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It is suspected that junko, one of our beloved tripfriends, has taken her life. This thread is a memorial thread to pay your respects to the deceased, and possibly say a few nice things about her, tell us about your memories with junko, and maybe share some of your favorite posts from her.

I liked junko; along with the other tripfriends, she kept this board interesting and entertaining. Tripfriends and avatars are the beating heart, the heart and soul of /b/. junko was a kind soul, she never came here to start shit, just to shitpost or spit some facts.
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File: 1623651860378.jpg (181.4 KB, 1013x800, wRnKfqq.jpg)

Anyone have that memorial image for the nihilist? It was based on this image and mentioned that song by Biggie.


File: 1623652911857.jpeg (49.36 KB, 191x254, 1623361917381.jpeg)

>Well if I had to guess I'd say he's:
>>American (European would be too difficult to keep up with your schedule)
>>male(women are not this kind of retarded)
>>has no meaningful relationships(I don't have a gf yet still have to spend time with family/friends, this person doesn't even have that)
>>youngish(still has that drive)
>>middle class(survives off of parents income I presume)
>>either incredibly skinny or incredibly fat(this person knows no moderation)
>>on drugs(maybe caffeine, maybe SSRIs)
>>lives in cooler climate(otherwise couldn't stay indoors all day)

><or it's multiple ppl doing this and I'm putting too much thought into it…

>Could the soyjaker give me a score out of 10? I want to see how good my armchair psychology/deduction skills are.

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File: 1623729713309.jpg (477.69 KB, 828x581, 101.jpg)

Lmao this thread, i had never laughed at something so hard in my life holy shit haha I'm crying, here is my contribution anon, draw 3 pennies in a row like this lmao


File: 1623729907622.png (532.18 KB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

>Lmao this thread, i had never laughed at something so hard in my life holy shit haha I'm crying, here is my contribution anon, draw 3 pennies in a row like this lmao


do it yourself lazy retard

File: 1623728476824.png (399.61 KB, 512x512, 1623728372057.png)



Who the fuck loses a child and then spends the immediate aftermath fucking around on social media chasing clout…
What the fuck


>Pronouns in bio


now I can't even watch a comfy Xinjiang cotton farming stream without thinking of African American males

thanks /leftypol/
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File: 1623703232302.png (211.63 KB, 585x377, Sir Mix-a-lot.png)

>Buck got broke


It’s a jannie


>anybody else is too lazy to actually type uyghur so they just type the n word and let the filter do the rest?
I find that word hard to type because of dyslexia, so yes, I type the n word. Not a joke. And not lazyness per se.


This Turk got tamed


autocorrect thinks its Uighur

File: 1623676897634.gif (2.93 MB, 499x330, 1623659393728.gif)


Gamergate isn't real. At most, maybe six journalists got doxxed, and one of them got sent a pizza. Gamers are not people. There is no Gamer Holocaust. Xbox, turn on. McDonalds! McDonalds! Scroll to, Pornhub, Ebony; Live E3 Coverage, Forza 4. Welcome to X-Play!
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File: 1623681696132.gif (3.45 MB, 377x372, 1619574535706.gif)



File: 1623682357696.jpg (63.46 KB, 976x850, f1.jpg)

I haven't had Mcdonalds in over a year

I miss it. I want to eat the French fries and the burgers
I tried making a McSpicy Paneer at home and it was a bit similar but I didn't have mustard to fully recreate the dish

The one and only time I bought mustard was horrible. Bitter and cold.


It means that you have to be permabanned and quite likely institutionalized.


Both retards


File: 1623726130906.jpg (20.31 KB, 259x253, 1480482711230.jpg)

uwu you can't ban us for frogposting

File: 1623686333894.jpg (412.38 KB, 1280x720, 1623642523740.jpg)


I can't take people who say "late stage capitalism" seriously.
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Grandpa stage capitalism and
Great grandpa stage capitalism


That's because literally every political party is neoliberal now.


File: 1623690635132.png (214.99 KB, 500x665, 0f66801b3944cd9dfbfec693de….png)

Nazrin is a mouse!


i can't take people who complain about terms seriously


nice own, too bad nobody but teen pseuds are going to take your "analyses" seriously

File: 1623712185967.jpg (117.53 KB, 1080x1015, 77afcj3r09i21.jpg)


you think that KYM would be some sort of meme ideology but they just seem to be liberal and centrist as fuck? What is the materialistic explanation of memelordery and centrism?


This reminds me of /r/memeeconomy
I wonder if they were ever able to set up the market system they were talking about


i want to know this too

File: 1623716615098.jpg (29.86 KB, 584x326, bcdc64f74d99ab9d77bbcdc9d4….jpg)


Is it just me or is it the darkest timeline? Especially, if you're a Burger fag. Seems like for sometime now in my life the only thing that changes is shit just gets worse and worse. Who else darkest timeline gang?
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File: 1623719219481.png (226.49 KB, 550x607, 3418198A-C1A3-47AA-AF54-CB….png)

>Took you long enough, that was almost what, a half hour? Step it up faggot. The OG Penny Stalker would usually have a soyjak within 3 minutes.


Evil penny poster.


>confirms it's a biased pro-capitalist, pro NATO scale to use.
It was literally invented by Mao Zedong though


Proofs? Also, Mao was kind of a tool.


File: 1623725382837.jpg (90 KB, 1200x675, E1TDT6TVkAASXJI.jpg)

File: 1623603769625.jpg (105.2 KB, 824x681, Er8MmJMW8AAwsQ_.jpg)




File: 1623603897217.jpeg (227.93 KB, 666x500, DKP2036_1.jpeg)

Basiertes deutsches meme


I don't understand lol

File: 1623694720289.png (71.71 KB, 485x83, 1623693204863.png)


sigh i wish leftypol would stream e3


Me too, ask in the /games/ E3 thread

File: 1623710820363.png (450.06 KB, 520x420, 1AEA74AF-4DEF-4D58-920B-80….png)


Why do they call it “race science” instead of “racience”?


i miss filthy frank and the crew rip


Capitalism turned youtube from a platform for creative and groundbreaking content into another place to shill Jimmy Kimmel.


He's kinda cute

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