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File: 1623698597081.png (252.04 KB, 602x600, 620ad92ed3e9244cbdfbb541b1….png)


>still thinking about that blonde girl from 8 years ago
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A childhood friend?


Not OP but I still crushing over my childhood friend, that now lives far away and I will likely never see again. When I tried to DM her I was left on read. :/ I thought we were good childhood friends guess not.


Just last night I dreamed my ex was softly blowing air into my face. It's been 10 years. We've been messaging each other for the last couple of months and we were supposed to meet but I've stopped replying a few weeks ago because not talking to her in person, growing distant, and memories of us have just made me realize I've been very unhappy for years and I'll never get back what I lost. She's blonde too.


>haven't thought about any crush for years

There was one opportunity I sperged and missed out of, she hinted she liked me, I half didn't get it and half was too shallow as a teen and thought 6/10 was a bad thing. She ended up going steady with a friend, probably still is, which was actually a far better decision in many ways as long as she doesn't mind christsoc with Jordan Peterson characteristics.


>still thinking about a girl that I never really dated or had any intimacy with but there was a time where it could’ve been
the worst feeling since you can’t even complain to anyone.

File: 1623593226410.jpg (76.14 KB, 750x614, 1623593223474.jpg)


I NEED a fascist gf(male)
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Trying to exterminate homosexuals is still pretty faggoted, though. Try changing the material conditions that give rise to it.


File: 1623860719817.jpg (186.66 KB, 1200x798, 1623860708493.jpg)

Some things are just genetic comrade. We must do what needs to be done.


>don't come crying to me in 2 years when you download discord and sending nazis your boi pussy tho
or he(fe(male)) could just give his femboi pussy only to a monogamous, trad, responsible, entrepeneur-oriented, financially successful coomunist man who wants to take care of him financially and bust his nut in him daily to keep him(fe(male)) a sexually satisfied househusband (fe(male))?


Gayest post ITT


>even though I’m not gay
Lmao yeh bro you gay

File: 1623832860503.jpg (45.87 KB, 640x360, 77777.jpg)


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>Sees gumball poster
>Day instantly ruined




File: 1623866497971.gif (33.37 KB, 256x192, Edgeworth-forward(a).gif)



That fucking blink lmao


File: 1623867798779.png (1.06 MB, 1594x1500, The size and shape of the ….png)

Consider these numbers cheka'd

File: 1623806051691.png (588.46 KB, 640x640, thonker.png)


If your adversary stops replying to you, does that mean you've won a debate?
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Concession accepted


According to law silence signals assent.


File: 1623857671376.png (541.52 KB, 894x919, 1620704378017.png)

>Concession accepted


Concession accepted


File: 1624123084535.jpg (56.02 KB, 901x706, Ez-v_cOVgAg_Yp8.jpg)

File: 1623344821598.png (17.67 KB, 164x195, 1618255713673.png)


alright gonna sound sexist as fuck but why is it that women aren't funny? I actually think they're about as intelligent as men are and can do the same intellectual labour that men can but why can't they into humor?
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>A fart will make people laugh more than all your professional comedians combined
Well you don't even need human comedians period since many animals fart.


File: 1623851060006.jpeg (7.62 KB, 235x245, images.jpeg)





Stand up comedy is fucking shit anyway, except for a couple of comedians. It's no wonder why most female stand up comedians are unfunny, when male ones are, too.

File: 1623846075115.jpg (257.21 KB, 1106x1394, 1623845417965.jpg)




File: 1623846989784.jpg (72.32 KB, 924x810, LivewithParent.jpg)



File: 1623853866820.jpg (34.28 KB, 600x360, Me.jpg)



>bernie 2020

File: 1623801932825.jpg (130.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1623801910826.jpg)


This but unironically
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gotta replenish those nutrients


>this is supposed to be a good retort




God this movie fucking owns


>Samsung girl
>Teenage e-girl
Man, rightoids are literally who are coomers
How are they sexual?!

File: 1623846741998.jpg (166.81 KB, 1079x1371, 1623846734645.jpg)




File: 1623847222903.png (1 MB, 822x1600, 1522513651868.png)



But just remember folks: "Black lives matter!"

File: 1623739769107-0.png (651.44 KB, 800x774, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1623739769107-1.jpg (128.69 KB, 640x720, READ A BOOK READ A BOOK RE….jpg)

File: 1623739769107-2.webm (5.06 MB, 400x278, 1619972512886.webm)


What the title says

Link to petition (lol) for those curious: https://www.change.org/p/blue-origin-petition-to-not-allow-jeff-bezos-re-entry-to-earth
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File: 1623757389459-0.jpg (240.07 KB, 1077x1078, pov you are the meme lol d….jpg)

File: 1623757389459-1.jpg (292.77 KB, 1059x1078, 1621160645125.jpg)

File: 1623757389459-2.mp4 (3.49 MB, 1280x720, party in the CIA.mp4)

Oh I just googled the video, I didn't know this guy's name was Flula, thanks


File: 1623761759616.gif (4.7 MB, 640x470, 1621343897636.gif)

>tfw i am the meme




File: 1623768265223.mp4 (4.69 MB, 1280x720, Saying BASED whenever this….mp4)

I don't know where the video is from specifically but that's a real-ass pair of sculptures.


File: 1623840081672-0.gif (80.9 KB, 500x464, 1503689551415.gif)

File: 1623840081672-1.jpg (119.83 KB, 768x768, 9c0k504cha131.jpg)

File: 1623840081672-2.gif (699.14 KB, 248x193, A1dXSnO.gif)

File: 1623840081672-3.png (87.84 KB, 652x318, 1490594990402.png)

File: 1623840081672-4.jpg (147.74 KB, 638x960, 3a1.jpg)

some of these i like
some of these i just wanted to post out in the world before deleting

which are which? you guess

File: 1623456783316.png (216.16 KB, 917x871, sad.png)


I am not gay.
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File: 1623502471454.jpg (6.39 KB, 212x192, 1616388317043s.jpg)

the predator has become the prey


File: 1623502485650.jpg (8.4 KB, 225x225, anal jihad.jpg)

>through jihad
ah yes


>experimental postmodern jihad
Islamic scientists must have lots of fun designing jihad procedures through unorthodox interpretations of koran.


Religioids can have a little bit of buttsex as a treat for their revisionism


All sexualities are fucking disgusting.

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