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Comrade 09/18/2020 (Fri) 08:26:10 No. 4215 [Reply]
everything feels outdated what the fuck do I read to understand neoliberalism and all this shit, what can you even do at this point?
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>>4348 Foucault belongs but not for the reason of the one who made that. Foucault wasn't neoliberal but does describe it before it was really a thing.
>>4350 >they conveniently leave out Points like his Hatred of Landlords. This. It shits me to tears. Same as how Smith basically infers that education, health, and essential public infrastructure should be free and yet these drongos try to privatise everything.
There is no need to understand neoliberalism. It isn't a thing. It's just a word people use who want to say that this society is shit without saying that capitalism is shit.
>>4347 its probably not what you want, but ive been reading some psychology-adjacent shit, like "dare to lead" by brene brown, been psyching myself up to read deluze&guttari shit, reading lots of shit on them. Been reading anthropology, recently "against the grain" by james c scott. Just started another book of his, less anthropology and more a study of the faces we put on towards power, and how that influences the sort of superstructure i guess, like the accepted notion of how things are. Also been reading "the violent technologies of extraction" by alexander dunlap and others. id say thats some 10/10 shit tbh. The way that i think of it, capitalism is all around us, so if we go into different adjacent disciplines, we'll get another angle on capitalism. Same with neoliberalism, tho i get the desire to have a good history of it specifically. (oh yeah also read Understanding the F-Word by david mcgowan, its... okay/good). Like neoliberalism is just imperialism/colonialism by another name. Yes it has certain unique characteristics, but its also the same expansion that all states have done since there was rich stores of people, livestock, or grain to exploit. The parasite tries to spread and feed. And so personally i really love a sort of wider lens on what capitalism is... i dont think its totally distinct from previous social forms, except that it is more deterritorialized n shit. Its like democratic feudalism, which in turn was like a more horizontal empire. So its fun to see the changes through time, and also the consistencies, anyways yeah like i read lotsa marxian shit and economics when i was younger, and im pretty done with it. Last economics shit i read (but didnt finish) was some mutualist shit (it was good). all in all i think anthropology and history is maybe the most important to me, and then i try to look out for shit that explains capital more as this organism or self-perpetuating arrangement, rather than an ideology that people believe, because the latter way of seeing it is more restriction and gives a more inside view rather than a look at the whole beast, and its evolution through history
>>4367 (me) id also recommend foucault, (((tiqqun))), ellul, camatte. I dont say that i fully endorse them all, but that you can learn something important from them all maybe. Fuck frenchies tho god damn they cant write

(201.95 KB 500x356 918921.jpg)
NEP and collectivisation period Comrade 09/21/2020 (Mon) 15:53:01 No. 4309 [Reply]
Does anyone have some good things to read about the NEP period and the collectivisation period and the transition between the two?
a quite popular narrative among anti communists, the so called resistance narrative that presents the soviet collectivisation of agriculture as a mostly or completely unpopular policy on the part of the peasants. The resistance narrative draws on OGPU reports and peasant letters and (mis)takes the peasant protests during winter of 1929-30 and passive resistance in the collectives as proof of widespread resistance to collectivisation. I go through the nature of the sources this narrative uses, the scope and nature of the peasant protests, and annual grain produce in the collectives during 1930s to show it is false. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1LlMjPsGFY
>>4331 Anyone know what happened to BadMouse's videos?!
>>4332 He took them all off. I don't know why he quit. The official line was that he was fed up with Breadtube not doing Praxis in real life and they only care about aestethics.
>>4336 Fuck that sucks. He had quite a few god videos debunking Prager U that were very handy

(71.02 KB 1280x720 ev.jpg)
Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 14:40:18 No. 4101 [Reply] [Last]
How do dialectics explain evolution?
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>>4169 https://invidious.tube/watch?v=JWaukcx-upg Math arises as a tool to aid humans in changing the material world. Like a shovel or a bulldozer, math too is material.
>>4326 Bitch, stop posting this. I already responded to that shit several times. It's trash.
Evolution isn't real. Read Marx >Human anatomy contains a key to the anatomy of the ape. The intimations of higher development among the subordinate animal species, however, can be understood only after the higher development is already known.
>>4330 Lmao, he says the opposite

(134.08 KB 474x640 Man_thinking_on_barbell.jpeg)
Does math describe the world or is math the world? Comrade 09/26/2020 (Sat) 07:38:10 No. 4335 [Reply]
This question has been puzzling me lately. In my view because the most "raw" understanding we have of the world is our experience, which isn't mathematical (color, feelings, etc) which means that the world cannot be purely mathematical. I think then what we have is a "materialistic" world which can be described as mathematics. The maths isn't what is really happening, but it helps us in manipulation. Kind of like moving an desktop icon to the bin on your screen is just a metaphor for execution of code inside the computer. It would be a mistake to assume how the computer really works is icons on some screen, even if it helps us in manipulation. Furthermore what makes me believe this more, is that sometimes scientific discoveries can have multiple interpretations. Quantum mechanics has like 4,and all of them are valid logically. Which one you chose depends more on your preference then anything. If that wasn't the case, you wouldn't have scientist debating the exact same theory. You may say one is more clean or beautiful or intuitive, but previous scientific discoveries did not care about that. Some weren't symmetrical as people wanted or intuitive, some were. So it's just speculation. Where this bothers me though is simulations. Assume we model a person inside a computer by describing every particle in him through code. Would he "think"? Obviously I expect him to behave a certain way like a human do, but so would a simulated model of a tree, even if it wasn't really a tree. It does not mean the simulated person thinks. He just fools us, but has no understanding of the world himself. What even gets me more confused is the fact that thoughts, as in consciousness and direct experience play a role in our behaviour. We all know the famous experiment of brain activity appearing milliseconds before a person is conscious of moving his finger, but this wasn't the only thing found. Consciousness can also cancel that movement as it desires. actually in practice the complexity, free will or how you want to call what makes humans unique is a reason why it is impossible with current understanding to predict human behaviour. Game theory only works if you assume people as psychopaths and shallow husk only interested in playing the game the game theorist made up. This makes the idea of unconscious mathematical digital human being the same as a regular human bit wonky, yet because I can't point to from where consciousness emerges, my position is wonky too. Amy thoughts?
We already had a thread about this: >>2780 tl;dr: math was designed to describe the world

What are the prerequisites for understanding this book ? Comrade 09/25/2020 (Fri) 18:27:10 No. 4328 [Reply]
Is college alegbra enough?
Try it and see If you have any questions ask and I'm sure we'll be able to bring you up to speed comrade

(140.19 KB 902x1280 IMG-20200422-WA0006.jpg)
Basic Graphic Design ? Comrade 04/23/2020 (Thu) 06:57:32 No. 1289 [Reply]
I want to start making infographics for my college to use them as a way to spread Marxism and leftist theory - Does anyone here studies Graphic Design or something Art-related? - Which principles or rules should I follow when making these contents? - Can you provide some links with examples of leftist media and design?, I'm aware of some artistic currents and their names (Like Soviet Constructivism), but I would like to know <how> to "use" them
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(250.03 KB 691x2052 colour theory.jpg)
(796.97 KB 2992x1800 commandments-of-logo-design.jpg)
(265.23 KB 900x817 1426350124220.jpg)
this is more related to art but I think it's a really interesting image and I don't have a lot of books but here's a starter : https://mega.nz/folder/dqZmgQCZ#RgH8dZ0dTfT66S6I8fitcg Aaaand I'm realizing I probably have a shitton of links bookmarked already So here what I can find : https://www.mediafire.com/?i44dwzkf9j9n8#id66154bjgsoy https://mega.nz/folder/GRwjxLiD#wUkiwGjOaXyI5ajdAwRW6w/folder/ncZAXBYK
>>2488 u r a cool person thx :D
This is great!
OP here; Thanks to all for your help, you guys have posted great stuff. I really haven't been working a lot on my "artistic" skills, COVID kinda' botched my plans for this semester and other crap has popped up, lol Keep the knowledge coming </3

(148.90 KB 400x630 MajorsBarista.jpg)
Liberal Arts Major Contrition Thread Comrade 09/20/2020 (Sun) 16:00:29 No. 4305 [Reply]
The regret and remorse lasts a lifetime. Graduated during last recession, no steady work for over a decade. I am the stereotype be they rightoid or STEMlord points to. It is correct, it is valid. Only debt remains. Do not sin like I have sinned. Only death will cleanse me of suffering. Just use the library. Only STEM will bring us a socialist future.
There there
>>4305 Sounds bad man. How are you holding up?
What is liberal arts? I live in the third world and we only have graphic design, or the academy for fine arts. Looks like some upper echelon academian baited generations out of their money.
>>4305 Bruh just default on your debt

(672.06 KB 888x829 Screenshot (6).png)
Ayy Lmao Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 19:16:06 No. 4229 [Reply] [Last]
>They found that phosphine on Venus is a minor gas, existing at a concentration of about 20 out of every billion molecules in the atmosphere. >“We really went through all possible pathways that could produce phosphine on a rocky planet,” Dr. Petkowski said. >“If this is not life, then our understanding of rocky planets is severely lacking.” http://www.sci-news.com/astronomy/phosphine-atmosphere-venus-08847.html
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>>4265 Learn how space cameras work. They are coloured but in the same way earth cameras are. Each "black and white image" is an image capturing a certain spectrum of light, or colour. Multiple images of the same scene are taken with multiple colour cameras, and those images can be compunded into a full colour image.
>>4301 Meant to say "but not in the same way earth cameras are".
>>4299 Why? The probe is still there as a visible pile of scrap up there. Plus taking and then uploading a few Mb of image is not that hard.
>>4299 so was your mom
>>4298 Imagine if the USSR lasted long enough to send probes to the outer solar system

Reading Comrade 04/10/2020 (Fri) 07:54:55 No. 701 [Reply]
How do you read? I am sick of looking at my laptop to read these huge pdfs, there must be a better way that doesn't burn my retinas and destroy my posture! E-readers? Libraries? Just buying every book that you wish to read? Please share your ideas, also reading based pics.
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I'm a much faster reader using a big screen than with pocket-sized ereaders. You kids know nothing of pain. I used to read whole books on a shitty CRT… >>4216 >I bought a remarkable e-ink tablet That's what I need! Name of the thing?
>>4218 lol, the name is 'remarkable'. sorry for the confusion, I don't usually use the word 'remarkable'. https://remarkable.com/ A friend that was learning classic Chinese scripture recommended it to me. I mostly use it for highlighting shit from pdfs. Sometimes I make notes on random subjects.
>>4221 Forgot to add, if you click shop, you can buy the old version if you want it now. I think they said the new version is shipping in October, but I wasn't going to wait so long.
>>752 Smart
>>752 Should have bought The Road to Serfdom as well. But then you'd probably receive a job application from the feds for organizing fascist militias in leftist countries.

Definition of Fascism Comrade 09/13/2020 (Sun) 12:43:13 No. 4074 [Reply]
There is a lot of confusion on what fascism is and what it means. So I think It may be useful to clear things out by making a little general so it can be properly defined and pointed out. I will start by laying some popular questions about it: -What is Fascism? (or who best defined it) -What is function of Fascism? -Is Trump fascist? (if not, why and where he stands instead) -What (if it exist) is Post-modern Fascism (/leftypol/s sugarboy Prolekult talked about it) -Are there Fascist still around/what would take them for to rise up again? -Does QAnon have any Fascist pararels? -Some post-1945 historical examples of Fascism. -Economics of Fascism. -Flavours of Fascism (based on different material conditions, nations etc.). -Fascist relations to Imperialism, can Fascist country be Imperialist?
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-Fascism is capitalism that tries to snuff out class struggle by killing communists and promoting "class collaboration" aka porky fucks the proles over and they don't fight back. -Some examples post 1945 would be maybe Spain, Chile, South Korea and Taiwan. -Economics. It depends but there's always mass privatization, big public works projects and promoted self reliance. High military spending too obviously. -Yes fascist countries can be imperialist, undoubtedly. See Italian invasion of Ethiopia or WwII for proof.
>>4097 Other than kinda disagreeing with your post as a whole, I have to ask why use the term reactionary anarchism? I don't see how that has any relation to anarchism as a concept whatsoever, in any form. The only fascists that could be called reactionary anarchist would be those inspired by Mason's Siege, such as Atomwaffen, who see Hitler as proof that state based fascism is unworkable.
>>4174 >The only fascists that could be called reactionary anarchist would be those inspired by Mason's Siege, such as Atomwaffen Precisely. I call it reactionary anarchism because it is specifically these kinds of groups (as well as groups like ISIS or Soviet-Afghan war era Taliban) that are the purest strain of it. As I said, in my view Nazi Germany is at best a hybrid. In the end it was a porky project and the NSDAP schizos just were the stooges for it. Also they undeniably had some socialist influence in their party politics, so even NSDAP on its own wasn't purest reaction. >Other than kinda disagreeing with your post as a whole Could you elaborate why?
(108.81 KB 907x1360 understanding the f-word.jpg)
>What is Fascism? (or who best defined it) Fascism is a system of government characterized by: 1) rigid one-party dictatorship 2) forcible suppression of opposition 3) private economic enterprise under centralized government control 4) belligerent nationalism 5) racism 6) militarism >Some post-1945 historical examples of Fascism. USA. <Rigid one-party dictatorship? Check. (Republicans and Democrats are the same party: the party of Capital. They only present the illusion of being opposed to each other as theatre for the masses.) <forcible suppression of opposition? Check. (Ludlow massacre of 1914, 1943 massacre of Black protestors in Detroit, MOVE bombing, COINTELPRO, police brutalization of the Seattle and L.A. protests against W.T.O. globalization in 1999, etc.) <private economic enterprise under centralized government control?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>4192 This should be updated to say "rigid one-party/anocratic dictatorship" so it includes the two-party dictatorship of the usa


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