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Community Organizing 101 Comrade 09/03/2020 (Thu) 17:52:00 No. 3863 [Reply]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apGViv909eo >Let's talk about a hard truth about voting and community networks....
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>>4195 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwZyBuf1h5I >These three rules will help you OVERTHROW CAPITALISM! [Dialectical Materialism Part 3]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4dnmtlVXak >3 Ways To Hold A Communist Meeting
Book drop @ >>5922

(906.18 KB 2472x1612 RPG A.jpg)
Infographics, Guides, etc Comrade 04/04/2020 (Sat) 00:24:56 No. 310 [Reply]
A thread for informative content of all types
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(166.07 KB 750x929 freetrain.jpeg)
(172.64 KB 1085x751 6 News Filter.jpg)
(395.58 KB 800x533 10 companies own everything.png)
(65.88 KB 1280x720 african 'aid'.jpg)
>>487 Reminder that the rail/train thread is on >>>/hobby/
>>310 >>4187 As is /k/ and the permaculture thread

(48.60 KB 620x413 university_of_toronto_1_1.jpg)
Academic Bussywork Comrade 11/21/2020 (Sat) 04:40:57 No. 5981 [Reply]
I feel like the busywork is college is draining my desire to live. How do people make it through four years of this?
>>5981 You don't.
>>5981 Just deal with it, you don't want to be struggling to survive if you have the chance to get an education to get a better job and therefore more money for praxis. Think of it as your mini long march of your individual life to become less of a wage slave, assuming your degree gives higher salaries. Many proles work jobs, raise kids, and also do college, so you can too comrade. I hope you are finished on time good luck
that’s what I thought at first, and now I did so poorly that I’m doing it in 5 years
Had the same thing but I managed to scrape through with the grade I wanted in the end. >>6124 I like this though >Think of it as your mini long march of your individual life to become less of a wage slave But it'll depend on what motivates you. What motivates you comrade?
Same as >>6127 and I also owe my university a lot of money, so chop-chop if you don't want to end up like me.

Comrade 11/27/2020 (Fri) 05:30:21 No. 6091 [Reply]
>The author voices concern that the philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels failed to incorporate women's oppression into their critiques of capitalism. What is "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State" for $300, Trebek?
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>>6101 obligatory dumbass tankie post
>>6102 Not him but what's so dumb about it? And I hope, that you know Zetkin and Kollontai are not Tankies
>>6102 >Hurr ur tankie 1) That's not an insult except in the minds of childish thorylet ankids and their infantile fantasies 2) There is no argument. Feminism is a goal, not a method, and to practice it is to practice identity politics and therefore, go against Socialism 3) The practical results of the USSR demonstrate success. In the USA the Suffragettes barely achieved anything other than 'voting' and 2nd/3rd wave feminism was mostly liberal contrarianism that porky used to pit men against women creating sectarian divides based on mostly bourg pseudoscience. In the USSR women had maternity leaves and accommodations for them, they could take ANY work they wanted but were also not pressured to choose tradionally masculine labour just to be contrarian. They had equal rights and their place in the labour force appropriately complimented men, just as men complimented them, rather than competing over nothing. Women in the Red Army were usually nurses but NOTHING stopped them from being ordinary soldiers and killing Nazi scum, nothing stopped them from leading factories and being awarded for heroism and labour. That is real women's rights, and not some imagined whining.
>>6104 >only "theorylets" dislike MLs lol
>>6106 Leftcoms and ancoms who aren't bad faith idealists disagree with MLs and may oppose them, but do not resort to petty emotional "hurr ur tankie", in-part because this argument is easy to flip right back at them and also in part because it is immature and not an argument, as you still don't have one.

(65.60 KB 620x620 topreads.jpg)
Comrade 11/20/2020 (Fri) 03:11:36 No. 5968 [Reply]
How does this make you feel?
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>>5968 the alchamist is a good book 10/10 would read again
Chairman Mao is based
(56.07 KB 604x756 h5MSdPM97fm55kTk4kk4P7.jpg)
It makes me feel annoyed at the graphic design.
(409.44 KB 1000x1500 returnCounter.jpg)
>>5968 >most read How do you know that people read the books they purchase instead of just putting them on a shelf as display? I think this would be more accurate if it said "Most purchased books" rather than "Most read books"
>>5970 Ah, I may be able to answer this. Dedicated Muslims would have one decorated Quran, and hang it on a wall with a string so that it isn't touching the ground/table. There is no giving people Qurans like people do with Bibles. It's more of a decoration than actual reading stuff. A similar thing that happens is giving people calendars with Quran verses and other religious stuff.

Translators Wanted! Traducteurs recherchés! Übersetzer gesucht! Anonymous 04/18/2020 (Sat) 10:17:17 No. 2534 [Reply] [Last]
If you know French or German, please contribute a chapter to /leftypol/'s first crowdsourced translation project! This project started on >>>/edu/840. The book is Karl Kautsky's history of the French Revolution, originally published as Die Klassengegensätze im Zeitalter der Französischen Revolution in 1889. Coming from the "Pope of Marxism", as Kautsky was then known, this text likely had an immense influence on Lenin and other revolutionaries of his day. It was approved by Engels himself, and may have been foundational in establishing the Marxist theory of bourgeois revolution, yet it has never been translated into English. The original German is available here: https://www.marxists.org/deutsch/archiv/kautsky/1908/frev/index.html and an old French translation is available here: https://www.marxists.org/francais/kautsky/works/1889/00/antagonismes-table.htm What makes this work especially good for us to translate is that it's relatively short - just around 60 pages in total, divided into 10 chapters. With each chapter being 5-7 pages each, it is conceivable to translate a chapter in one day's volunteer work. Comrade Akko has already translated the preface, and is working on chapter 1. That leaves 9 chapters to complete: Preface: Complete! Chapter 1: Second draft complete (French) Chapter 2: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading complete (English) Chapter 3: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading in progress (English) - Proofreader needed Chapter 4: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading complete (English) Chapter 5: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading complete (English) Chapter 6: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading in progress (English) - Proofreader needed Chapter 7: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading in progress (English) - Proofreader needed Chapter 8: Complete! (Copyrighted work, permission secured) Chapter 9: Draft complete (French) - Proofreading in progress (English) - Proofreader needed Chapter 10: Translator needed

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by krates on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 05:03:12.
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I finished the first draft of chapter 3, took me long enough... Translation notes: - I started coverting livres in current Euros (in brackets) but I gave up early on, those can be erased or I can finish converting every values if need be. -"[...]la production marchande où avait sombré la majeure partie de la noblesse." that I translated as "[...]commodity production which had subsumed the major part of the nobility" seems to imply by the use of the verb "sombrer" (to sink), which figuratively is used in French to say that someone has become an alcoolic or criminial among other nefarious things, that the nobility had become, with the rise of capitalism, commodity production "junkies" I don't know if that is what Kautsky literally implies in German or if it's due to a liberal translation from the French translator, moreover I didn't know how to convey that in an elegant manner in english so I chosed a more "neutral" translation. - In note 4, I left "gouvernements généraux de province" (literally head governors of provinces)and the other State positions in French, I didn't find any scholarly english translation for what are unique official positions in the Pre-Revolution France, it would be like trying to translate Shogun or Daimyo. - "Countryside squires" (hobereaux de campagnes) is here used sarcastically to refer the old fashioned feudal lords mentionned previously, I added myself the quotation marks to make this clearer. - Glowiepedia translated "États Généraux" by "Estates General" so I went on with it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estates_General_(France) - I took the liberty of adding note number 6, which is an infamous Voltaire quotation and a good exemple of what Kautsky pointed out in this paragraph. - It seems that "Gardes Françaises" is kept as is in English (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%A9giment_des_Gardes_Fran%C3%A7aises).
This thread and the leftywiki thread need to work together more.
Has this project been abandoned? A shame as it seems nearing completion.
Bump in the hopes that this project hasn't been abandoned. If it has, could we at least have the unfinished pdf?
>>5485 you could easily piece one together using all the uploads ITT.

(39.55 KB 306x472 1606178934137.jpg)
Marx's "Capital" And One Free World Comrade 11/24/2020 (Tue) 04:44:57 No. 6027 [Reply]
Has anyone read it? What do you think of its attempt at refuting marxism, its socioeconomic analysis, and Hegelian logic?
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>>6042 Not without being Marxist in the same way that one cannot have an intellectually honest disagreement over the fact that objects tend to fall down within a gravity well absent countervailing force Well that is unless one misunderstands the material
>>6027 Bunkerchan is super slow for me. I'll hopefully look into it soon. I'm of the thought that materialist hegelianism is the peak of human thought. I don't think it can be refuted, only transcended. Maybe the way he build his arguments is bunk, but the conclusions seem very sound.
>>6048 I can only guess because I just started the Book, but I think he will argue that, because Hegelian Dialectics can't be refuted, it is dangerous. It serves as a way to justify every Despotical System etc. Completely Bollocks in my Mind, but he is probably an Analytic Faggot
The Cover looks Badass ngl
>>6046 stop embarrassing yourself

/cybersoc/ critical edition Comrade 04/15/2020 (Wed) 07:28:15 No. 1063 [Reply]
ITT we post links and pdfs to critical or constructive takes on Cockshott and cybersocialism, as well as works or authors who wrote in the fields of cybernetics, systems theory, or operational research in general. >>>/leftypol/438911 >>>/leftypol/438923 >>>/edu/850
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Bumping this thread because brainlets on leftypol don't know why their Cockshott threads are being bumplocked
>>1064 Is there a transcript of this? A question for you cybersocs from someone who admittedly doesn't know a lot about cyber socialism: Who chooses/elects/trains the people who build, write and maintain these cybernetic planning systems and accompanying algorithms?
>>1073 >We have so much processing power now, wouldn't it make more sense to have multiple competing models generate different plans and then use some kind of political system to reconcile the differences? This is exactly what Cockshott proposes my man.
Khozraschet concepts can be grouped based on relation of these concepts to: 1) commodity production under socialism 2) economic interests, material stimulation and accountability 3) isolation of economic units 4) autonomy of economic units 5) relationship with the owner of the means of production below is a Morphological Box of the soviet concepts of khozraschet an asterisk indicates cases when the specified concept does not express an attitude to the above concepts 1) relation to the commodity production under socialism a) commodity production is compatible with socialism; b) there is an autonomous turnover of funds, both current and fixed, so business units must operate in the mode of self-financing and self-sufficiency; c) let's assume autonomous turnover of working capital only - business units must operate in self-financing mode; d) commodity production under socialism is limited, the law of value is fully or almost completely controlled by the state - cost indicators are necessary for accounting and monitoring efficiency;

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>6064 >Khozraschet Curious what's this term in English and what's It's etymology?

Requesting Books on Leadership Comrade 11/11/2020 (Wed) 05:13:17 No. 5665 [Reply]
Anyone know of good books on leadership as an academic field? Analyses of different styles and structures of leadership are welcome as well. None of that self-help, entrepreneurial, hero worship, or landfill literature BS that so often dominates pop culture. Thanks friends.
https://www.psychology.org.au/inpsych/2017/august/power Check the citations for this article to begin with
Lars T. Lih's Lenin Rediscovered: What Is to Be Done? In Context comes to mind. It's a massive, 880 page tome that includes a new translation of what is probably Lenin's "most misunderstood revolutionary text"
>>5671 >"most misunderstood revolutionary text" How so?
>>5671 >Lars T. Lih aint he a trotskyeet

Academia Comrade 11/24/2020 (Tue) 15:25:56 No. 6043 [Reply]
What is the primary contradiction inside Academia? Is it between the Sciences and Humanities or something else?
>>6043 >What is the primary contradiction inside Academia? wdymbt
same as rest of the society from what I hear, profitability versus productivity.
>>6047 Yeah but judging from that alone, you can't differentiate the various Disciplines
The contradiction in academia is disagreement on how best to reproduce the bourgeois and labor aristocracy
>same as rest of the society from what I hear, profitability versus productivity. ding ding ding, although this takes on particular forms in academe Since the middle ages academe has always been defined in large part by an attempt by intellectuals to wrest themselves independent of the control of territorial and economic powers and their demands so that they can think. You can condemn this as a bunch of elite nerds trying to evade social responsibility so they can jerk off, or celebrate it as the human spirit trying to comprehend higher things and achieve species-being against the petty squabbles of local elites, but either way it's been a pretty consistent feature of how academia has developed, and in particular struggles over what institutional forms and so on are adopted. (Actually you can see this struggle extending back even further into monastic organization, at least in the West and I would very strongly wager in Sufi lodges and Buddhist monasteries as well though I'm less familiar with those.) Over the past several decades the autonomy of the universities has been very thoroughly eroded: 1) The usual funding mechanisms - an exponentially increasing number of paying undergrads, with little overhead - has disappeared. 2) Outside political forces want the university to justify itself in outside terms - contributions to innovation in the economy, and so on. Partnerships with various actors for funding has resulted in the usual alternative to the autonomous university/monastery to seep in - private patronage. 3) Internal "productivity" metrics have gotten more and more standardized for research academics (# papers published and citations gotten, in journals whose impact rating has been similarly quantified) and teaching (with teachers, just like other service workers, getting rated by students-cum-customers). You're seeing some pretty blatant attacks on the spirit of tenure done under the heading of wokeness (a heading which in most cases I suspect mostly masks attacks on academics who find themselves unpopular for far more petty reasons), but either way economic forces are eroding tenure anyway. My idle hope is that people who want to think will be able to build new institutions that can withstand this (a tension that will be easier, but still a struggle, to realize under socialism) but if you look at the internet, 1) censorship cynically justified as merely an attack on a few nazis, and far more importantly 2) quantified success metrics are notably growing stronger there as well. (I like posting here because it's one of the few places I can escape those without being surrounded by actual nazis, aside from just sitting in my room and thinking, which is of course important but you gotta think collectively or it all dies in your skull with you.)


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