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おたく 10/11/2020 (Sun) 21:18:10 No. 4073
Can Ranma get preggers? Could Ranma get preggers with his own sperm between forms? What happens if Ranma gets hit with hot water while preggers?
>Could Ranma get preggers with his own sperm between forms? Yes, but it would be super-incest.
>>4074 Would it really be? Perhaps if he retained his own DNA when transforming. But we know Ran-ko is supposed to look like the girl who drowned in the spring. Perhaps his DNA shifts to hers when he is splashed with cold water.
Can Naruko get pregnant? Maybe... if you remain consistently in the form.
>>4116 Genjutsu is just supposed to be an illusion though.
>>4117 Henge is a ninjutsu and as we see in the series, it has a physical form. When Naruto transforms into a Fuuma Shuriken, he literally becomes one. Sasuke has done the same thing. When Naruto transformed with Gamabunta he actually transformed into the fox as, the presence of claws affecting Shukaku demonstrates this. There are clear limits to it (size limit in terms of how big or small you can make yourself) but otherwise you're functionally the same. Shadow Clones are also shown to generate blood and have fully formed chakra systems, meaning until they dispel, they are functionally human.
mpreg is hot so yes
>>4150 Goddamn it
>>4140 That seems pretty universe-breaking in retrospect.
>>4155 Yeah that's actually something naruto-fans have been arguing over for a long time. It's why fanfiction often has Naruto's henge be special and 'real' (which is honestly even stupider). Other fanfiction use this to the point where naruto essentially goes around using it to the fullest extent. The only reason this doesn't really get out of hand like other broken powers in other shonen, is because the more complex the henge, the harder it is to keep up for longer times, which limits its use to those people with chakra to burn (like Naruto). https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Transformation_Technique Interestingly, since it's not a hard technique, it can be down one-handed, meaning a person missing a limb can temporarily return their limb for some time.


no cookies?