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(593.41 KB 1500x1500 1612359611646.jpg)
Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 14:38:54 No. 27751 [Reply]
Which one of you is here in the picture?
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>>27796 By that logic, every worker at twitter must be black because they ban people who say "nigger".
(1.23 MB fasc_bruh(1).mp4)
Is this you and your discord friends?
>>27796 You will never be a man
>>27751 11th one has some nice tatoos.
>>27799 Bro don't be doing sudy like that, he's only 15. He'll grow out of it, actually he's in a christ phase right now.

(13.17 KB 257x196 download (1).png)
uss liberty Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 11:51:52 No. 27738 [Reply]
No meme answers,i wanna know why did the Idf air forces attack the USS liberty,whats the story behind this?
I dont know, IDF are psychos. They shoot children while being filmed and then claim self defense because they had a kit. Its likely they just didn't give a shit and wanted something to blow up.
They wanted to push the US into the war
>>27738 >No meme answers,i wanna know why did the Idf air forces attack the USS liberty,whats the story behind this? They say we were helping The Arabs so that gave them the right to attack us. I see Israelis post this argument on twitter a lot.
>>27738 they are the cartoonish evil jews

(98.11 KB 672x680 Eptq1XUXYAAzaxR.jpeg)
Bottom text Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 12:34:52 No. 27742 [Reply]
If cultural differences aren't partly due to genetics, then why don't chimps have anything close to human culture? Could there be a .... SHOCKER.... genetic reason for that?
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Hey dumbass I know you think that you're having epic debates on the internet (or just trolling), but if you don't adopt materialism you can't propose experiments to prove or disprove your hypothesis. If you're happy sticking with idealism then the answer is: >Sure dude just bee yurself (Then smoke some reefer).
>>27745 Neither do the rest of America s
>>27745 Ironically, that phrase is a hallmark of white american culture
>>27747 How is saying that culture has a GENETIC cause, Idealism?

Alunya Thread Comrade 02/02/2021 (Tue) 07:22:28 No. 27703 [Reply]
We need a new Alunya thread since the last one on /get/ is gone. Just dump all your catgirl memes here.
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(12.18 KB 507x686 EYEqmMgUcAEBtBH.png)
(34.02 KB 677x702 7326624.png)
(143.24 KB 568x649 Alunya.png)
(186.04 KB 895x893 1609905840730.png)

(43.76 KB 799x449 EtKxPgVXEAQ0AxX.jpeg)
Bottom text Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 00:44:02 No. 27718 [Reply]
black person: wypipo do be betta at da cold namsayen shieee liberal: akshuyally that is wrong, I am (((white))) (Italian) and I hate the cold, you're a racist why are Meds like this?
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Italians are not even human
(1.05 MB 1001x980 ser.png)
>>27721 this
(891.54 KB 1321x935 isoardi_2.jpg)
(361.89 KB 1000x667 f1b71241992535.57bc80df32e09.jpg)
(112.42 KB 1280x943 serveimage.jpg)
k*kes n*ggers s*ics c*hinks p*ddies c*ogs k*auts Everyone's got a right to complain when they get some slur, yet when it come to wops, it's all fine and dandy. Eat shit and die en masse, you bunch of wankers living in some pathetic wasteland. Polite sage.
>>27723 take your meds, negro
>>27721 so true

(78.41 KB 1545x869 coomer.jpg)
https://twitter.com/thuletide/status/1321184571124310019 Anonymous 02/01/2021 (Mon) 20:18:21 No. 27680 [Reply]
the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, my STATS are throbbing, what a wonderful day for posting noombers… GOOD MORNING DEGENERATE LEFT. I’ve been awake for twenty whole seconds and I haven’t POSTED NOOMBERS yet. It’s time to hop onto my intellectual throne and machinegun dispense my intellectual broken statistics with my roided doomfist once again! *AGGRESSIVE TYPING* HUH. I-is that a-a statistic!? HHHHNG UH. I- *begins the ritual* I MUST POST. MMMMMMMMNNNNFFFFF. NNNNG. AAAAAAGGH. NNNNG. HHNG-RNNG. OH GOD. AAAAAGHHH. UUUUUUH. AAAAAAGH. O-OH FUCK. NNNNNNG. MMMMFFFMNNNNFFF. UGGGH. UUUNG MMMFFFFNNNFFF. AAAAGH *smashes desk* I’M… N-NOOMBING. (noomb) I’M… (noomb) I’M NOOMBING (noomb) I’M… NOOOMBING. *creamy statistic starts to emerge* (noomb) I’M (noomb)POSTING NOOMBERS. I’M POSTING NOOMBERS. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGH. OOOH FUCK. AAAANNNNHHHGGGG. POSTING NOOMBERS. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGH. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. (noomb) NO. (noomb) NOAAAAAAGH. OH FUCK IT’S EVERYWHERE. (NOOOMB) AAAAAAAAAAAGH. OHHHHHHH. NNNNGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. *starts coughing in pleasure* OH fuck. Nnng. Oh fuck. Oh jesus. Oh shi- oh fuck. SSNNNNIFFF. *Completely exhausted from the magnitude of the noombers* Oh fuck. ohhhh…
>>27680 I love this shitty meme so much
(46.51 KB 564x537 1609540806522.jpg)
(150.12 KB 1080x1080 1609540465898.jpg)
(476.44 KB 815x1792 Every 2 seconds lmao.jpg)
(103.27 KB 739x613 porn-addiction_infographic.jpg)
(242.83 KB 1920x1440 1600883570200.jpg)
>>27680 Seek help

(19.28 KB 575x323 ???.jpg)
Comrade 02/02/2021 (Tue) 16:46:36 No. 27706 [Reply]
Why are fags using the splitter board after they have shown themselves to be so dishonest and basically wreckers?
>>27707 I dont think most people here are particularly against trans people, anon. My point is that they have been actively trying to attack and undermine the site. I wouldn't even be suprised if all the /pol/ posters are actually just the leftypol split website users/mods in disguise.
lol nobody is using that board
(178.64 KB 512x1024 4chanouttt.jpeg)
>>27715 Yea, and yet they use the same name here, register new domains (bunkerchan [D0t] red) and spam them here, apparently cause shenangins in mod crew with infiltration, generally spam here to try to create a worse user experience in the hopes it will drive people to there site. Frankly it is real disgusting and a little sad that so called 'leftists' would act like this.

(54.44 KB 720x1280 crop.php.jpg)
Comrade 02/02/2021 (Tue) 06:12:37 No. 27700 [Reply]
>tfw no friends, just work acquaintances and they have their own lives outside of work and online friends who its questionable that you can even consider them friends >tfw permavirgin whose never had a gf
(1.91 MB 2008x2008 580.png)
>>27700 Try thinking outside the box

(213.54 KB 1080x864 IMG_20210201_123329.jpg)
Anonymous 02/01/2021 (Mon) 05:36:59 No. 27626 [Reply]
Wow just wow
>>27626 And YOU took a screenshot from 4chinz and uploaded it to fucking bunkerchan. Kill yourself tranny you will never be a woman
stay mad lol

(40.12 KB 1000x667 Cannabis-wax.jpg)
Comrade 01/27/2021 (Wed) 23:12:36 No. 27449 [Reply]
Anons I'm a drug addict my #1 weapon of abuse is pic related. I have for the last few years been working 12 hour shifts in manual labor. I am so fatigued I no longer have the energy to do simple tasks. All energy is for the job, and with my roommates they don't allow me more then 3 hours of sleep a night. Yes 12 hours a day 6 days a week 3 hours of sleep. I cough constantly and have this general pain in my chest. My skin is wrinkled and flaky, eyes look like I have 2 perpetual black eyes, teeth are brown. I'm only 21 and just thinking about the physical effects leads me straight into the drugs. I may never have >a youth >stable love life >home I am candle wax and the candle is lit. the drugs eat at my physical health, wageslavery... eats at my mind. I'm in a constant influx between no drugs and psychosis and drugs and physical ruin. If you have personal space unlike me be thankful for it. If you have a less physically demanding job be thankful for it. I wanted to live but instead I toil till death so live for me.
addicted to cannabis That's almost like being addicted to coffee. >my roommates they don't allow me more then 3 hours of sleep a night I don't understand what you mean by that. Are they literally in the same room as you? If the sleeping problem is related to light, get something to put over your eyes. If it is related to noise, what causes the noise, music or films or games? Can you get them to use headphones? Are they talking, what is it? How about ear plugs? (If you need a clock signal to wake up, there are also visual alarm clocks and shaking alarm clocks you can put inside your pillow and even smell-releasing alarm clocks.) A decent combo of stuff like the above can be had for less than 50 dollars. Bonus question: Are you also doing things like that so that other people can't sleep? When everybody is doing shit like this, it seems pointless to change one's own habits to make things easier for others, since there will be noise anyway.
>>27449 Lol ur a pussy


no cookies?