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Sex thread Comrade 01/10/2021 (Sun) 11:41:49 No. 25506
Post here if you had sex recently, and why it instantly improved your mood, self-esteem and outlook on life. and also to dab on all the incels Reminder that you don't need to be a slut to get the benefits of sex, a few times a year is enough to keep your neurosis in check.
>>25506 Some time passed since the last time I had the company of woman. Corona has made it a bit harder for. Any Anon, who still smashes, who can give some tips?
It's been years since I've even talked to a woman.
>>25513 I laughed harder than I should on this one
Just had sex
I haven't had sex in a year. I'm starting to lose it lads.
>>25527 Yeah I'm 20 and I am still a virgin. Can't lose what you never even had in the first place, am I right?
>>25528 I haven’t had sex since 2019, COVID really fucked my year
I've been in a gay relationship for 4 years now and we had sex yesterday, it's good, gives you a nice bedrock
>>25536 >gay doesnt count
>>25560 also was talking about le gay sex
>>25560 in what world does gay sex not count as sex?
I'm 25 and never had sex. I'm not ashamed of it at all and I'm not an incel (not in ideology, at least). Dab on all the sex-having normies
>>25567 the only thing more pathetic than being incel is being a house nigger lumpenprole incel
>>25565 >>25566 Making it gay buttsex is the only way people on this site will ever make a sex thread that’s supposed to “dab on le incels” Of course Incels don’t give a tiff if you stuck a cock in your bunghole, so it’s not like you’re actually hurting them by saying you fucked a man
>>25567 You’re an incel if you’re 25 and never had sex, quit coping, what are you hoping for, some bitch to pat you on the head for being a good little simp?
I basically had sex with all females in sengoku era nihon and am basically god emperor right now.
My best friend gave me head and I passionately cuddled with her for an hour afterwards the other day Feels good
(328.14 KB 561x561 98986908636.png)
>>25575 What do you mean quit coping? All anyone does in life is coping, living is coping. If I don't waste my life away endlessly pitying myself and being angry at everyone and everything for the bad things in my life I'm coping? I actually don't understand what you mean and I'm not judging you, sincerely. I guess I just refuse to be that nihilistic and I'm not gonna let any random anon change my mind on that. And not because I don't see any reason to be nihilistic but because nihilism never helped anyone do anything, it's literally self-sabotage. The previous questions were also rhetoric, I don't actually want your opinion cause I'm not trying to get into an internet fight. I also don't "expect" a pat on the head but if anyone wants to give me one and I want that person to pat me on the head I'm not gonna shove them away just to prove how angry I am at "le femoids". Stay comfy, anon.
Two years ago I had my first time and it didn't feel good. It wasn't how I expected.
>>25832 Dont know what the original anon was on about. But if you’ve never had sex before and are comfy with it, do not have sex if you won’t be able to maintain having it in some way. It’s a pandora’s box and masturbating won’t work as well again to keep the sex drive at bay. I haven’t had sex for a while now, but monkey brain is super distracting and wont stop at anything short of sex with a woman again. And now I’m older and uglier to so chances are even slimmer, I wish I never even started really now my brain is being coopted by sexual urges.
>>25506 How do I practice cunnilingus daily without eating pussy? Do I twirl cherrys in my mouth, All I got are toothpicks


no cookies?