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Rules for /b/ Comrade Global volunteer 11/08/2020 (Sun) 21:50:59 No. 8649
For now, the rules are: No outright reactionism (ie Nazi posting), this is still a leftist board Porn is okay but should be spoilered in OPs. If you do not do this a mod will do it for you. It does not need to be spoilered in the thread itself.
Edited last time by zulveta on 11/18/2020 (Wed) 04:17:15.
>>15231 Nah, I am fine. You?
>>15229 That would be true, if you weren't spitting /pol/bait.
(1.14 MB 480x358 stop it get help.gif)
>>15230 >>15235 you ain't fine
>>15241 Stop being upset by other people's fetishes. Embrace tranquility.
>>15243 fetishes are ok. pedophilia is an illnes that endangers children. >>15239 stfu dude, I was on /leftypol/ the first fucking days, I aint gotta listen to this shit
>>15296 >pedophilia is an illnes that endangers children. Don't be so retarded, if I like vore does that mean I'm gonna eat people?
>>15298 no, but vore also doesnt have toxic internet communities where it's mmebers are telling each other that eating people is a-ok and that people actually enjoy being eaten. also I havent really heard of alot of sexual-cannibalism going on, while only in the US one in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult, faggot. get help, its better for you too.
>>15298 >>15243 Paraphilia are a problem m8. And given I lurked /delicious/ on 8ch a while back, I know of the cringe and borderline CP that got posted. SFW is fine, NSFW endangers this site for being nuked for having cheese pizza See >>>/anime/3903 >>>/anime/2991
(630.76 KB 1024x1169 loli pedo stats japan.png)
>>15299 Anon, I... that little cook boy is a drawing. It can't enjoy or not enjoy anything. >>15302 I'm well aware of laws like this, thank you.
>>15304 you know very well that on /delicious/ most shit wasnt drawings
>>15311 I know nothing about it, I just said the mascot was cute. I assumed it was a shota board.
>>15315 bro, delicious is literally a play on delicious cheese pizza aka CP
>>15304 >hey mom I posted the memepic again! Debunked in the very thread I linked to. >it's just a drawing Not that dude, but also discussed in the thread >aware of the law So you'll understand why we'd like to keep that kind of content SFW for the sake of keeping the feds off our back. >>>15315 >shota That was /ss/ >cute mascot I mean the drawing is cute, but their mascot was very much more lewd, usually gwen or some other underage girl in a stripper bra, showing off their cheese assets.
>>15317 Delicious cake later, they changed it to cake after Cheese Pizza became too obvious
>>15299 nta but there was a pretty infamous case of someone willingly getting killed and eaten by a dude who browsed a cannibalism forum in germany, they even signed contracts and shit
>>15320 i actually live close to where that happened. Der Kannibale von Rothenburg, yes. But that's just one case.
>>15323 "just one case" that made the news
>>15299 Most sexual child abuse is carried out by non pedophiles but family members that do it because they can.
>>15390 This is the /b/ mod thread, lets not beat this dead horse here.
>>15389 It made the news because it was incredibly unusual, ever heard of "man bites dog"?
>>15427 >Let's stop after i make a false claim, i don't need inconvenient facts People like you cover up for csa.
>>15970 >inconvenient facts <false claim Get out baitard, people aren't engaging your bullshit because A) It's been debated and done on another thread B) This is a mod thread. Make your own for this crap Also I'm not even the same person you dullard.
>>15390 >most pedophile related acts are carried out by non pedophiles Why do lefties lie so much and act as if they have authority and know everything? >>8649 You will never be a real woman. No leftypol, you're raid is not working. No bunkertranny, you do not pass. No dumbass, you don't like that anime girl.
>>15985 Facts over feelings you moron And I do like that anime girl
>>15985 >your raid What raid? Just 'cause some idiot went into the shithole that is /pol/ doesn't make it a raid. Though it would explain the number of /pol/tards in the past few hours.
>>15995 They are literally schizophrenics they think we are raiding them 24/7 even though it's their own /pol/ regulars just trolling them by putting commie flags to watch them sperg out.
I thought /b/ was going to be a board for us to fuck around, but it's looking more like a cemetery for bait threads.
>>16401 i like words :)
>>16514 No you don't. Saged
>>16401 What's the difference?
lefty /b/ should be called /garbage/ and it's regulars should be called hobos.
>>8649 Test
>>16623 Touché.
>>16401 Well, if you guys don't fuck around /b/ what do you expect? People keep fucking around in leftypol.
>>17153 I second this motion
If you are here spacey-kun, please bring back spacechan. I'll gladly donate for it. The demand is high right now.
>>8649 [/spoiler]i am gay[/spoiler]
>>18587 i am gay
>>8649 please delete the fucking CP before this site gets v&
/b/ is a fucking trash can, I blame whoever deleted my chair thread for its current state.
What's the difference between a smart midget and a pussy with a venereal disease? Ones a cunning runt!
Can we ban slurs too? I mean, if we are going to allow reactionary behavior this is JUST going to become 4chan
(640.27 KB 400x600 coronachan-l.gif)
(639.86 KB 400x600 coronachan-r.gif)
>>26581 i recovered from corona easily, so it's canon my immune system teared her ass up
can we pop corn?
>>26717 there's no immune system, it's a meme.


no cookies?