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(3.47 MB 814x464 discrimination diagram.mp4)
My professor gave us this math lesson on white privilege. Comrade 01/09/2021 (Sat) 21:04:47 No. 6473 [Reply]
Do you agree with her? (This is a manual thread copy, so the first three posts will look like I'm talking to myself.)
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reeee privilege reeee
The premise is wrong, so falls the logic. In what world are white males at the top? Maybe maybe come into this century & look around.
>>6491 In the real world.
Watch to the end, it's all right Obviously it's not communist, but it's at least not right wing
(42.56 KB 1000x553 laugh shrek.jpg)
>>6494 According to this shit I have more privilege than Oprah Winfrey.

(866.36 KB 1100x1635 Catalyst_v4n1-promo_cover.jpg)
Catalyst pdfs Comrade 07/22/2020 (Wed) 04:57:56 No. 2651 [Reply]
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(15.75 MB Catalyst-013.pdf)
(7.77 MB Catalyst-014.pdf)
>>6089 end of pdf dump
>>2651 What is "catalyst"?
>>6095 Jacobin’s theory journal.
Since files got nuked - could you guys repost?
>>6476 Try now.

BUT MUH HOLOHOAX Comrade 12/12/2020 (Sat) 22:54:20 No. 6404 [Reply]
Let's debunk muh holocaust revishunism with FACTS & LOGIC. Articles, books, infographs everythings is welcomed.
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>>6453 >experts have evidence It's all a farce. What is "evidence" on one day is "debunked" in the next.
>>6454 yeah, ok so what? proofs by experts are debunked by another experts. that's how science works, lmao.
>>6455 >the holocaust is sciene >but if you try to refute is you go to jail You sound like someone that has never once in his life argued against the status quo.
>>6456 >the holocaust is science being dishonest again, retard? I didn't say anything like that. >but if you try to refute is you go to jail i don't support Holocaust denial laws
I'll never get over the moment someone on USApol pointed out that the reasons Nazis deny the Holocaust so much is because it puts a massive hole in their ideology. >Oh fuck, we killed almost all the Jews but everything is still going to shit! >QUICK EXTERMINATE THEM EVEN FASTER >still loses the war

(169.35 KB 1200x525 hegel anti idpol.jpg)
Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 22:26:29 No. 5944 [Reply]
There are people who spend their entire lives reading Hegel and still manage to come out empty handed. ITT we discuss the great thinker, Karl Marx's teacher, and he on who's shadow we walk: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel 1. What are good things to read/view to get an understanding of Hegel from a philosophical neophyte? 2. What service can Hegel's philosophy provide us today? 3. What an be done to make Hegel more accessible to the masses? Why is it so unpenetrable?
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Lenin seems to have wrote alot about Hegel Can anyone tell me if the texts are any good and worth reading?
>>6461 what did he write?
>>6461 I don't think he would be the best resource on reading Hegel. I'd get something more contemporary and aimed at beginners. >>6181 >>6301 I find it really sad that Hegel is so deplored here by so called "marxist" "leninists". I've quoted multiple times Marx saying how important Hegel is for his thought. Here is Lenin on Hegel and the Cockshott types that have a shit and mechanistic understanding of marxism. >It is impossible fully to grasp Marx’s Capital, and especially its first chapter, if you have not studied through and understood the whole of Hegel’s Logic. Consequently, none of the Marxists for the past 1/2 century have understood Marx!!” >t. Vladimir Lenin
>>6465 Well reading (and understanding!) hegel is extremely difficult you can spend a life time on studying Marx and Engels alone so the easiest solution is deflecting and saying no I don't need hegel I think it's also a way to damage Marxism by misrepresenting it like trying to seperate engels from Marx and then saying Marx just did economics while ignoring the most important part of marxism diamat Diamat is the most important tool for any Marxist without it Marxism becomes a dead dogma that is not usabel to make analysis of your own and actually change shit
>>6462 He wrote a conspect of Hegels science of logic (I think he wrote conspect of almost all of Hegels important works but I am not sure) I thought they may be helpful to understand hegel

(144.12 KB 750x430 youtube.jpg)
What History YTers do you like, which ones do you hate? Comrade 07/05/2020 (Sun) 11:42:08 No. 2196 [Reply]
There's already a thread about Lindybeige but I find him a bit of an insufferable right wing anticommunist fuck, granted there's plenty of that kind of thing in the YT historian community, but we can try to pick out the diamonds, relatively speaking. I'm kind of afraid to give my recommendations since I've just been going off Youtube recommendations so I'll let you go first.
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>>2196 Simon Roper, very interesting man with interesting facial hair, does videos on Historical linguistics https://youtu.be/J-WjIVxyR5c
indy neidell
We already have a YT historian thread m8s. Learn to use catalog
what do you guys think about Kraut and Tea? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr_Q-bPpcw5fJ-Oow1BW1NQ
>>6463 He is okay, but a narcissistic Liberal. That's why I don't watch him

/ressource/ General Comrade 12/16/2020 (Wed) 19:58:48 No. 6459 [Reply]
I don't think we have something like this, so drop your preferred ressources to stay educated in here. They don't even have to be explicitly leftist. Books Websites Youtube Channels Magazines Reading Charts Whatever it is just post it
myanonamouse.net is a private tracker, easy to get into + get ratio that has tons of audiobooks/ebooks, some stuff i couldn't find on libgen. the audiobooks are the main draw.

(10.79 KB 512x512 uni-painted-red.png)
University communists general Comrade 06/16/2020 (Tue) 15:32:42 No. 1943 [Reply]
This is a thread for communists who are (or are planning to) study at unnamed universities the world over. The thread is to serve as a mutual intellectual support system and meta-discussion for communist students to · share resources for picking and learning your object of study · discuss strategies for studies · weekly rhythms and scheduling outside of the classroom · organizing the student-body and/or spreading artistic agitation · all while ultimately staying safe and completing your studies ✊🚩🏴
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How easy would it be going to uni in China? As a non-native, of course.
>>3022 In philosophy you can insert your pet issue into any paper if you try hard enough, like woman do with feminism lately.
>>6000 Where can I read more about this?
>>6158 If one knows Chinese and scores highly one can go to some good public STEM universities. Technically most people have done English classes in earlier but obviously that doesn't mean they can fluently speak the language. Getting to know the city before enrolling is a good idea too. >>4391 Don't act too entryist, though, because orgs justifiably don't tolerate that activity.
>>4391 Also, unless they already are favorable to Marxism and Communism, it's probably better to start off with revolutionary works that are more relevant to the orgs' issues. Social justice is a part of any communist program, and it shouldn't be too hard to find material that's related.

(72.46 KB 640x479 youngpolpot.jpg)
National Maoism/Pol Pot thought Comrade 10/28/2020 (Wed) 07:49:28 No. 5488 [Reply]
I've been working for a manifesto all these days I've been trying to idealize the Khmer rouge ideology which was hardly based on radical nationalism and Maoism and apparently I call my ideology national Maoism. Therefore I'm searching for the mao Zedong national liberation or KR politics later I would publish my book on amazon kindle. Still, there is a reel version of my book but sadly I wont reveal it only few had the chance
>Pol Pot >thought
>>5488 Soo how it's going?
>>5488 >book about Pol Pot though >will publish it on Kindle Hahaha you absolute fucking Schizo. You have my blessings

(611.95 KB 1600x1200 IMG_2100.JPG)
why do orthodox Marxists want to eventually abolish money Comrade 12/13/2020 (Sun) 19:27:47 No. 6409 [Reply]
and how do they plan on deprecating money itself? I know labor vouchers is usually the system that’s brought up but it doesn’t seem like Marx himself was thrilled about it, he just said it could be temporarily used in a workers’ state. I don’t understand how he planned on deprecating it afterwards. Cockshott expanded upon this by adding that they could be digital so that people wouldn’t be able to trade with them. but how does the act of trading currency inherently promote labor alienation? I understand how under private property it does, but in a collectively owned means of production I don’t see why it’s a problem, or why it’s any better than the currency system of the Soviet Union. tl;dr why do orthodox Marxists believe no banknotes at all > labor vouchers > money? pic unrelated.
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>>6413 The idea is to scientifically engineer utopia. So the goal of communism is to actually implement these conditions. If you don't need to pay labor vouchers for food (because it is freely available), for shelter, for whatever other need you have, then labor vouchers would become moot. The goal is to abolish work and create utopia, so however it might make sense to do that, you do that. After you abolish scarcity and the majority of necessary work, you could transition to a voluntary work society and that might be enough. If it isn't, then perhaps a proof of work system where you need to prove you worked at least X amount of hours a month in order to partake in the fruit of society. It really depends and you'll never really know until you try different things and see what works better. Different conditions might require or lead to the development of different systems too.
>>6409 >why do orthodox Marxists want to eventually abolish money here is a video about thermodynamics of money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQrEEdy_uwM summary of the video: money causes extreme inequality and it's deterministic. >he just said it could be temporarily used in a workers’ state. I don’t understand how he planned on deprecating it afterwards. people will work less and less because of higher and higher productivity, eventually every good will be too cheap to put a price on it. It will not make sense to put a price tag on the earl grey tea that has just materialised from thin air in the replicator hole in the wall, because it only contains a few milliseconds of labour time, and any economic interaction would take you a few seconds to complete. Basically the time-cost of transactions would cost hundreds or thousands of times more than the products you get. It would be like going to a restaurant and ordering a cup of tea that cost 0.05 money for the tea but 100 money for the credit-card transaction.
>>6415 >>6414 I get that automation significantly reduces the labor time necessary to produce a commodity, but won’t a few job sectors like construction, resource extraction like mining, wholesale and retail distribution always add a significant number of hours of labor time per person to the commodity? some of these could theoretically take over 1000 years before they’re automated to the point of demanding nothing but seconds of time, am I wrong?
>>6416 >I get that automation significantly reduces the labor time necessary to produce a commodity It's not only about the cost of a commodity. Transactions are not free, you have to spend time interacting with a transaction system like money tokens, credit cards and labour vouchers too. You have to spend mental energy to decide on purchases. At some point the hole of humanity would spend more time and effort on transactions than they work in the economy it self. It just becomes overhead. >but won’t a few job sectors like construction, resource extraction like mining, wholesale and retail distribution always add a significant number of hours of labor time per person to the commodity? I don't really know how the future looks like but replicators don't have much in terms of externalities, they need power, and maybe once in a while you need to refill the matter cartridge because it doesn't perfectly recycle. The replicator is just a projection of observable trends, like productivity improving, and shrinking of the size of production tools relative to the products they make, and it's the ultimate multi tool, because in principle it could do any modification you want. I don't really know what people will do, basically all the constrains we have today would be removed. If i want to make a prediction i'm left with few indicators, but there definitely is a lower cut-off point where prices make no sense to humans. And that's what i'm basing this on.
>>6416 Post-scarcity doesn't even imply 100% automation.


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