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(52.62 KB 720x491 coven.jpg)
Doomer music thread Comrade 02/08/2021 (Mon) 09:26:12 No. 27956 [Reply]
Since boomerkun's Doomer board has been pretty much dead for like a year and the former centerpiece of it (the music thread) is gone, I'll try here. I probably tried a doomer thread here once before, but this one's just a doomer music thread. I hope you'll join me. But if not I'll post a bunch of doomer shit in the old vein - depression, bleak stuff, lotsa goth and deathrock, nihilistic punk, melancholy alternative, NWOBHM, extreme metals, etc. Just like back when Latviachan did it.
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(250.41 KB 900x658 ehmmfqbjquq41.jpg)
Komrade Goebbels Comrade 02/05/2021 (Fri) 13:51:34 No. 27805 [Reply]
>>27805 based
Hey youre better company than transhumanists

(1.81 MB 1457x1943 bcfduzv6npf61.png)
Anonymous 02/05/2021 (Fri) 23:13:50 No. 27916 [Reply]
HOW ARE your attempts to escape wageslavery going?
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(33.88 KB 762x428 blessed family guy.jpg)
>>27922 >Comparing that traitorous, fake, bourgeois, ugly, pedophile to Trotsky Trotsky doesn't deserve that
>>27924 >>Comparing that traitorous, fake, bourgeois, ugly, pedophile to Trotsky Idk sounds like trotsky to me
>>27925 That’s the point lol
I started trading weed stonks, I made 0.21€ so far, AMA.

(17.19 KB 177x284 Judas Cradlee.jpg)
(57.64 KB 358x512 Spanish Horse.jpg)
(235.15 KB 1024x648 The Breaking Wheel.jpg)
(27.83 KB 600x319 hanged-drawn-quartered-og.jpg)
(299.58 KB 1200x1600 the nuremburg virgin.jpg)
Anonymous 02/06/2021 (Sat) 00:51:10 No. 27853 [Reply]
What the FUCK was their problem? Reading about the naked psychopathy of the not so ancient Europeans really makes me wonder if a better world is possible, what if humans are just fundamentally bad as a species?
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>>27853 Devices like iron maidens, the pear of anguish and scold's bridles were invented in Victorian England when curiosity cabinets and curios were a fashionable thing to have.
It was not psychopathy. It was a severe form of political violence. The worst torture and executions were for crimes of sedition, regicide, etc. Meanwhile, Aztecs did this kind of stuff on a weekly basis just to make sure the sun rises.
>>27858 >Devices like iron maidens, the pear of anguish and scold's bridles were invented in Victorian England when curiosity cabinets and curios were a fashionable thing to have. >>27857 >Maybe this useful infograph can help >>27857 >Meanwhile, Aztecs did this kind of stuff on a weekly basis just to make sure the sun rises. LMAO at euro cope.
>brownoid butthurt the assyrians were worse than everyone else
>>27861 I guess you never heard of the bolsheviks

(1.21 MB 320x240 bonobo_chad.gif)
Anonymous 02/01/2021 (Mon) 21:33:49 No. 27682 [Reply]
How can white boys even compete?
>>27826 Did he email you other *things* anon?

(103.07 KB 800x600 Winter.jpg)
dfgdf fghfg 02/06/2021 (Sat) 12:45:56 No. 27837 [Reply]

(11.98 KB 396x412 1603612663414.jpg)
Anonymous 02/06/2021 (Sat) 01:05:14 No. 27829 [Reply]
Just accept that people don't like transhumanists.
That guy you posted visibly embraced trans rights within a single hour just by interviewing one.
A proletarian led mass purge of transhumanists would unironically be a desirable outcome of the revolution

Thank you comrade Rihanna Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 23:27:12 No. 27820 [Reply]
>>27820 ,/######%%%%%%%%%(, .&&. ./%@&, *@@% ,@& &&#. %%. %( .######,, ,@/ (@ *@@@%((((((((((, [email protected]( & [email protected] (/ *@ @/ .%%/ @. @ ./@@/. %@@@@@. @, ,@ @ &* .,,,,,,,,,. [email protected] &( @# [email protected]@# &(. && @ &. @ / @.

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>>27820 This but unironically (unfortunately). Media in my county started talking about this because of Rihanna, or better: they are talking about Rihanna who's talking about the indian protests.
>>1314872 more like her social media manager
Imagine unironically supporting another Color Revolution for the CIA.
>>27824 Imagine falling for this ruse

Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 15:51:07 No. 27757 [Reply]
What's y'all views on the material implications of manspreading.
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>>27768 >t. fatass
>>27770 >Woman, trannie or soiyboy, which one is it?
>>27764 nice
(54.03 KB 562x474 womanspreading.jpg)
We'd need a statistical analysis of the issue compared to that of pursespreading.
(361.89 KB 1000x667 f1b71241992535.57bc80df32e09.jpg)
1. The 'rona things has been a blessing in disguise because now in many places there must be one free seat next to every occupied seat. So everyone can spread - manspread, womanspread, transhumanspread - as long as they keep a safe distance, wear their masks and sanitise their hands regularly. 2. Every form of public transport should be massively funded from now on to guarantee the highest possible frequency especially during peak time on every bus, tram, metro and train line in every city. 3. In more decent times - I mean just in relative terms, not that there was some magic golden age a few decades ago - if someone took too much space, they would have just retracted if they saw someone coming to take a free seat or alternatively they would have made space if politely asked to do so. Also, the elderly, women with little children, pregnant women, people with obvious disabilities or having to walk with canes or stuff like that would have immediately had a seat offered by someone standing up and leaving them the place. Today a deeply sick society can only produce deeply sick, troubled and rude individuals. One of the symptoms of that is some morons having to create their own personal crusade about this "manspreading" thing giving out some deep seated and unelaborated misandry that is somewhat mistaken for being "progressive" or crap like that. Also, there is a huge karenitude aka "I'd like to speak to the manager" vibe to all this story, because after all those "sjw" types are just another variety of Karens. And for that they deserve the gulag.

(112.63 KB 515x515 sage.jpg)
Sage Thread Comrade 02/05/2021 (Fri) 19:54:14 No. 27813 [Reply]
How many SAGEs can you SAGE, sagefags.
(1.63 KB 105x50 sage.jpg)
>>27814 Looks like I missed one.
(11.87 KB 285x177 burned-sage.jpeg)
>>27815 SAGE
>>27816 You forgot the password.


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