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(92.89 KB 923x750 sarahz.jpg)
(97.85 KB 900x900 angie.jpg)
Comrade 04/02/2021 (Fri) 13:18:34 No. 28819
Who has the biggest boobs of breadtube? Is it Sarah Z, Mexie, Zoe Bee, Angie Speaks or someone else?
Damn, who's that white woman at the top.
>>28824 Breasts, not testicles.
>>28828 The two aren't exclusive.
>>28829 man boobs don't count.
>>28830 You get manboobs by being fat, not by doping on estrogen. That just gets you plain boobs.
>>28834 They're on a man, so their man boobs. C0pe, idealist.
>>28835 What material conditions define manhood?
>>28843 it must be penis i used to have this idea of a spirit penis back when i was trying to unify humanity through the power of penile appreciation. i reasoned even girls could have penises of the mind. That was very idealist of me
>>28847 So getting rid of the penis actually does make one a woman, then?
>>28849 There's a lot more to a penis then the part that sticks out.
>>28850 Like what? Balls can be taken too, testosterone can be plummeted.
Post more pictures of this Sarah Z.
>>28851 >testosterone can be plummeted Yeah, injecting horse piss into your blood will screw up your hormones but you don't cease being a man. Why can't you idealist accept that sex is a physical trait, like a rock.
>>28819 lmao you bunkercucks watch lefty youtubers for their tits
>>28858 What's idealist if not downright Platonic is taking manhood or womanhood as archetypes which individuals imperfectly express yet are also unconditionally bounded to, no matter what material aspects of themselves they change wholly or partially.
>>28861 Is there any other reason to watch them? Their content is garbage.
>>28869 Helpful for converting liberals to shitty leftism, which is better than no leftism.
>>28862 No, physiological states determined by a biochemical switch are not "archetypes".
>>28902 Reducing said physiological states to a stringent binary with immutable and universal characteristics, would be reintroducing platonic archetypes in lieu of models like bimodal distributions of characteristics.
I want angie speaks to fucking crush me with her knockers hoo hoo haaa justl ike that good lord. swing me around 200 miles per hour fucking slam me into them bounce me back around ohhhhhhh yeah thats it
>>28903 That's not what's happening. It's simply stating that gender is predominately determined by sex. And that both sex and gender are physical traits. You're trying to divorce the two to support your liberal spooks and normalize the profound physiological effect endocrine disputers that pollute our water supply are having on the public.
(9.49 KB 200x219 getaloadofthisguyd33.jpg)
>>28843 >>28835 >>28830 >still thinks gender isn't a social construct Notice how the role of men has changed between the transition between Feudalism and Capitalism.
>>28819 this thread is so bad
>>28843 The production of small gametes.Havi We know what men and women are physically. Sex is material reality and gender is woo woo idealist nonsense.>>28861
>>28919 Yes, that's called a gender role. If you think gender really is just ideology, then why do leftists like you support trans issues like bathroom access. What difference does it make if a transgender female has to use the male restrooom if it's simply a social construct.
>>28929 So if I remove your nuts and make your body stop producing gametes do you hereby become a weird third sex?
>>28930 the problem with a transgender female having to use the male restroom is that transgender females are just deviant perverts who want access to female spaces >>28952 no... it makes him a mutilated man. just like every transgender.


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