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(54.77 KB 479x361 laughevenharder.jpg)
Comrade 03/09/2016 (Wed) 03:04:08 No. 93
> being this colossally butthurt
>didn't read the article

> thinks an article with a pathetic trans rant, moral fetishism and contradictory anti-violence stand is something worth posting on anything but a liberalchan



>Takes offence at critique of liberal LGBT idpol then has the nerve to whine about "moral fetishism"

Kek. When are you smearing yourself in red paint again?
(350.21 KB 215x194 1393485433717.gif)
Did you just come here to be upset at the fact that I exist or is any actual discussion over this shitty article you linked supposed to happen?
(14.62 KB 236x237 kn17.jpg)

Yes because vehemently disagreeing with the below statements means I take a moral position. Are the retards flooding in now or what?

> But that doesn’t give anyone the ‘right’ to say that sex is not a physical fact, or that everyone else OUGHT to accept the absurd claims of ‘transgender’ people.

spooky af, let me guess sex is something wholly reproductive too.

> So to fight for transgender or queer rights is to advance the cause of heteronomy.

dat circular logic tho.

There's no point in discussion. Observe your pet


has immediately proceeded to start claiming that physiology and biochemistry are spooks in this statement:

>spooky af, let me guess sex is something wholly reproductive too.

There can be no discussion with madmen.

> if I use the scientific words it proves my tenuous point!
(24.08 KB 500x500 PBB_Protein_SRY_image.jpg)

Point to the spook, please.

> But that doesn’t give anyone the ‘right’ to say that sex is not a physical fact

first part.

And no human sex isn't just reproductive, it's mostly a weird thing we do without any real reason outside of our own hedonism.
The context is clearly anatomy and not fucking people, mongoloid.
>Observe your pet
I get the impression that bunkerchan is just n1x's safe-space attempt at preserving the remnants of his ego, especially after looking up this thread on their anarcho board on 8chan:

>leftypol dogmatism
>/leftypol/ itself has proven what happens when you force Leninists and libertarian socialists under one vague banner of "leftism" rather than there being a clearly-defined space for each: The authoritarian types override the libertarians
>we need our own space
>bunkerchan is really trying to separate itself from the dogmatism of leftypol
>remnants of my ego
What in the actual fuck are you talking about?

Even when at the height of my posting on /leftypol/, I was never a particularly well-known poster. Certainly not at the level of someone like Yui. As far as I can tell, this pathetic animosity coming from you and the other person in the thread and maybe one or two others around /leftypol/ directed at me specifically is just people being butthurt over my own personal views on particular subjects - subjects which upset the delicate sensibilities of an increasingly /pol/-lite /leftypol/, which is more and more being made up of retarded ideologues who adopt a shallow "leftist" identity if they happen to come across /leftypol/ and be amenable to the vaguely leftist tendencies of /leftypol/. It's not like this kind of shit doesn't happen on literally every online community in existence, but /leftypol/ believes itself to be special, because /leftypol/ is "right", unquestionably so. Yet another fixture of every online community in existence.

Big surprise, people get upset over the fact that this shit doesn't fly with me and that I don't hesitate to at least challenge the /leftypol/ narrative - maybe not effectively, but at least I'm providing a voice of dissent that isn't literally a mirror to /leftypol/ (/pol/).

Also, you do know that Bunkerchan isn't my board, right? And that I've never been involved with any of the moderation process besides having this board? And that I wanted this board in the first place because Bunkerchan's software is objectively superior to 8chan's, because 8chan's user-board system just doesn't work and has lead to literally thousands of shitpost boards that were created specifically to clog up the website, and because Bunkerchan in general is just a better community than 8chan (hell, even /leftypol/ is better than the rest of 8chan, which is the only reason I ever still go there)?

Seriously, get over yourself.

No, you were just a self-aggrandizing, self-important, disruptive, deliberately and pointlessly contrarian shitposter.
>the things you say aren't in line with the narrative we'd like to enforce, therefore they are invalid pointless shitposting
I've spent enough time trying to arguing my positions in good faith on /leftypol/ and been met with unbelievable asshurt and memeing. And this is the same for pretty much any dissenting opinion on /leftypol/ - which is incredibly ironic considering that /leftypol/ at the same time constantly whines that the perpetual deluge of /pol/ shitposting somehow prevents an echo chamber from forming, when it does precisely the opposite by uniting the various ideologies on /leftypol/ under a common set of /leftypol/ knee-jerk reactions on certain issues that exist purely to save face on the drama-whoring on 8chan. There's absolutely no point in doing anything other than being disruptive and annoying when /leftypol/ gets deep in its own dogma over these little pet issues that crop up over and over again as people respond to bait incessantly and in doing so continually reaffirm their knee-jerk mirroring of /pol/.

You can perhaps think of me as the Bob Black of /leftypol/ :^)))
>Babble babble babble I am so great babble
No. Black had insightful things to say. You just threw Rainman tantrums.
>more "ur just an autist and everything u say is worthless" shitposting
Cry moar lad.
(39.43 KB 500x465 jarjar.jpg)
>Telling me to cry moar after having a massive sperg rage on /leftypol/ about someone "following you around" and having a "vendetta" against you
(131.92 KB 1256x1075 1354855959287.png)
Well, if that's not trolling it could be legit psychosis.

n3x, if you feel you are about to have a psychotic break you should contact a psychoanalyst to help you through it and help prevent it in the future.



no cookies?