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Time Travel Comrade 05/27/2020 (Wed) 21:43:43 No. 1786
What can you guys tell me about "Time Travel"?
One time I met a professor who quit his job, bought a house in a far location and devoted all of his studies to analyzing and researching 'warp drive's using I think theoretical physics.
>>1786 'warp drive'*
Tom Baker's Doctor was hands down the shittest.
>>1789 Jon Pertwee's Doctor was close friend of chairman Mao.
Time travel is not Marxist.
>>1796 tfw nothing is marxist
>>1786 it's not socialist
I was born in and come from the future, and it does not like pretty. which is why I'm here.
>>1787 I will tell you about it when I travel into the past when you were 5. Just wait
In a way, going to the future is possible if you move at relativistic speeds. Going to the past would require moving at above the speed of light.
>>1786 worst movie plot
(55.98 KB 722x349 b01.jpg)
>>1816 Here's not much better.
>>1787 This is the plot of Steins;Gate.


no cookies?