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Q & A おたく 10/25/2020 (Sun) 22:59:49 No. 4611
Thread for Questions and Answers that don't really belong in other threads as well as source requests. Post - Questions - Answers - Anime/Manga sauce
Can someone sauce me gif related. All I know is that it's the Fire Dragn Falme Bullet Jutsu from naruto, but I have no idea what episode it is from. The only episodes I know it's used is Naruto Episode 71 (Third Hokage) Boruto 134 (Jiraiya, though the animators fucked the technique up) And it's from neither of these episodes https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Fire_Release:_Fire_Dragon_Flame_Bullet
I have a question about Jiraiya Gouketsu Monogatari. Naruto made the character pretty well known and popular, however the original story is pretty old, and I was wondering how well known the character was in Japan prior to Naruto's popularization of him. Besides the 1921 silent film (video 1 related) I found the following references in media before Naruto got published - Jiraiya- A character that appears in the novel " Jiraiya Ninpocho " by Futaro Yamada, which began serializing in September 1964 . A character with the name of Tsunade also appears in the work. - Jikaminari也- 1966 publication of Toei of special effects era feature film " The Magic Serpent hero of". Tsunade also appears. - Commander Jiraiya- A character that appears in the TV anime " Invincible Steel Man Daitan 3 " broadcast from June 1978 to March 1979 . - Magnetic Raiya- The main character of Toei 's special effects drama " Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya, " which was broadcast from January 1988 to January 1989 . - Jiraiya (read "Jiraia") The character in the Hudson game "Far East of Eden" series and the main character of the first game " Far East of Eden ZIRIA ". Characters with the names of Tsunade and Orochimaru also appear in the work. - Jirayan- A character that appears in the TV anime "Karakuri Kengoden Musashi Road" that was broadcast from October 1990 to September 1991. - Ninja Black Jiraiya- Ninja who appears in Toei's special effects drama " Ninja Sentai Kakuranger "broadcast from February 1994 to February 1995. A setting called the descendant of Jiraiya who appears in "Jiraiya Goketsutan".
Like this >>4613 could easily spawn an actually interesting thread but it's reduced to a reply in some shitty attempt at a general because retards can't stop imitating what the Big Boards like 4chan do.
>>4625 > easily spawn an actually interesting thread No, no it couldn't you absolute retard. It's not broad enough of a topic to generate much more than 2 or 3 posts in response, because Jiraiya Gouketsu is a fairly straightforward and easy to find story and there is not much to talk about on its own. If interest was to be shown, then it could spawn its own thread, that's how this board got made and how /games/ was made, there was sufficient interest in /leftypol/ and /hobby/ that they were trial-run in /roulette/ and were successful enough to warrant separate boards >Muh 4chan!!!! Cry harder faggot >shitty attempt at a general <anything I don't like is a general <generals are bad... becuz!! You're actually retarded. You do realize it's fairly standard for most boards on any chan, big or small to have source and Q & A threads right? If People want to make an offshoot thread nothing is stopping them, /hobby/ recently hd a Tolkien thread get made because Tolkien was a popular enough topic on different generals to prompt a thread. That's how small boards work, not a hundred esoteric threads with 3-5 posts each that get forgotten after the sink past page 2. Fucking retards like you honestly need to learn to put out the arse fire they have.
Every question belongs in its own thread. Do you think this is a 50 post/sec board or something?
>>4650 You're not even making any sense you redditfag. Did you read the OP or are you just that retarded? 1) QUESTIONS that do not belong to any current threads and or have a broad enough topic to become their own threads can be deferred to a general Question thread, this is called a QTDNNTOT (Questions That Do Not Need Their Own Thread). This includes requesting sources for images or videos and for posts that are not OP material. "Is dis animu lefteest" is the most cringe shit on any leftist board and yet people constantly spam this kind of shit, and then get mad at why the mods delete this kind of lazy shit. 2) DO you think this is a [fast] board No, that is irrelevant. Small and big boards tend to have such types of generals because it is convenient and users don't have to search through a dozen different threads looking for a simple answer to a question, and they don't need to make pointless low-effort OPs for simple single reply questions. Now stop derailing this thread whiner.
>>4651 I didn't misread anything. In fact I'm an oldfag who never liked this dumbass newfag development in how to organize forum topicality. I simply reject your premise entirely that there exist questions that do not deserve their own thread. These sorts of threads basically amount to Discussion Containment Threads and they kill both the overall traffic on a given board and neuter discourse that could be had on a deeper level outside of them if questions weren't treated like throwaways that deserve so little respect they belong in a containment thread.
>>4655 >I didn't misread anything Then you're just a whiny loser >I'm an oldfag Suuuure <dumbass newfag Even if your bullshit was true... get with the times, the future is now old fart >in how to organize forum topicality LOL wut? How is this any different to how /a/ has been like for a literal decade? Just because there isn't a million autistic subthreads? >reject your premise entirely that there exist questions that do not deserve their own thread Except you're wrong. A question like "Where does X image originate from" is not deserving of its own thread. It is a simple question and answer, 2-3 posts at maximum. That's why boards have always had source, question and request threads for ease of use >These sorts of threads basically amount to Discussion Containment Threads No, they don't you autistic retard. They amount containing requests and nonrelated posts that don't have much substance. If I had a question about Berserk I'd post in the Berserk thread, but if I ask "what anime is X image from" I go to a general question thread to avoid shitting up other threads with unrelated, thread derailing garbage... like your faggotry. >kill traffic, neuter discourse Big claims, no proofs >be had on a deeper level Nigga the fuck are you talking about. There is no deeper level to be had in a simple question of "what anime is this pic from?" >deserve so little respect they belong in a containment thread Cry harder.
>>4655 Just a quick FYI, all questions posted so far are mine... the OPs. Ya know why I did that? Because I didn't consider each post worth making a seperate thread for, but since we didn't have a basic source/Q&A thread, I decided to kill 3 birds with one stone. I already posted the Naruto related one in Naruto a while ago, but since non-Naruto fans likely won't go onto the thread, and the over-all userbase is small, I decided to repost it in clearer format on a dedicated question thread that most anons can make use of freely. The Jiraiya Gouketsu is not technically an anime or manga, merely Japanese, however I was asking in the context tangentially related to an anime series, I decided to post it here as well as in >>>/edu/ Whether you like this thread or not, is irrelevant, if you don't like the thread, don't open it, just don't shove your whiny opinion in anyone else's face, like you are doing.
>>4612 It's episode 442 of Shippuden during the Jiraiya Shinobi Handbook Arc Infinite Tsukiyomi dream). The user is Uchiha Shisui and the Chidori-stream is actually Sasuke.
What epsisode is this clip from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJLXBseKsps
What do you use to watch anime? I personally download them using this: https://github.com/anime-dl/anime-downloader
>>4887 I just use free online streaming, because I don't watch it that often. If I want to keep something I download it.
>>4890 If you watch a long series downloading the episodes you'll watch saves you bandwidth. The tool I linked above lets you download from streaming services without loading the pages or ads that you have to load in order to access a regular website, which saves you a considerable amount of bandwidth. There is also the fact that this tool is blazing fast even in slow connections, as it uses aria2c you can read more about it here: https://aria2.github.io/ Finally because I don't like to search for streaming websites anime-downloader already has a list to choose from
>>4894 Thanks, I'll give it a spin sometime.
(209.97 KB 500x410 badboy.png)
Reposting on principle i found that picture from here and is there anybody knows the real-name of manga? Answer: Dankei Dankei Revolution
(179.34 KB 928x674 1587132790707.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1114x1596 1591520066678.jpg)
Can someone sauce me the doujins/manga these are from?
(360.04 KB 640x480 boy to girl VN.png)
(274.21 KB 800x800 1540514528579.jpg)
I need some sauce on 2 VNs with pics related, anyone know the names/where to find them.
>>5361 You might have more luck on /jp/.
>>5375 There are VN threads on this board and /jp/ always deletes them,, even when spoilered.
What's the anime in the header pic with the revolutionary federation youth? Is it Ghibli?
>>5392 >the header pic Do you mean the Banner? The catgirl with a hammer is an OC made by a user named Hardkoba. The Miyazaki one is a classic of /a/ The tankie one is Nagatoro
>>5387 That's weird, are you making new threads or asking in the /vn/ thread? When /vn/ was in /vg/ it was pretty normal to ask for sauce. Also, you could ask on /r/ and /wsr/ if all else fails. >>5404 >The Miyazaki one is a classic of /a/ Not him, but which film is it? I usually don't watch Ghibli.
>>5419 Thanks but >>5418 has me covered now >Miyazaki He's asking about the banner, where Miyazaki is being interviewed and says anime sucks. >usually don't watch Ghibli You really should, they're by far the best anime films out there, highly recommend them. >>5418 >v43 I assume that's the first pic and the second VN is the second pic. Thanks m8!
>>5421 Yeah, X Change was licensed by JAST USA a long time ago. Licensed VNs are relatively easy to pirate, you just have to google for the ISO. Judging by the amount of ratings, it's probably still being pirated regularly. (If you still wanna buy it, the official site is in the link) Sadly, the other one is only in Japanese, so I don't know how hard it is to find.
(72.07 KB 300x100 1593644361063.png)
>>5421 And both of those were my posts, I just tend to make two posts in a row like an idiot. >He's asking about the banner, where Miyazaki is being interviewed and says anime sucks. Oh, I get it now. But I thought the other guy >>5392 was asking about this banner. I wanna know the source of that too.
>>5431 Oooh gotcha. It's from one of Youjiro Arai's work.
Is there anything similar in scope and feel to Legend of Galactic Heroes but at most half as long (so 50-ish episodes or less)? Doesn't have to be sci-fi. Sorry if this isn't quite the right thread but I felt like it would be worse to create a new one just for this. (Maybe we should have a general thread for recs.)
(13.95 KB 255x191 hey thats nice thumb.jpg)
>>5434 This is the right thread for questions comrade. - Legend of Galactic Heroes movie and OVA's essentially compress the same story type as the animated series into a few hours. - Iron Blooded Orphans is a mecha anime that has similar themes - The Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman - I've heard people recommend Tytania (2008) - others: https://honeysanime.com/6-anime-like-ginga-eiyuu-densetsu-legend-of-the-galactic-heroes-recommendations/
>>5435 Thank you kind anon, I'll check these out.
>>5297 Pic 2 is Final Girl by Kokikuji You
https://monster-girl.homelinux.net/ Anyone know if there are other esoteric sites like this (other than TouchFluffyTail).
>>4887 1. head to nyaa to get torrent 2. download torrent 3. open file in VLC player 4. turn off my brain (VERY important steep) 5. enjoy (?)
>>4887 1. go to gogoanime 2. click download button for the episode I want 3. select the highest available resolution
>>5297 First pic is Kaibutsu Oujo, aka Princess Resurrection.
>>5717 Arigato senpai


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