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Fullmetal Alchemist General おたく 12/15/2020 (Tue) 10:46:40 No. 5954
How the FUCK is it possible that there’s no general thread for quite possibly the most well-written and even leftist-oriented Shounen serial of the 2000s? Wanted to make a general because I been tearing up listening to shit like this https://youtu.be/WSyqRAc0f9c Best anime soundtrack ever imo, easily tops even Jojo’s
Is this for FMAB or both FMA anime series? Or the original comics?
>>5955 I say all, why not? Though I’ve only read the manga and seen FMA:B
2003 > FMAB
>>5954 >FMA >leftist Lol. Shin sekai yori is the only leftist anime. >>5956 I did want to fuck this character though, i gotta admit
>>5960 >Lol. Shin sekai yori is the only leftist anime. What about Texhnolyze?
>>5963 Didn't get past like ep 5, dunno if that says more about me or the show
>>5967 Ep 10 for me. People say it is the GOAT of of shonen alongside HxH and while I do think HxH is the GOAT, I never got into FMA. What am I doing wrong?
>>5969 FMA i finished, it's texhnolyze i stalled out on. If you couldn't get through FMA I'd honestly say not to bother with it, imo it's as well regarded as it is because it was everyone's favorite as kids/teens and it doesn't really hold up nowadays.
>>5975 Nah FMA:B is a legitimately good story with a great soundtrack to boot What you’re saying applies more to Naruto or DBZ where it was legit crappy stories that drew in people as kids and kept them based on nostalgia
FMAB is very good. It's not too short or too long either. And the characters mostly all get development.
>>5986 I first watched it a year ago, and I'm not kidding when i say besides wanting to fuck envy nothing really stick with me. I thought scar's bit would be at least interesting, but it wound up a typical liberal "oooh you're just as bad as the nazis if you fight the nazis" plotline.
>>5994 >besides wanting to fuck envy The writers knew this and decided to add in some male power fantasy, when they let Roy assrape Envy. Personally, I find Envy resembles a little bratty boy too much, so fucking him was never an option
(66.08 KB 900x600 3OKPVLS6LJAF3OVLLT5BOANFNU.jpg)
(9.64 KB 320x240 326110-95873-armstrong.jpg)
So, let's be clear: Were these two living under a fascist military police state? I never noticed it when I was young, but, now that I am older and more politically aware the show sure seems to take place under; hell even glorifying the righteousness of a military police state governed by, near, fascist political power. They even call the head of the goverment "The fuiër." Am I wrong /a/? It's also worth noting that the state has nearly unlimited reach and potential. There are many instances were the military just barge into peoples homes for various reason with out probable cause. When Ed and Major Armstrong go to that village and encounter Dr. Mooreo; After being denied access to information on the Dr's research into the philosophers stone Armstrong mentions "You could have taken it by force you know." Which really cements the unlimited potential of the state. That's not some random soldier, or, Even ed or Ale. That's a high ranking military commander.
>TBH I never understood the hype for this show. <It had some cool moments and animation and a decent story, but if you listen to some people talk about it you'd think it was the second coming of christ. <Often enough they're also HxH fags as well. Your question is too vague but I'll try to answer it. •The characters have fun, interesting and cool personalities with enough complexity to keep the audience engage. •The setting and power system are detailed and unique enough for it to stand out from the crowd. •The series is long enough convey it story properly and doesn't overstay it's welcome. •The plot doesn't trip over itself and goes to shit. •It's dark but still hopeful. •It's "anime" but not too "anime" for a general audience making it great for beginners. There are more reasons but I made my point. It's a very well rounded series which can be enjoyed by a wide audience.
>>5954 I mean there was a general thread, the OP was just a retard who didn't put FMA or Full Metal Alchemist in the subject or content and so you miss it in catalog.
>>6038 I’d say they were in a sort of “fringe case” regime where we don’t know enough about how the political system functioned for sure to say it was specifically a fascist (palingenetic ultra-nationalist) regime; but from everything we’ve seen they certainly appear to be some form of military dictatorship (when Mustang talks about usurping Bradley he never mentions an election) >I never noticed it when I was young, but, now that I am older and more politically aware the show sure seems to take place under; hell even glorifying the righteousness of a military police state governed by, near, fascist political power I wouldn’t say FMA *glorifies* Amestris; after all Amestris itself and the people that lead it are the main antagonists. The Ishavalan Genocide is explicitly enough of a reason to overthrow the entire government and Amestris is portrayed as an aggressive, imperialistic power. The real question about the leanings of the show depend on whether you think the homunculi represent (((somebody))) or whether they represent something else.
>>5959 you are homosexual, you have sex with people of the same gender as you. your opinions are wrong enough for me to come to this conclusion faggot
>>6038 >That's not some random soldier, or, Even ed or Ale. That's a high ranking military commander well, ed maybe not al at least, is himself a high ranking commander. A state alchemist has the equivelant rank to a colonol, and armstrong is just a major. Ed ranks above armstrong
>>5954 I watched the whole thing, was not a very intelligent show. Just some milquetoast lib shit and seemed more tailored to kids than anything else. Was one of those “the real plot was the friendships along the way” types. The whole world didnn’t have any consistency, the homonculus and alchemy didn’t really make sense, their whole journey was kind of weak. Overrated show x5
(9.41 KB 82x128 CRYINGSATAN.png)
wow congrats you have proven to be ahomosexual in more ways then one
I could be wrong, but weren’t there anti-imperialist leanings in it? I also remember the law of equivalent exchange and it made me think how the capitalist breaks that law all the time.
>>6115 Except they're right


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