg)
Oh, how cute. Superior manga coming through.
I want to fuck senpai *gently*!
I really don't tget the appeal of this shit. Like at least the nigga from this >>791 got his dick wet at the end
>>793 Its basically Simp-the-manga.
(136.03 KB 505x550 what is this crazed.png)
Post Nagatoro reaction images
(159.24 KB 329x461 nagatoro lock.png)
>>796 Someone get me a high-quality edit of Nagatoro's face in that image
(189.23 KB 869x1248 1563226682709.jpg)
(178.90 KB 462x450 Smug Anime 17.png)
(287.48 KB 3658x3606 i tried.png)
(30.18 KB 465x438 thanks senpai.jpg)
>>801 Thank you comr8
>>791 Sauce?
>>803 [774] Yupiel-sama no Geboku | Lady Yupiel's Servant (Towako Ichi) [English] I will just post the name since it's lolicon.
>smug bitch thread Will probably get more posts
How long until we get a confession? 3 years?
>>3776 Hopefully not long as the series can be milked?
(334.85 KB 598x611 nagatoro no react.png)
(47.10 KB 830x600 nagatoro understand react.jpg)
(124.45 KB 868x850 nagatoro glasses.jpg)
(88.03 KB 500x614 gaben nagatoro.jpg)
>>5829 How come glasses make girls cuter?
>>5845 Pol pot want to know your location
(605.50 KB 867x844 nag glasses2.jpg)
(779.98 KB 3072x3072 nag wife.jpg)
(3.30 MB 1920x2756 nag ski.png)
We need more pictures of her in glasses!
Season 2 is getting twitter canceled already because "muh black discrimination" because tanned people and dark-skinned Asians don't exist, all dark-skinned people are African now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCfS1g_-NJ4&ab_channel=Revsaysdesu
>>6198 > twitter Why would anyone care?
>>6198 you have to go back
>>6198 I'm so fucking sick of people picking up random tweets to stir up a controversy that doesn't exist.
>>6199 Because it's annoying seeing faggots bitch about this show as if the Uzaki-chan shitflinging wasn't retarded enough. >>6203 >>6207 >it doesn't exist <It's just cherrypicked Yeah, no. If people are pointing this out, then it's a noticeable trend, get over it.
(492.87 KB 1024x819 1346694320577.jpg)
>>6210 Who are these "people"? Random idiots on the internet? Are you gonna listen to every dumbass you can find on twitter? Because luckily for youtube grifters and clickbait websites, twitter is full of tumbrl refugees and other 14yo idiots with dumb opinions on anime & manga.
>>6213 >Are you gonna listen to every dumbass you can find on twitter? Oh my god you are really this stupid. The point isn't that some faggots are talking about it. The point is that these faggots are trying to create outrage over a show to get it 'canceled' and ruin it for people who enjoy it. >tumblr No shit.
>>6216 You are the one trying to create outrage, faggot.
>>6216 Again, the people trying to "create outrage" are dumb 14yo on twitter and the only people who care about it are youtube grifters whose business relies on clickbaits and fake outrage like this one. Listen, do you think this is the first time I see something like this? I've seen my fair share of >People are saying X is racist! Political correctness went mad! >SJW are TRYING to CANCEL X! Which generally consists of cherrypicking a few dumb tweets (or reddit posts) and tell people to be mad about it for some reason. Kids are getting played by motherfuckers who want them to be mad at things instead of enjoying things.


no cookies?