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Ouran Host club おたく 10/07/2020 (Wed) 08:23:31 No. 3952
My favourite anime about Bougies doing Bougie things
>>3902 >>3926 Third Worldism was correct, once again. https://maoistrebelnews.com/ebooks/
The show unironically depicts intentionally or not some of Marx's criticisms of how capitalism will ultimately make life unfulfilling (Marriage as a method of holding onto or attaining more capital, Isolation from wider society, The inability to feel as if one makes physical impact on anything etc) for the capitalist class and not just the proles Whenever the Rich kids in the show are shown going outside the prep school they are literally shown to be so socially awkward and unaware of like basic "How to act like a human being" shit like driving cars and knowing what fucking instant coffee is that their almost like developmentally disabled tiers of fucked up + Every character is shown to have some sort of neurosis all stemming from their bougie parents not loving them enough and making them these conditioned rich stereotyped automatons basically
Meant for >>>/leftypol/988563 but posting here cuz it belongs here I hated that shit because they were all so insufferable, and yes, it was super cringy too. I probably wouldn't stand the later plot because of all the romance drama with said rich assholes. I don't know what drove me to buy 2 manga volumes after not finishing the anime. I mean, maybe it's just the humor what makes it so horrible to me. Maybe if I looked past that I'd realize it's based like >>3960 said


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