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how come the discourse/propaganda around trans ppl Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 02:56:53 No. 25784
is always mtf but not ftm?
(336.74 KB 743x777 Astolfo ass.png)
>>25784 Because people have a fetish mtf's
(136.19 KB 750x709 8t1ii7b2tii41.jpg)
>>25784 Why the fuck did this get moved to /b/? (not OP btw)
(918.87 KB 1211x1905 being a man.png)
(44.28 KB 744x457 graph male suicide.jpg)
>>25784 because being a guy fucking sucks
>>25790 This
>>25784 More or less every FtM is trans Like 90% of MtF's are either fetishists or gay men (bottoms) looking for attention >>25790 This too
FtM is honestly a lot more tragic than MtF, luckily is a lot less common
Gender roles and expectations fuck everyone, it’s true. Nevertheless women are still seen as inferior, and femininity is seen as inferior to masculinity. Thus a man wanting to be feminine or an outright woman is seen as transgressing cultural ideals, if not outright insane (for wanting to be “lesser”). Being a trans man is more understandable to some people. Trans men might also have an easier time blending in or passing, due to the facial feature-hardening effects of testosterone. It’s probably less of a factor though.
>>25796 I have never interacted with a FtM, I don't know how they are but a good portion of MtF are fucking annoying hyper-sensitive autists why is that
>>25796 FtM are just as insane as MtF though
>>25799 >>hyper-sensitive They face a lot of discrimination and possibly sometimes ridicule and shaming. Such a thing can make one a bit touchy. Online behavior isn’t necessarily representative of all of them. >>autists Autism has a weird gender-scrambling effect. Those on the spectrum assigned male more often want to be female, and those assigned female more often want to be male. They are more often homo, bi, or asexual as well.
Because no one cares about men.
>>25790 false
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no cookies?