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(233.34 KB 1200x1600 First-Squad.jpg)
Anime you just watched おたく 01/23/2021 (Sat) 23:07:50 No. 6215
Thread where we talk about anime we just watched, and tell others if it's good or not. Just got done with "First Squad", a Russian-Japanese co-production. It's about an occult battle behind the scenes during the Great Patriotic War. Looks great, solid Sovietcore throughout. But the story and characters are flat as a board, relying mostly on exposition to get the backstory across. Feels like a good idea that was not properly whittled down to a movie script. Wasted potential.
>>6215 Started watching Helpful fox senko-san (i watched the first 3 episodes) its wholesame and nice. I hope the loli stuff doesnt get to annoying
(165.58 KB 960x1440 random google search image.jpg)
I went though "Eden of the East" in one lazy evening. What a dud that turned out to be. Almost none of the mystery boxes set up in the beginning are opened, and those that are, are resolved in the stupidest way possible. The boring ass mary sue protag and his angsty gf, nor any of the various side characters and their relationships did anything to improve on the whole. I feel cheated.
>>6215 finished Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and are now in the midst of finishing Space Dandy. High quality all of them. Can only recommend
>>6231 Dumped after the first episode. I never miss.
(124.11 KB 1920x1080 cool dark smoking amirite.jpg)
Went through Perfect Insider. Didn't leave much of a mark, maybe it just wasn't for me. Pretentious xanaxcore, most of the characters have little or no affect, and go about their businesses in rather amoral fashion. The mystery was fair play, but it's resolution felt, hard to put into words, rather disconnected from the rest of the series. >>6235 is it possible to learn this power?
I just watched dragon ball super for the first time. I "binged" the entire thing every night for the past 2 months. The first two arcs are boring and drag on for too long which is to be expected since they were written as movies. Goku Black's arc has a great soundtrack but the plot doesn't make any fucking sense; there are some cool fights here and there though, and LE MYSTERY adequately carries half of the saga. Now for the hot take: the Universe Survival arc is awful. Dragon Ball has never been coherent with power levels (which all things considered is mostly autism, but still), however this arc not only ignores any notion of them existing but actively contradicts them ever being relevant (bro android 17 is as strong as a god because he destroys tanks on a remote island LOOL). Fanwank aspergers aside, the first half is incredibly superfluous and, even worse, boring. We know all these guys are going into the tournament and we all know what they can do, the only swerve is Frieza getting in at the cost of Buu getting done dirty, which sucks massive dick because Buu has a really entertaining fight ""style"" compared to the rest of the more orthodox cast. IMO Frieza should've taken Roshi's place because the old master has no business being in that tournament, the man gets throughly btfo by dragon ball era Ten Shin Han, who's shown to be a massive load in the tournament despite dedicating his entire life to training martial arts, all the while Roshi faps on his island yet he's somehow stronger thanTtien; Piccolo can also perform the Mafuba so we don't need Roshi to get that technique in. Then in the tournament itself, the battle royale part is the worst kind of filler: battle filler, and with a gallery of retarded enemies we know nothing about too (base Kefla looked really cool I'll admit). The final showdown between U7 vs U11 is when things finally pick up yet the >muh strategy angle is kinda dropped here too in favour of standard shonen asspulls despite being the part where strategy would've mattered the most, since Jiren and Top are stupidly and unreasonably overpowered, yet Top gets taken out by a chump in a 1v1 without any iota of reason, so it's "funny" that they only apply strategy against Dispo who is easily the weakest out of the three and could probably get btfo by Goku alone. And don't get me started on Jiren's backstory, shit's so cliché, boring and nonsensical it's incredibly fitting that the entire thing is narrated by a literal clown; I mean that had to be on purpose lol. Finally, the filler stuff was actually very entertaining and the highlight of the entire anime but overall it's a retarded series don't watch dragon ball z, gt nor super ever. >shonenshit Yeah yeah I know I'm just too hooked on dragon ball fighterz so why the fuck not. >nooo take it to the db thread jannies help aaaa 'no' coppe and seeethe
>>6276 Oh also I just noticed I forgot to mention the U6 vs U7 arc: Boring (goku and vegeter ace everything XDDDD) Soulless (what if there was a SECOND BEERUS and a SECOND FRIEZA???? lol so ebin) Freudian (last U6 dude is a literal dick head) Irrelevant (Champa gets his earth back, yet he's still trying to steal U7 earth's food in a later episode) Conclusion: Archive. An idiot and a degenerate arc.
(662.32 KB 1080x1600 Touchstone-Pictures.jpg)
pirated & watched 'the wind rises', an anime movie about the guy in japan who invented the Japanese zero fighter found it to be a really cool but have not finished watching
Goblin Slayer shit's funny
>>6278 I've watched it twice now. More and more convinced the implication is supposed to be that the main character is very much a "bad guy", pursuing an autistic obsession with machines at the expense of various people - the test pilots that die, his wife who withers away in his absence, the people his machine ends up killing in war, the people persecuted in Germany he kind of ignores. Didn't quite click on first viewing due to the loving artistic focus on the flying machines. MC starts out people-focused, helping out during the quake and all that, but falls further into mechanical monomania as time goes on, with an occasional crisis of conscience. But the conclusion felt very much like a condemnation of this kind of life. Maybe the other ghibli films are coloring my perception here. >>6279 Baffled it's getting a second season. You can't tell the same joke twice, right?
>>6280 can't wait to watch the whole thing sounds awesome
>>6280 >Baffled it's getting a second season. He didn't kill ALL goblins.
(669.92 KB 2560x1600 195711.jpg)
was there actually anything good last season? rn we're at least getting cells at work 2 & black, but last season I don't think I cared for anything at all >>6215 Now in the middle of Sound of the Sky. I can confirm that it is moeblob and kinda dumb because of it. But the backgrounds and melancholy atmosphere are keeping me in it just enough not to can the the whole thing. Maybe they'll even surprise me in the last five episodes idk. I'm giving it too much credit due to pandemic induced apathy probably I don't see the appeal of these kind of shows, is anyone here really into that kind of thing?
(71.56 KB 1280x720 fd2hbJF.jpg)
>>6292 (cont.) Now that I've finished it, I can say it did pick up at the end with a few short arcs. None of them all that great mind you, but at least they were there. Which only makes the absence in the first eight episodes all the more galling - setting the stage, building characters, building the world - none of that should be an excuse to have nothing happen while you are doing it. You can have story arcs and tension even with low stakes. Also something to note, I don't know what the right word is, it's a kind of dissonance. The sub-genre - cute girls doing cute things - is here forced into telling a story of melancholy decay in the shadow of war. It just doesn't fit. Not gonna accuse them of doing this to feign depth, this is not a cynical work but obviously a loabour of love. It just doesn't entirely work is all. Aisha was a cute tho
>>6317 I do feel like Sora no Woto detracts from the message to fall into the trappings of the cute girls doing cute things genre, as if they were afraid that just having the cast be girls wouldn't be enough to sell it. The decaying post apocalyptic Spanish countryside setting is really cool though
>>6318 >Spanish I was thinking Provencal, but yeah that's basically what kept me watching. Anime falls into this often I feel, good ideas that are hindered by sub-genre conventions rather than lifting them up. Outbreak Company also suffered heavily from this for example - a honest to god smart twist on isekai but still weighed down by all the shitty tropes.
(316.54 KB 1067x1200 D_tM2zNXYAAGd_-.jpg)
>>6320 It's based on Cuenca, Spain.
Another series consumed in the 'rona time-vacuum. This one I can recommend wholeheartedly if only because it's something different and original: Land of the Lustrous A somewhat unreal land inhabited by girl-coded humanoid crystals. We follow the misfortunes of the youngest and weakest of the bunch as she goes through a year of personal growth and transformation through interaction with her fellows and various invaders. There's enough personality in the myriad crystal themed characters to keep you empathizing, and enough weirdness to the world to keep you trying to figure it all out. Comes together for a tight mix of high-concept far-out setting with low-concept focus on character development and interaction. It's 3D animation, but here it rather helps to give everything a more alien tinge. Sadly ends on a bit of a cliffhanger with no second season.
(10.30 KB 300x225 s-l300.jpg)
I re-watched the original 1980's astroboy series and it was still pretty good , although the art has a certain nostalgic quaintness for me since I was around when it was originally on TV and it was one of the cartoons I would watch after school.
>>6332 All my friends recommed reading the manga which is currently on hiatus due the mangaka's health problems.
>>6334 Maybe I should too. Do u know a good place to get manga rips?
>>6335 Just read them on mangadex.
(70.90 KB 1200x900 f92.jpg)
Haha, the new season of Beastars - it's a mess folks! Mind you, I still enjoyed watching it, but it it's not nearly as filling a meal as it could/should have been. It leaves so many threads dangling you can weave a whole other series out of it, and those threads that do get resolved end up bunched in a tangled mess. To a degree this is a first world problem; there is so much good stuff thrown out that could be built on, and you can never do it all. The sweet spot of a good setting with a clear central conflict, enough edginess and gore to maintain tension, and the cheat code of anthropomorphic characters (it's a cheat because even without doing any characterization they come preloaded with all their animal motifs and themes). You can have a character star in one scene and it'll be enough to want to watch another three episodes to see their life lived out - and you just can't do that for everyone. Fine. But even when you take that into account, the degree to which main characters are just dropped, have their roles truncated, etc. is staggering. Haru - nothing to do a whole season. Juno - does two plotlines that go nowhere and then dropped. Jack - a few heartfelt moments and then dropped. Drama club still figures but apart from two characters they're all just filler. Black market arc is just retracing steps from the past season. Leo gang arc seems like it's building up to something but then it just ends on a dead stop. And the main plot, who ate Tem, answered in episode five iirc, yet it takes the rest of the season to resolve - and in such a clumsy stop-start fashion too. I get why just calling the cops wouldn't do, they needed to build on the central theme of the season (herbivore - carnivore "love") and explore it, yada ya. But then at the very end they actually do just call the cops. this is funny to me This could have been paced and structured so much better without making too many fundamental changes. I've heard the manga is pretty retarded at times too, but that's something you fix in an adaptation, not make worse. >>6336 this was good advice, what a ride!
I loved the aesthetics and the idea behind it, but it kinda fell flat in a lot of areas. I think it would have been better off as a serial.


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