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Anonymous 03/09/2021 (Tue) 12:29:25 No. 28624
if you arent super straight, you are literally gay
(34.41 KB 473x526 EwBd8HtWQAELFOz.jpg)
>>28624 or bi
>>28624 prepare to be anally raped
I don't care just do it in the privacy of your home and leave us alone.
>>28633 how do we make trannies leave humans alone?
>>28698 They already do
(6.38 MB SsPh.webm)
>>28701 They molest children
>>28709 You are confusing them with priests.
>>28704 Why are we super straights so hated? Is it because we actually love our bodies?
>>28718 Child molesters do less damage to children than transsexuals.
>>28624 Super straight isn't real because trans "women" aren't women and vice versa.
>>28624 Is the super straight flag actually the mutualist colors?
>>28709 you are confusing them with IB users
>>28624 I see this "Super Straight" thing as as he beginning of the end for the absurd gender idealism that liberals and Western communists decided to indulge in like a pig in mud. You all were literally trying to deny the veracity of something as plain as the nose on my face to billions of people. The only reason you got as far as you did was because of the explosive unprecedented growth of smartphones and consequently social media. It took personal PC's 25 years before they became ubiquitous. Telephones took 50 years, but smartphones were in everyone's hands in less than 10. It's crazy to me how many people built entire careers and even their lives around the gender abolitionist movement that is so clearly a house built on sand. I guess the misandrist superstructure in the West runs deeper than I realized. Now they're moving on to coercing women into becoming men, but it's a desperate hail Mary play. The growth of social media is in steep decline as the public learns more about how pernicious it is, and other competitors arise to wrestle away those super profits. "First as tragedy then as farce." as they say. These FtM trans women are going to find out in short order just how shitty men, particularly ugly weak effeminate men, have it and how much of a lie the "patriarchy" is. It won't take long either. One women in the 90's lived as a man for several months and wrote a book on it, but the pressure cooker that are men's lives broke her psyche and she required years of therapy. Screen cap this post because I'm calling it now, this Super Straight thing a harbinger of what's to come. Wouldn't surprise me if contrarian youth culture started to posit that social media and smart phones were decidedly uncool and started writing letters to each other or something. And that the constant need for validation online was something that "old" people did. You laugh now but Facebook, which used to be exclusive to only young hip college students, is now associated with "boomers" now more than anything. To all you transgender and transgender supporters, enjoy you time in the limelight now, because it is quickly coming to an end.
>>28769 *I see this "Super Straight" thing as the beginning of the end
>>28769 I hope your right comrade
>>28769 It has been a dead meme since its inception.
>>28769 Epic post 8/10 will repost when tranners show up
>>28782 I don't see super straight meme'd anymore, but I definitely see it's sentiment expressed a lot now. Whereas before transgender abolitionism was absolutely sacrosanct.
>>28769 >Wouldn't surprise me if contrarian youth culture started to posit that social media and smart phones were decidedly uncool and started writing letters to each other or something. I would be delighlty surprised. A letter force you to put effort into it, articulate your thought and gives you the freedom to step on every territory.
>>28788 Framing it as contrarian is already inspiring me to pick up a pen.
(1.02 MB 1801x855 1616162816999.png)
>>28769 Best post in thread. I think it’s more likely that federated social media and IRC chats would consume a larger market share with contrarian attitudes potentially getting violent if instances of broad daylight tranification go unpunished. Gay bashing could quite possibly be on the horizon assuming the bottom falls out of the economy to the extent that utilities start going offline.
>>28791 >getting violent if instances of broad daylight tranification go unpunished. I hope this happens. They aren't oppressed but they should be.
>>28624 hot take don't worry about your, or anybody else's, sexuality, or gender identity, or whether you want to wear a skirt or a suit fuck people you feel like fucking, dress how you feel like dressing, love who you feel like loving this obsession with being anti-idpol is the most idpol thing on earth; their identity just happens to be built around being an asshole to show how much of a great leftist they are, and how far above idpol they are. the most anti-idpol thing you can do is not give a fuck about other gender and sexuality, and just take people as they are, don't try thinking about yourself or others in terms of groups or labels, and as disgustingly 60s-pothead as it sounds, just live and let live, maaaaaaaannn


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