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Boku no hero おたく 06/24/2020 (Wed) 14:17:30 No. 438
The finally of season 4 was actually pretty tight even if gentle arc was fucking dumb. I normally dont like shounentrash but the animation and art is pretty fuckin good. Also Eri is adorable.
I'm not liking the glacial pacing of character development recently.
>>438 I was watching pretty intently, but never did watch the last 8-10? episodes of le school festival arc. Stuff was already feeling kind of slow, but that gave me the impression of an outright roadblock. Maybe I'll pick it up again later.
Only thing I know about this animu is that it has this cute girl.
>>441 She is so hot yet so hard to jerk off to >>440 The school festival arc is beyond retarded compared t what came before but the last 1 or two EPs of the season are good (because it's the stattt of a new arc) >>439 It has chara Ter development? Everyone is al.ost exactly the same as before personality wise.
Is the school festival shit even in the manga? Like for more than one or two chapters? Because I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to read about that shit.
>>438 don't diss gentle he is a comrade he only attacked the store because the owner was selling expire yogurt and shit >>442 you have so much bad taste
>>444 >>445 No fug u
>>439 The only character that actually developed significantly was Endeavor.
>>438 Gentle was my favorite villain in the series and the whole school festival thing wasn't as cringey as it could have been. That said, I'm worried as hell about the many potential downhill slopes the show could go on right now. Midoriya feels like he's peaked as a character, power creep seems to be setting in, etc Shit, this is why I don't watch shonen. I just know I'll be disappointed again.
(64.02 KB 887x901 wp3141226.jpg)
>>445 Jirou is cute but the attempt to extract drama out of "I want to be a musician AND a hero" is so dumb. For some reason characters like this are always better before the author actually gives them attention, the frog girl was the same way. The whole arc just felt weird and awkward because it took something completely frivolous and tried to give it the same weight as the more serious parts of the series instead of just having a few relaxed episodes that could have been used for a little character development and worldbuilding in addition to winding down from the previous arc.
>>449 It's like The Gems except without the razzy 80s themes
>>438 >Boku no hero academia ftfy
Ya know I find it really strange that Boku no Hero Academia started lmost half a decade ago and so much has changed since then. There are parts of it I love and parts I hate and parts that bore me. As a side note why isn't the japanese name Boku no Hero Gakuen? Did the author just want to use Academia in the title?
Stain was great. Gentle was a dumb but wholesome arc. Redestro is ironic as fuck given capitalism's pressure
>>438 not really a good anime tbh
>>2426 I mean it's a fucking fighting shonen so it's inherently trashy, I just watch it because it's feelgood and usually doesn't take a hundred episodes to get to the point. Plus the animation is pretty cash.
>>2430 Fair enough, theres nothing wrong with watching trash as long as you enjoy it and don't delude yourself about its nature.
>>>/hobby/16549 Stain related
Someone catch me up to whats going on right now in the manga, I've stopped watching and am curious of anyone's takes.
>>3460 cringey hand guy arc hero vs villain civil war
>>3463 Ok, so I missed little then.
>>3480 The current arc is actually pretty eventful for once (although it might end with everything being magically fixed or ignored, who knows) and it feels like Horikoshi is trying to make up for his recent mistakes even if I don't think he's managed to recapture the old charm, it's worth checking out
>>3555 I'll give it a try later, for the trips. The BnHA movie was fun power wank so you might be right.
(167.56 KB 477x677 mommy miruko3.png)
(115.67 KB 500x399 mOMMY MIRKHNO.png)
(317.10 KB 725x677 ANTI GROYPER AKTION.png)
>>449 i love the kawaii backstory they gave her about struggling to fulfill her parents dreams and being like them but also wanting to be herself
>>3767 Based. Make some of mommy shimura too
You sick fucks. I found a review on youtube: Boku no Hero is literal child pornography.
>>3846 Ok fag, keep whining about "muh ecelebs"
(25.29 KB 655x365 Jobi.jpeg)
>>438 I cant wait for Jobi to give one final show and burn himself to a crisp.Imagine jobbing to your own power because your body is too weak to handle it.Jobbing to the truth in one chapter because Jeanist is alive.Imagine being a serial killer because daddy didnt love me enough.Imagine being fucking Jobi Dabi being Touya was obvious Still liked the reveal tho
>>5168 His only appeal in my opinion is edginess.
>>5168 >Dabi being Touya was obvious No shit, that was being predicted by fans a year ago LOL
>>5180 Ok and?
This is definitely the most refreshing shounen I've enjoyed in a while. It seems to me like the story and Midoriya have stopped progressing since the hideout raid arc however.
(920.30 KB 496x903 momo.png)
Momo's powers are retardedly broken and she doesn't even think about using them that way. She can generate ANYTHING, but lets pretend it's limited to solids, she should have some basic fucking ability to launch elemental attacks like earth, water, ice, mud etc. FFS she could pull a Kimimaro and create bone projectiles and armor. Hell I don't get why she wouldn't do that to create a suit of armor every time she fights instead of using a single shield one time against Tokoyami. Instead she and most of the other girls are becoming useless and all you seen is fanfiction after fanfiction masturbating itself to how rich and nice she is, reminiscent of lazy Naru-Hina fanfiction back in the day. Also as a side note, her powers let her build a cannon in seconds, she could quite literally help people by providing bandages, casts and a ton of resources for low cost and therefore aid people and society a lot better than by fighting villains with near non-existent offensive capabilities. Support-roles are extremely important IRL.
(282.27 KB 536x431 Geico smash.png)
Deku is basically a preppy jock in a world that is is libertarian in a manner that reminds one of the USA. >Goes to elite school >Obsessed with in-universe equivalent to pro-athlete military-cops and wants to be one >Star student for his physical abilities >Total gym rat who spends most free time working out <A world where only the strongest get ahead, friends/family are secondary to individual success; <raising capital by developing a following and being marketable is as/more important as a skillset Honestly in trying to be an organized superhero series it really exposes the sheer egoism of the series
>>5220 I wonder if they'll ever return to touch on the fact that the powerless are considered inferior untermensch, or if it's all ok now since midoriya was a just lucky boy who got rewarded for being so fanatic. Is the author not setting any of this up to criticize the commercialization of heroism shit? Do they really think this world is nice just because people have powers? The world seems built so perfectly to be primed for the commentary to come in and hit hard, but it really doesn't seem like it actually wants to criticize like The Boys or Tiger & Bunny (if I'm remembering its plot correctly) do.
>>5224 Essentially yes, every time the author comes close to insightful commentary about the flaws of such a system they undermine it with "muh cool heroes are good so it's all fine!" >Tiger & Bunny Yes, finally someone else recognizes it as well.
>>5224 >>5227 Feel like he never made up his mind on whether he wanted it to be a fun escapist romp or a more realistic and critical take on superheroes. The half-assed take on some of these ideas doesn't scan. You can't clearly portray your protagonists as child soldiers in a corrupt system while also saying "it's okay, just enjoy them punching the bad guys". You can't show your villains as being mostly born from social failings but then also portray no positive attempts to change the system and expect the heroes' victories to ring as triumphant. You can't make one of your main heroes essentially a racist but then expect us to forget it completely because of how cool and strong he is. You can't portray the typical shonen "be the number one!" attitude as being destructive but then also have it be the whole core of the story. And so on. It could be REALLY interesting if MHA turned into a story about the kids trying to fix a blatantly broken society. Not even because it'd be the "leftist" way to do it, but because it would be a way to handle all these nuances with actual impact and meaning instead of just standard signifiers of depth. But it ain't happening.
Another thing to point out is that in the story they mention that the dvent of quirks caused social collapse and that "without quirks they'd be traveling space long ago". Except that's inane due to the sheer scope of abilities like gravity manipulation and other quirks that make things like scarcity of products a non-factor.
>>5250 Yeah, if I recall correctly, a whole century's meant to've passed since the advent of quirks. And this caused mass insurrection on a global scale, which the advent of superpowers realistically should do. But then with that fundamental correct setup, the author gets everything else so wrong. After a whole century, with quirks having finally proliferated through most of the world's population, the world just fucking returns to the exact same Liberal status quo of a century ago. The same status quo which couldn't handle the fucking quirks originally! The same status quo whose faults constantly show, and of course causes the problems of the series that, as previously remarked, are never actually resolved. Even the same modern status quo issue of Japan's shrinking population is present in a supposedly totally changed world, as I seem to recall Gran Torino mentioning it to Midoriya when he goes out to learn from him So the very foundational ideas of this fictional world suffer from the same issues as every plot in it. A set up that is so perfect for commentary, that it's as if it's been so totally squandered intentionally.
(61.26 KB 508x471 Mirko the Hero.jpg)
BnHA has really gotten brutal as things go on, I think they're falling into that pit of "guro" that a lot of anime trying to be deep goes into. It makes sense, however the problem is that it clashes horribly with the beginning. I feel like the story has veered off into this direction of Hero Faction vs Villain Faction and it's no longer making sense. Quirks are being handed out like fucking candy to every other villain etc. etc. If this is done right it's an interesting idea, as the Nomu are a horrific game changer for the world of quirks and Izuku's awakening of different quirks is an interesting arc for him to go through - awakening new powers in these times of change, to match and far surpass All Might. As a sidenote Rumi is honestly an awesome hero, independent as all hell and a fighter to the last. Self built strength and skill paired with a unique animal ability and unwavering will https://myheroacademia.fandom.com/wiki/Rumi_Usagiyama
>>5697 To add, I feel like BnHA's grim new progression - while an interesting exploration of the realities of heroism - is really depressing at times.
Fuck niggers fuck trannies fuck jews fuck western leftist propaganda and fuck you bitches.
(11.28 KB 261x192 wetcat.jpg)
>>5700 I don't think My Hero Academy has any trannies, Jews, or Western leftist propaganda anon.
(44.38 KB 750x550 EoR4_xuXYAYYMcQ.jpeg)
>>5700 i don't understand, why would you just drop your bait in the middle of some random thread?
(158.85 KB 255x255 1474439308232.png)
>mfw Dabi ends up causing no moral questioning on the part of the heroes because Deku's just gonna say some motivational bullshit, society as a whole doesn't believe him being Endeavor's son because Best Jeanist is still alive, Eri becomes a walking deus ex loli, most of the injured heroes recover within weeks, the students don't go through any character development because the sedative eventually worked so they have nothing to feel guilty about, and none of the interesting setups this arc get followed up Hasn't happened yet but it's gonna, I can feel it.
>>5704 >This Fucking basically. This whole villains vs Heroes shit is interesting and all but something feels off, mostly because despite the grim shit, it has a strange lack of resolution... which is why Tiger & Bunny are more interesting IMO.
>>5704 Eri ruined the show just like Alluka did for hxh smfh
>>5819 Too bad really, nice girl and all.
>>5700 What anime/videogame/movie/cartoon triggered you this time retardanon?


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