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Post Hentai/Dojins Need Hentai Thread 07/17/2020 (Fri) 10:17:54 No. 1938
I see no hentai thread
(86.25 KB 1024x768 7YS8UoE.jpg)
(205.92 KB 1104x1547 8es3AeL.jpg)
(185.87 KB 665x878 8jwfe1d.jpg)
(98.30 KB 666x1000 1516163338443.jpg)
(106.83 KB 1024x1024 1552937590525.jpg)
I want to fuck an anime
>>1938 >Zero 2 shit, the OP <hentai Shit thread
>>1948 I don't know what I expected... it did say Tick Mastley
>>1938 >>1939 >>1940 >>1941 >>1942 How can someone have such shit taste? I get Faye Valentine, but goddamn.
(233.77 KB 1198x604 Imouto no Iiwake.jpg)
>>1938 the love between an imouto and her oni-chan is the purest form of love
(518.62 KB 600x1003 thisismyfetish.png)
>>1938 >When your favorite trashy hentai manga series gets adapted into an anime out of nowhere https://hanime.tv/videos/hentai/isekai-harem-monogatari-1
I think I finally realized why Fat Ugly Bastard is so common in hentai works; it's the projection of both the person who drew the doujin and is also a message, "most people reading hentai are fat ugly bastards with no real sexlife"
>>3975 No it's because they're into women being humiliated. It's not that deep.
There should be more ikemen in hentai doujinshi.
Analyze the role of race in hentai.
This should be on /GET/
Why only pictures I need videos
>>3981 LOL that would be a 'good' use of time. >>3983 NSFW =/= /GET/ automatically >>4076 videos generally exceed posting limit.
The best childhood friends are the ones who changed your diapers tbh. Also, not winning mc bowl simply means one can move on to the better thing: mc no otouto bowl.
>>4715 Hol up, first image got eaten.
(558.76 KB 1091x1600 01.jpg)
Laughing Counselor by Namboku https://e-hentai.org/g/662535/6ebdebb216/ >>3979 This!
Hentai is racist towards PoC.
>No posting loli allowed.
>>4727 Ok liberal
>>4727 How?
>>4727 If you mean it's racist whenever a non-Japanese/non-white character appears, I totally agree, although I would say it's the artists who are racist, not the genre/medium. But most of the time it's Japanese characters, so it's rare to come across racism in hentai.
>>4738 True, they straight up imported all the racist tropes from American cuckold porn. Even that one doujin where they have a black guy with a good heart who isn't a thug he's jacked, has a huge dick, and cucks somebody.
There has to be some hentai doujinshi that have decent portrayals of black characters, men or women, in them.
How does one access sad panda these days?
(111.35 KB 1216x201 dealing with sadpanda.png)
>>4907 I don't remember BUT I know an alt e-hentai is exhentai excluding restricted content. Pic related is for content on exhentai that you don;t want to wait for sadpanda for.
>>4907 The same as before except make sure you type https instead of http.
>>4907 The same as before except make sure you type https instead of http.
(63.25 KB 438x620 1.jpg)
(109.43 KB 421x604 PRSi35kpoGI.jpg)
(497.25 KB 1600x1175 catch a saiyan.png)
Hentai Captions; What are you opinions? Booru(s): https://joi.booru.org https://dcaptions.booru.org
>>4968 cringe but I guess let people do whatever they want with random hentai pics
>>5057 I agree most are cringe, but occasionally some are pretty decent.
>>4968 Isn't this like erotica, but with an image attached next to it
>>5063 In essence yes
>>5103 post the image itself you dolt, the url is not eternal
(251.26 KB 1050x1750 Nami gucchi.jpg)
(10.95 MB 2648x3624 Monet gucchi.png)
Looking for Sauce on these doujins... as in where I can read them outside of pixiv. Made by gucchi (yes that's what their username is)
>>3975 >>3978 Does anyone even self insert into the creepy rapist bastard? >>4749 What's the name of this?
>>5150 >What's the name of this? wild-shiki nihonjin tsuma no netorikata sono ni
(340.79 KB 1280x1780 50.jpg)
This doujinshi is exceedingly memeable.
(356.13 KB 1144x1600 1539573524642.png)
>>4752 >>>/leftypol/1169933 I don't know, he seems like a good person :)
The Racism and sexism aside, NTR that features black netori are quite hilarious. The chad muscled black is the antithesis of the fat ugly rapist otakus. The femboys succumb to the powerful African chief.
>>5208 The black guy's hand flipped.
>>4752 There might be a rare few with a decent portrayal of a black girl, but for the most part the male MC of a hentai is expected to either be relatable to the presumably Japanese audience or be a total scumbag (if not both), so there isn't much room for a black guy who isn't just there for the purposes of NTR or humiliation.
(747.72 KB 1280x1840 14.jpg)
NTR is the best fetish.
Where can I find twink femboy or just young boy hentai? It seems wherever I'm looking it's either shota or strong muscular huge dudes. How do I search for young adult hentai?
>>5927 NTRfags are a disease >>5928 You stop being a pedo
>>5910 it didn't, that's the girl's fist in that panel
>>5928 I think your best bet is to just read regular yaoi.
>>5940 Ughhhh Yaoi sucks.
>>5941 I mean, I know it sucks but what is it specifically that you don't like about it? Just skip the romance fluffy ones and go directly for the porn.


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