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おたく 06/04/2020 (Thu) 06:47:40 No. 713
Would you say this board was successful?
(972.95 KB 798x386 b6e.gif)
>>713 I unexpectedly like it and wish it will remain. There is so much more that must yet be posted.
(65.26 KB 960x960 otaku antifascista naruto.jpg)
Despite the slow start, yes. It is a fun board and I believe that if the mods create /a/ and transfer the other anime threads from /hobby/ and /leftypol/, we would have a substantial amount of board material to use.
The waifu spam is pretty disappointing. This garbage never leads to good discussions.
>>716 I am still pretty underwhelmed by the lack of discussion that I saw was possible on /hobby/. It's a pretty comfy board, but obviously won't come into its own until it's an actual board.
>>716 >Waifu Spam Nigga where? The Tomoko thread made for laughs and the Tomoko-poster of /GET/? Or maybe the Isekai thread? Or perhaps Madara is a waifu? Maybe you mean the Yuri, flat and oppai threads? >>717 >lack of discussion that I saw was possible on /hobby Because /hobby/ is a Western-focused board, which is why people have been asking for /a/ for a while now, but by the time we got around to it, they either all moved to /GET/ or other places. The Berserk Thread in hobby is small but with plenty of effort-posts by multiple people. The One Piece thread has plenty of stuff and is still active, the Naruto/DBZ hate thread is full of memes and arguments, etc. etc. Be the change and all that. You want more posts, you have to make an /a/ board and advertise the shit out of it so that every poster on this board KNOWS it exists. Most people here don't even fucking know what roulette is for, how the fuck should they know anime stuff is up?
I want a dedicated /a/ board. I bet some /leftyweebpol/ people would come back for that.
>>716 Why do some people think that everything needs to be a good discussion? Not every post has to be deep analysis. Flat chests are justice. There doesn't have to be several paragraph long posts about how and why. You just appreciate and love them. Post quality if you so desire, don't expect others to deliver for you.
>>718 Yeah I don't get the philosophy behind /roulette/. Even if anons see it in the top bar, they just disregard it they've no idea what it's for and it changes fairly frequently. Whereas if they saw an /a/ or /anime/ board in the top bar they'd actually know what it is.
>>718 Hey anon do you know who the artist of that image is? I really like that art style.>>718
>>722 I just saved it from the internet cause it was cool sorry.
>>721 It should be an announcement on the site. If not everywhere, at least we could do with the announcement on the home page.
>>713 Yes, please create an /a/ board and transfer these fun threads there.
>>726 Wow. On one hand its nice to have trips... on the other its a shame for a literal bump post to waste such trips.
>>726 >>727 Kek, double waste
Nah I haven't seen too much lefty talk about anime in this board /leftyweebpol/ was better but not by much
>>729 >too much lefty talk about anime It doesn't have to be leftist m8. And again see >>718 Lack of board advertisement means that people don't know to visit and post.
I would advertise a dedicated /a/ board on other sites if we got one. I'm sure some /leftyweebpol/ people would come back for it too.
>>730 >It doesn't have to be leftist m8. It has too broseph, that's why it's a sub board in a politics imageboard. If politics wasn't the whole point of this, then there's no point imo and I would just go to cuckchan's /a/
>>732 No it don't nigga. We can talk about titties or cute anime girls without needing for it to be leftist, not everything is political/ >If politics wasn't the whole point of this, then there's no point imo and I would just go to cuckchan's /a/ Suuuure. I don't give too much of a fuck about politics in regards to anime content. I can watch and enjoy Naruto and empathize with characters without pigeonholing characters and story-plots into an ideology. Cuckhcan's /a/ is a bunch of stgnatedd weebs who are cancerous regardless of their political ideologies.
>>716 > waifu spam I'm sick of people just throwing this word around when they see cute anime girl pics. If people want to make a thread specifically for dumping anime images or anime shitposting why not let them? Discussion threads still exist and people still participate in them.
>>722 The artist is Terdeas, from Belarus. Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-wPKyejMsa/
>>735 Thanks friend, obviously whoever posted the image I saved cut the bottom part out like a total tool and google image search is shite. I knew they had to be Eastern Bloc since Carlson was featured in it.
>>733 First and foremost, everything IS political and denying that is incredibly undialectical. Shame on you comrade. Of course we can talk about things other than politics in anime, like cinematography, or which character would we like to fug, but what made the /leftyweebpol/ board worth a visit were the anons who were able to write excerpts about anime through a leftist lens. There are tons of places on the internet to talk about the plot of the classics and the characters but only on bunkerchan we can freely talk about the (i)liberal ideas and left-adjacent philosophies that permeate these works, and I believe that's where the true value of this board really lies, even though we probably won't go as far as to write in-depth analyzes of the political undertones of Dragon Ball in here thought that would be pretty interesting, of the "holy autism" kind
>>1392 >everything IS political No 1) there is no politics in a bowl of fruit in a painting or a landscape or anything else that depicts something neutral. 2) Ideological themes does not equate politics Dragon Ball has next to no politics, only vague ideological ideas that go nowhere and have no real impact beyond "the underdog beating the upperclassman" and power themes. >what made the /leftyweebpol/ board worth a visit were the anons who were able to write excerpts about anime through a leftist lens. Yes, but that was not the end-all be-all of the board, which I would know given that several threads were either made by me or contain large effortposts made by me including those with leftist analyses.
>>1393 >there is no politics in a bowl of fruit that are not mutually endemic >in a painting or a landscape that either depicts nature or depicts city-scape isn't political bakaa >Dragon Ball has next to no politics, only vague ideological ideas Only death can rid of us ideology
filter faggot and nigger to baka filter incel to tsundere filter waifu to "comrade in life"
>>1395 >incel to tsundere I agree with the waifu and faggot/nigger, but dont do tsundere dirty like that. Besides the word Tsundere is more likely to be used in a genuine anime context.
>>1395 I like the baka one. The other filter ideas are bad.
It was until the faggots deleted 90% of the images because they wanted their cia.gov cancer
>>1395 Then filter baka to 下衆野郎 Then filter tsundere to 特亜人てまえ Then filter "comrade in life" to 俺スケベ Then put new rule where you can't speak or write english. Only Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Laos, Cambodian, no Vietnamese, no Russian, no Mongolian Lefty 2ch here we go.


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