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おたく 05/10/2020 (Sun) 19:04:48 No. 805
>Watch youjo senki movie >Tanja blows up the palace of the soviets
IMO, The Youjo Senki movie just felt like hours of Tanya yelling and screaming about gommies
That movie was a mess. It was miserable seeing it in theaters with the autistic /pol/acks that wouldn't shut up. I never got that far in the LNs, but I heard the movie changed a ton of shit just to be more anti-commie.
Why would you watch that nazi shit in the first place?
What the fuck. There exists anti-communist anime? Figures as expected from a axis nationalist rightard country
>>807 Damn really? Cucks. >>808 It's funny to see Tanya constantly fuck herself over by being too edgy >>809 The series wasn't anti communist
(120.97 KB 1200x417 DQSA5XCW4AEvHjt.jpg)
Reminder Also while you could take the content of youjo senki as anti communist it could be interpreted as a critique of Stalin. (Which, in all fairness, Stalin would have been in a state to purge all mages in such a scenario)
>>811 I wouldn't trust the author about being a commie, he tweeted some retarded shit about being "both conservative and anti-capitalist" so he's most likely a /pol/tard.
>>812 Idk his name on twitter is comrade something and his previous light novel was about the breakup of Yugoslavia and how the main character wants to prevent it because even if it's not utopia at least it's better than what followed.
(578.63 KB 1386x1093 FOTO_20200514_175822.jpg)
>>813 Also at least youjo senki isn't gate tier.
>>808 >>809 >>812 The author isn't anti-commie. He actually calls himself a commie hobbyist or something that I think basically means Soviet LARPer rather than an actual communist. His novel, Yakusoku no Kuni, is actually about communist stuff. The main character in Youjo Senki is depicted as an evil free-market sociopath. She isn't at all the good guy in the story. I think the anime makes her seem more likeable than the book.
I know that the palace never got built IRL this is just a movie (which I didn't even see), but you made me pretty sad OP.
>>807 >the movie changed a ton of shit just to be more anti-commie. Considering that the LN writer is a communist and Tanya was a literal mockery of /pol/ mentality, that is true.
>>811 That thread was hilarious, the /pol/ weebs were shitting themselves
>>819 >there's a zizek poster Unexpectedly based for /a/
I wonder what the author had to say of this change or if it was in the original series?
>>821 If I were the author I'd be too busy counting my fat stacks of cash to care.
>>822 True, however the author is a supposed communist which is why I ask
>>823 Hobbyist communists are not communists
>>824 Not everyone can be a LARPing anarchist m8.
>>825 I wonder if there're any anarchist LARPers in Japan.
>>826 I'm sure there are some who fantasize about the glory days of Zengakuren; how could they not?
>>827 Zengakuren is still active, they're more socialist than anarchists though. I think they did a series of videos for the 100th anniversary of the october revolution.
>>828 I'd be interested in seeing those; wonder if they're anything like what the JCP's done rebranding with virtual idols.
>>829 They look anything but communists, Japanese politics is kinda weird.
>>829 > virtual idols Probably will if they haven't
(88.97 KB 379x537 Unwomanly Face of War.jpg)
Has anyone read the recent manga about Soviet Women in WW-2? I want to know if its worth a read. Its called “The Unwomanly Face of War Vol. 1” by Kadokawa Corp. The name is a clear reference to the Nobel winning Search Results Web results The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievich, which details excerpts from many female soldiers of the war. http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/13353361
So anything new with Tanya?
I didn't get why people loved this anime so much. There was no real tension to it because Tanya just won everything she faced and she wasn't even likeable so it wasn't cathartic, it was just boring.
>>2497 Because blood, gore action and edgy MC appeal to Western audiences and Japanese.
Can the LN author sue the Movie makers for defamation of his work?
>>817 proof needed
>>2844 Just read the LNs. I'm sure they are all on nyaa.
>>805 I know the manga mocks the right-wing ideology but god I find Tanya an insufferable cunt.
>>2497 Isekaishit with a nazi little girl as MC. Do the math.
(95.09 KB 570x238 Koichi.jpg)
>>826 Toyama Koichi comes to mind.
>>2497 welcome to isekai, an infantile disorder
>>2497 I never watch the anime but from what I heard it's dramatically different from the light novels and manga. Tanya in the manga is basically a social inept fool that constantly get himself into worse situations. An example would be Tanya say x thing hoping to be taken off the battlefield and put on desk duty. The higher ups thinks >THIS GIRL IS OVERFLOWING WITH PATRIOTIC DUTY! <THIS GIRL IS OVERFLOWING WITH PSYCHOPATHIC BLOODLUST! "WE MUST GET HER TO THE FRONTLINES IMMEDIATELY!
>>4254 >implyng Isekai can't be mature and interesting <not understanding that Isekai is a reflection of human alienation and depression under capitalism Come on now
>>4277 >Tanya in the manga is basically a social inept fool that constantly get himself into worse situations. the LN/Manga Tanya is more "le classic business-shark" who keeps using his first-world capitalist mindset in a utterly different setting because they're stupidly defiant of "God X" telling them that 'no, being a selfish cunt is bad'. As a result voila, the "clever plans" Tanya thinks of become sores on her butthurt arse.
>>4280 You explained it a bit better than I did though I feel my core point still stands. Youjo Senki is a comedy of misunderstanding a good amount of the time. I can see the author being a leftist from how much the series takes the piss out of Tanya's capitalist views. Too bad the anime seemed to go the whole Nazi Loli route.
>>4284 Yeah. I fuckin' hate Nazi loli and how popular it was. It's not as popular anymore, but back when loli was more freely posted on the internet, it was fucking everywhere.
>>4285 I get that most adaptations are shit but they really did this series dirty.
>>4286 They can't help it... for the monies
>>4279 So close yet so far.
>>4279 From the 1% of isekai that are decent most of them could get rid of the isekai aspect and nothing would change.
>>4301 Wrong. In 90% of garbage Isekai anime, removing the Isekai portion would do little to change the plot, while in the best Isekai, it is inherently required and cannot be simply replaced with a set-up beginning motivation a la the start of Bleach. The point of an Isekai is that a character is displaced from their own world and thus their interactions with the new world differ to the native inhabitants. It creates an interesting diversion from the path of the world. Even Subaru, weakass that he is, changes the path of his world with relatively simple changes. If there are no stakes or important changes we lose the point of the entire Isekai, and it becomes a bland power-fantasy. Bland power fantasies can be fun escapism, but in the longrun are tiresome. SAO abridged for example, does something interesting. While the world is digital and essentially fake, the characters themselves are important and their displaced situation. Kirito, who is a loser IRL, gets to be his 'dream self' in the game, but the reality is that no-matter how many swordskills he has, his social skills and understanding had to change for things to matter. He had a long and varied character arc of him reaching conclusions or almost getting it, only to have it taken away again and again until he finally reached it in a climactic battle. he then continued developing this newly found conclusion, on slow burn and realistic takes of teenage drama (played humorously). By the final battle, he put aside his own desire to remain awesome in the game and freed SAO's players from the game and it's fake life. The original SAO never quite gets this unfortunately. >>4300 >saging this is getting boring
>>4310 I agree that for the good isekai that removing the isekai from the series would actually hurt it. I think for the shittier anime they might actually improve going the standard fantasy route. At least they are less likely to have been greenlit as it appears standards are non-existent so long as a series is isekai. It amazes me how much better SAO Abridged was than the actual anime.
>>4666 >they are less likely to have been greenlit as it appears standards are non-existent so long as a series is isekai Indeed, nice triple 6s BTW
(1.23 MB 1129x1142 tanya commies shit.png)
the absolute state of 異世界
>>5305 https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/211994886 >commies are wasteful <weebs calling communists wasteful Hahaha
>>5306 I don't remember /a/ being this political and especially not being this partisan.
>>5305 Now this feels out of character. What the fuck? Since when did she even care about the deaths of other humans?
>>5308 >>5307 It's been like this for years, and getting worse. The sheer cope is hilarious. I've gotten banned twice already just for posting literal sources.
>>5311 /pol/ killing modcat was the beginning of the end of /a/.
>>5312 lel, they really are the culture subverters they claim to hate.
>>5311 I have no idea why there is s age in this post, I don't remember typing that s*ge in. >>5312 >>5314 Pretty much
>>811 >>5306 >>5305 TL;DR: It's become common knowledge to /a/ that Tanya was meant to be satirical of fascism, so now, instead of getting mad about that "ruining" the show, they now are trying to play it as "the parody isn't a parody because it's right".
>>5306 I find it somewhat hilarious that every thread on 4chan, be it in /co/ or /a/ or any other such content, any mention of communism in positive light inevitably leads to an utter derailment of the thread over moralfag whining about "commie crimes". And the mods only ban posters defending leftist.
>>807 >the movie changed a ton of shit just to be more anti-commie The anime did too, making the Empire go from a satirical depiction and instead gets depicted positively, probably cause some fascist LARPers are the animators.
(731.93 KB 2253x1655 tanya on chinese.png)
>>5305 reposting from /b/ you can still watch the anime on china for some reason...
>watch isekai >it's shit how could this happen
>>5373 Oh look it's the Isekai hatefag with more unoriginal sageposting. Stay mad
>>5363 Hopefully not for long... though it does demonstrate hypocrisy of the regime.
>>5363 does this confirm that the chinese are nazis?
>>5384 You're funny as fuck.
>>5470 As are you. >>5468 Nah, just that they're revisionist
Clearly everything that isn't exactly praise of glorious communism and the thought of Xi should be banned. >>5363 This "China banned X" bullshit is the new "KIM JONG UN VORED HIS UNCLES WITH THE DRAGON DILDO WHILE DABBING" baitj. There's nothing preventing people from streaming most anime legally or CalArts degeneracy alongside the "Das Kapital" game shows, if anything the Japanese are more willing to licence to the Chinese than the usual overseas companies.
feels like every thread featuring youjo senki is going to have right wingers whining about communism from now on https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/212618642
>>5514 >nothing preventing people from streaming most anime legally Agreed >or CalArts degeneracy Fuck that, even garbage anime doesn't fall that far.
>>806 That's what it was, so yes indeed.


no cookies?