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(201.67 KB 1600x1000 lelouch.jpg)
The world is fucked because this fellow doesn't get enough love おたく 02/19/2021 (Fri) 01:05:19 No. 6319
>is a full hearted lazy millennial >fights imperialism >kills his family of psychopats one by one >exterminate an evil cult (falung gong anyone?) >abolish the caste system >redistributes wealth >protecc his imouto >is actually banned in china, unlike winnie the pooh how can someone be more based, honestly?
literally the shittiest ending of all time killing yourself is a million times easier than ruling the entire world, how is it supposed to be a noble sacrifice? (not to mention that he just pulled an elvis, rather than actually die)
>>6322 He did the smartest thing. Took the blame and installed a puppet. How's that not governing?
(55.67 KB 850x478 Code-Geass-2-2.jpg)
>>6322 >literally the shittiest ending of all time they hated him because he told the truth >He did the smartest thing. Took the blame and installed a puppet. the thing of zero being an idea and so transcends politics or whatever falls apart when people start realising that this guy in this costume is as dumb as everyone else and they start wanting to get rid of him. it's a shitty resolution to dictatorship, to sort of have this wishy-washy "justice will prevail" liberalism, lelouch should have just been a good leader to a third of the world instead since the show makes the point of having him be right about everything he talks about, so there's literally no one else more qualified. the show tries to have it's cake and eat it too, as though any guy could resist that amount of power, and all the while he is literally a teenager. just dumb anime shit. also, R1 is better than R2.
>>6358 are you on the spectrum?
>>6319 >ended racism >4 gfs
Brainlet anime, shitty rip off Gundam and LOGH
>>6396 you must be a tranny janny
>>6396 Confirming OP idea.


no cookies?