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(195.15 KB 1440x500 leftytg.png)
/leftytg/ Anonymous Comrade 10/23/2019 (Wed) 17:49:51 No. 3991 [Reply] [Last]
Tabletop Games / Traditional Games
Wargames, Roleplaying Games, Board Games, Card Games, Drinking Games, and so on and so on.

What are you playing/running/home-brewing?
What do you have to recommend or criticize?
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>>3993 No, I haven't. I've only noticed more masturbation-addicted /pol/tards and /v/ermin, though.
>>4035 I want to get into D&D, what's exactly wrong with 5e? Should I start with 3.5 instead?
>>6339 >what's exactly wrong with 5e? <Bounded accuracy (small bonuses to skills and attacks) makes it hard to feel really good at anything <d20s are too swingy, and combined with the above problem it's way too common for characters to fail at what they're good at and succeed at what they're bad at <Not many options; still only a dozen classes, and most classes have one subclass which is clearly the best <Totally built around combat, can't really handle running a game based on exploration, intrigue, etc. <Massive HP bloat makes fights take forever at higher levels <Regaining all health, spells, and class features on a long rest means you can go from dying and useless to fully healed by sleeping for eight hours, incentivizing players to blow all their resources on one fight and then retreat and rest <Caster supremacy; wizards have a million ways around every situation and lots of ways to fight, while fighters can only hit stuff <Lots of the game's elements, like multiclassing, feats, and magic items, are officially "optional", meaning the game isn't balanced around them even though 99% of DMs include them <Supplements released at a glacial pace compared to past editions >Should I start with 3.5 instead? 3.5 has its own problems. It's insanely unbalanced (caster supremacy is a much bigger problem than in 5e), and while it has a lot of options (unlike 5e), 90% of those options are shit. But here, I'll give you the advantages of 5e: <By far the most popular game; probably over 90% of all games are 5e, so you'll never have trouble finding a group <Very beginner friendly

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>>6345 <d20s are too swingy, and combined with the above problem it's way too common for characters to fail at what they're good at and succeed at what they're bad at <Not many options <Totally built around combat, can't really handle running a game based on exploration, intrigue, etc. <Massive HP bloat makes fights take forever at higher levels <Regaining all health, spells, and class features on a long rest Heh, just like modern video games.
>>6339 Even as someone who simps for 3.5, I will tell you that it's not exactly an intuitive system or anything. I just like it because of it's "intangibles" and the fact that it's a system with a lot of homebrew and a playerbase (nowadays) that will usually accept some version of homebrewing. Basically it's an oldfag haven, the same reason why people play the older versions of dnd

(35.81 KB 640x400 Hidden_agenda.jpg)
(332.14 KB 1918x1695 HA_victory.png)
Hidden Agenda: 1988 - Open challange to /games/ edition Fulcrum#q3qQMq 11/10/2020 (Tue) 20:11:26 No. 6276 [Reply]
Hidden Agenda is a Latin American post-revolutionary politics simulator. It is very old and very little info exists about this game. Also, /games/ it self is a bit boring right now. So I declare a challenge: Come and beat my results OR, discover new and interesting paths in the game OR break the game and rip it apart, to discover all that it hides Post your discoveries ITT The game can be found here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/hidden-agenda-ge#download Download the DOS version as the emulator one has a game-breaking bug. For all the comrades that might be intimidated by it being a dinosaur, follow these tips: To use it, download DOS BOX: https://www.dosbox.com/ To launch, start DOS, and type in: 1) mount [disk with savefile]: [file location] 2) [disk with savefile]:

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>>6276 I find it a very interesting game. It was definitely made by some people who had a lot of knowledge about politics and Latin America, although they were biased on certain aspects. A left-winger play was all about trial and error. They suggested you to make a lot of policies they later came to regret, did a 180° on them or merely a 90° and at best you wasted a lot of time with them and at worst unnecessarily antagonised some people. But there is a trick. If you ask the right people, they will get you instantly where the left-wingers will end most of the time anyways. Finding these shortcuts at the right time is the way to success here. And I was very pissed that I need to play it at least thrice, because you had 4 positions but only 3 left-wingers to place them there. The centrists on the other hand were indecisive cowards. They had the right approach but at the last minute, pussied out and reset everything and you ended up which ended up with many dead innocents as a consequence, even with some of the advisors, like the nun who was murdered by blowtorch Bob, because you made moves against him but withdrew at the last second, giving him the time to carry out revenge. That's compromise seeking liberals in a nutshell here. Even Disco Elysium makes fun of that. And then the right-wingers. I have no idea what they are all about, except business and elite sponsorship, but I never came far with these guys because I either ended up being revolted or all my right-wing ministers withdrew, lmao. Guess kinda realistic, assuming you have little US support. I heard they use this game to teach rookie diplomats and CIA agent about politics, lmao. They were kinda biased when it came to religion, since all religious figures (nun, priest) were all about human rights. I guess the liberation theology was bigger than Jesus in Chimerica, but then again it was good that it was represented, but they should've put shady Wojtyłaists in there as well, showing that the church was not just all liberation theology and that they were willing to work with whatever fascist regime there was as long as it was against communism. Yeah and the aspect where conservatives were willing to work with communists to get rid of a fascist regime is just bullshit. The old presidente was supposedly so unpopular that they were willing to do just that, yeah right.
You can also play it on your web browser, I had no bugs or problems with it. Anyways I tried to go full communist but the game kinda forces you to be a centrist cuck if you don't want to get coup'd or get sanctions up your ass. I guess it's cool since it adds realism but is there any game where I can create my perfect Gay Luxury Communism world?

(1.38 MB 1500x1500 citk.png)
Anonymous Comrade 04/12/2020 (Sun) 03:57:15 No. 2493 [Reply]
How the fuck do you play pic related? My SU collapsed in 86 after going full stalinist
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>>2496 Make them go reformist, which will end up in Tianamen. If you are still communist, you automatically get Xinjiang-Uyguristan under your influence. You can get Tibet through a mouseclick and the rest of China through event.
>>2509 You could, but it's incredibly hard
>>2509 >where you can save the USSR In Mao yes, in Ostalgie, no matter what you do, you end up with a reformatory mess, something even GKChP will not be able to fix it. Gorbachov in Ostalgie is the all powerful antagonist.
>>2506 This. Yeltsin & friends are basically super-opportunists who will do their best to undermine your authority, even if you are ideologically on their side or close enough. Kick Yeltsin out, then you can reform.
>>2509 >then Ostalgie is the ultimate wet dream >where you can save the USSR you can not, no matte how you play it >the socialist block which is very hard to do and you there are chances you may lose Poland, Hungary and Romania along the way, which puts an even more severe dent in you economy >win in Afghanistan you either use special agents and turn it reformist or convince the entire Warsaw Pact and turn is socialist. It is very expensive and the WP option is only effective as long as you keep them all in the actual bloc. All for little reward in the end, since all you get is a contract, which is nice to have, but considering the effort, too little. But then again, whatever keeps the SocCamp stable. >organize coup d'etats acrosss the world You turn Algeria and Nepal reformist, Ethiopia socialist and Somalia nothing at all to gain exclusive access to their resources You meddle in Laos (I never got this, what did that guy do to you) and Ireland after you researched the third (out of three) security tech, with severe diplomatic cost. And through events Yemen and Iraq (or not assuming you followed the chains of event) and Romania if you are not Romania (fuck Chao). Sri Lanka too, but aside from a beautiful dot, you get nothing. Oh and you can assassinate Deng, but that was by popular demand. But aside from China all these countries were kinda instable to begin with. >and be a major game changer in foreign elections while playing for fucking Albania or Bulgaria Japan (with pre-investment), Greece, India, Nicaragua and South Korea (only as DPRK) and the reformist turned GDR. The three in the middle were rather close cases irl, but then again you have very limited options here as well. And then again no matter which of the 10 available countries you pick, you will never be able to prevent a nationalist victory in Yugoslavia and save the country. Where the devs actually goofed is Albania helping out Milosevic. Specifically if you play a benevolent Albania, that guy is still an ass to you. >(!) just for two years (!!!)

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Gamer Gate Anonymous Gamer 04/04/2020 (Sat) 18:26:14 No. 204 [Reply] [Last]
What the hell was gamer gate? Did any of y'all participate in it? Was it a good thing or bad thing?
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>>204 It was like a nuclear bomb of e-celeb bullshit was dropped on 4chan that day. Fuck /v/ermin for being the catalyst of /pol/ and the damnation of English-speaking imageboards. moot did NOTHING wrong.
>>725 Maybe you should just kill yourself?
>>725 >>735 >>760 >>772 >>775 >>849 >>850 >>857 >>1877 anon sincerely please kill yourself in real life. I feel compelled to bully you and make your life worse if ever our paths may cross. stay away from kids you chomo psychopath freak. See: >>748 >>762 >>2105 >>2920 >>2921 >>3540 >>5418
>>553 The fuck is this?
>>5203 >Fuck /v/ermin for being the catalyst of /pol/ You can blame moot for that, not /v/ users.

(355.93 KB 650x904 titanfall-2-cover.jpg)
How? Comrade 11/04/2020 (Wed) 18:12:08 No. 6166 [Reply]
How does a game this good get unnoticed?
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I would gladly put 1000+ hours in this game but it makes my PC hard crash at times and I'm too lazy to get a new PSU. Excited for the potential Titanfall 3 tho.
Fun game! Movement is great, gunplay is fine and the titans themselves are satisfying to control once you get the hang of them. Population is in a bit of a dire state right now though, and once your MMR reaches a certain threshold you're bound to run into some stomps which you'll be on either side of as a real player. Fortunately, the game provides a lot of fun and helpful stuff to do even for shit or new players. I really like how they made that work and it's a welcome contrast to games like CoD where the rich just get richer and going 1-20 as a below average player isn't unthinkable.
>>6166 The reason is simple, the same month of it's launch EA also released battlefield 1 and pushed it extremely to take advantage of the recent pr disaster of: Call of Duty Infinite warfare; the game with 3.9 million dislikes on it's trailer. It's a shame really, and since Apex is doing so well, we're not going to see a Titanfall 3 for like 9 years. The only way to save the game is to just make the multiplayer f2p and release some content (which would probably be just recycled content from the first game). >>6169 To be fair on them, the games they made were cod 1, 2, 4, and mw2. Other than the last one I mentioned, there fairly fine games, most of the annoyance of cod was because of activision.
I really wanted to play this but there were no servers and no players down here in latam. Another sad part of being a third worlder.
>>6166 It was released 1 week inbetween both battlefield and CoD. I think EA has ambitions to make a 3rd game even though it undersold due to their retarded release date

(13.46 KB 267x238 Friendcomputer.gif)
Paranoia Comrade 11/07/2020 (Sat) 21:11:28 No. 6248 [Reply]
So... any communists around?
>>6248 None at all, we are all just your imagination.
>>6248 You have summoned me!
So now that the communist boogeyman doesn't make much sense in the 21st century, what should be used instead? Plain old terrorists?
>>6254 Chinese spies.
>>6254 It’s still relevant though. Today anything that’s not fash or lib is labeled as a communist.

(171.82 KB 660x952 1570425413172.jpg)
Comrade 07/21/2020 (Tue) 06:13:15 No. 3056 [Reply]
https://play.aidungeon.io/ >You are a proletarian living under late stage capitalism. >You hope to live under communism, but you know that it will never be possible for the foreseeable future. The only thing you can do is work hard and survive in this world of scarcity. >You wonder why it's not possible to just go back to your old life, but then again maybe it would have been better if you had died during the war. It was a very dangerous time when people were dying left and right. >You wonder if lower stage capitalism is possible in some form or if it's always the case that the only way to go is directly from a war-torn feudal society. You imagine that it would be much easier to go back to when slavery was still legal. >You don't accept this conclusion as you want to achieve full comminism as soon as possible. You don't know how long you have left to live, but you're going to use it to fight the powers that be. >You fight the powers that be by doing your job. You're just a cog in the machine, but you feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you're part of the problem, the system that exploits and subjugates you. You start a communist party because you believe that it's the only way to go, but then you find out that there's already a communist party. You were so engrossed in your studies that you failed to notice this tiny little sect. >You join the communist party, but never get a chance to use it. The member of the other party kill you in a surprise attack when you least expect it. >You come back to life and find that the system still hasn't changed. The working class still doesn't have enough to survive while the rich continue to get richer. This isn't what you fought for, but what can you do? >You start the revolution all over again and when you're done with that you go back to fighting the rich. It's never ending, but then revolutions always are. >You gulag the rich until you're old and then die in your sleep. >You come back to life as Stalin, but you don't want to be Stalin, you want to be free. You find it ironic that the only way to be truly free is to destroy the system that enslaves you in the first place. >You destroy the system that enslaves you and the working class. You bring down the capitalist state and create a workers' state. <The revolution has succeeded!
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>>3406 I think about this one almost daily
>>3406 >>3407 >>4607 bros... how do we stop this from being our end
>>4626 hit the refresh or edit
>>6096 They understood. They were trolling you. You could open a thread in /leftypol/ about it.

(483.90 KB 950x968 muskelalman.png)
PC Videogames were only good between 1993 and 2000 Comrade 10/24/2020 (Sat) 13:32:30 No. 5860 [Reply]
This is not a discussion thread this is a declaration. What I am about to say is NOT up for debate and you CANNOT possibly dispute anything written here. Remember how early cars could only be operated by literal mechanics because they were so unintuitive and shit? Games pre-1993 were exactly like that. Games had no plot and shite gameplay which does not hold up at all these days, nevermind the unbearably primitive graphics. Gaming was the nichest of hobbies and considering the fact that PCs used to cost like 15'000 dollary doos in todays money, it was never going to become mainstream. Then in 1993 K̶n̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶c̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ saw the release of Doom and Ultima VII: The Black Gate (whose expansion Ultima VII Part 2: Serpent Isle would surpass the base game), the mother and father of modern gaming. Doom as every brainless chimp knows invented the modern FPS and by extension TPS genres, the two most lucrative and popular gaming genres and showed how fucking rad vidya gaems could be. It was mainstream, caused just the right amount of moral panic and sold millions. Doom would then be surpassed by Doom 2 and finally by Blood, the best non-3d shooter period. Ultima VII was the first genuinely good and playable Ultima game that still holds up. While the plot is hot trash, it proved the viability of the open world. Serpent Isle would then go on to prove that games could tell an engaging story. Together, they laid the foundation for every modern RPG including the Baldur's Gate series which has yet to be surpassed in excellence. Not only did the 90s see the most influential games of all time, they were also the best. Why? Because during this time, the industry had struck the perfect balance between technological capability and commercialisation. Games before did not have the tech to be good and games after were ruined by capitalism. Ideas could flourish and were unburdened by investor interests, at least not to the degree of today. All of this culminated in 2000 the undisputed best year in gaming. BG 2 is the best crpg of all time (Planescape Torment has the best story but is lacking as a gaming experience). Red Alert 2 is the best RTS of all time. Diablo 2 is the best action rpg of all time. Deus Ex is the best PC game period according to some. These days, no risks are taken. Games like Myst, Myth 1 or 2 or even Planescape could never be made today. Games are so fucking expensive to make and in order to make back their money, devs are forced to pander to the most common denominator. Gamers are Nazis, who cry and whine about idpol anytime a woman is on screen. Nerds back then were progressive and you never heard anything close to the gamergate bullshit of today. Graphics move more copies than concepts and plots are dumbed down so that every shitlib can understand them. Indiegames provide some refuge from the modern hell that is 21. century gaming but even things considered these days to be masterpieces like Undertale, Cave Story or Disco Elysium pale in comparison to the golden age. Im not gonna proof read any of this lmao
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(236.49 KB 600x700 La-Mulana.jpg)
(119.42 KB 640x480 Hellsinker logo.png)
If you stop at 2000 then you miss out on great games like Hellsinker and La-Mulana, OP... >the Baldur's Gate series which has yet to be surpassed in excellence. >BG 2 is the best crpg of all time >Diablo 2 is the best action rpg of all time. Ahahaha, wait, you're a total shit eater.
>>6190 >Gamergate and the politicalization of gaming in general is their fault Why do reactionary babies never man up to their ideals like someone forced them at gunpoint to adopt those beliefs
>>6190 How old are you exactly?
>>5864 God you are a loathsome cunt. You're right, but jesus christ could be more of a dickweed about it.
>>5860 >These days, no risks are taken. Games like Myst, Myth 1 or 2 or even Planescape could never be made today Disco Elysium, Cultist Simulator, Return of Obra Dinn, Pyre, Hades, Darkest Dungeon, Shovel Knight, Papers Please the entirety of Souls-like series etc. >Games are so fucking expensive to make and in order to make back their money, devs are forced to pander to the most common denominator True. Games industry as a wider form has degenerated, especially with the death of the mid-tier games. However 1) the indie scene is doing real well and is over time moving onto the mid-tier territory on its own, 2) an atarii crash is innevitable, as well as a reneisance that it will bring, 3) it only recently (over the past decade) went to shit like this, and arguablly it was the 00's to 10's+ that was the best years for the wider gaming industry (KotoR's, Bioshock, Dragon Age, Warcraft 3 and WoW, Return to Wolfenstein, Morrowind, Arcanum, Witcher and others), while even the early 10's to 20's had good stuff from larger companies, like aformentioned Souls games, Witcher 2 and 3, and, of course, the CRPG reneisance (though many of those are more indie). >Gamers are Nazis, who cry and whine about idpol anytime a woman is on screen And do people treat then seriously? They are a joke, the lowest common denominator that you talk about. >Nerds back then were progressive and you never heard anything close to the gamergate bullshit of today. That's just culture shit making a backswing, only tangentially related to gaming. Also, again, only really a problem since 2012ish. >Graphics move more copies than concepts and plots are dumbed down so that every shitlib can understand them Again, mostly true for AAA, but not so much for indie. And I don't really recall old games, outside of those well remembered monolithic cult classics, to be much different story wise. Oh, and the graphics shit was just as true back then, for instance see Quake 2, or that Deus Ex was lowkey mocked for its dogshit graphics. As for concepts, the entire indie sphere is crawling with them, especially the games I mentioned in point one.

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What should I play? JRPG Edition 11/08/2020 (Sun) 04:41:39 No. 6223 [Reply]
Hey guys I want to get more into JRPGs so I've gathered a small list of games that interest me (PS1-3, gamecube, 3ds and all the openemu consoles are what I can play on) trails in the sky breath of fire 3&4 wild arms series final fantasy 9 suikoden 2,3,5 grandia 2 terranigma chrono trigger legend of mana golden sun 2 Ys series alundra tales of series

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>>6223 Play Golden Sun 1 before 2 if you haven't done it, it's really one big game separated in two cartridges, and a masterpiece at that.
You've never played Chrono Trigger? What's wrong with you?
>>6224 This game will stay with me forever. One of the great classics. >>6226 Yeah, despite its endless praise I wouldn't consider it overrated. Extremely ambitious games that actually deliver deserve all the praise they get. Has anyone actually played Legend of Dragoon? It's infamous for its length but is it good?
>>6226 I used to not listen to other peoples opinion thats why =) >>6230 legend of dragoon is on my extended list, I've listened to the OST quite a bit and it was wonderful but was kinda thrown off by the gameplay from watching footage

(186.07 KB 1920x1080 corvo-bianco-vineyard.jpg)
Comrade 11/07/2020 (Sat) 05:54:52 No. 6206 [Reply]
I don't want to be "that guy" but it's always stuck out to me as strange that the ending of the witcher game series ends with Geralt as a landlord. Both as a character and story wise it's a strange place for him to end up. He's very accepting of suddenly having a servant and literal peasants working this big vineyard for him. Should seem like Geralt would resist being in that kind of position. Witcher series also examines a lot of contemporary ideology through the prism of this particular world, even economic exploitation like debts or unfair wages, but in this one instance the feudal arrangement just goes unremarked upon. I dunno what was up with that. Not a bad thing, i just noticed it.
>>6206 >game and book both made by cucked poolanders >the devs being noted to love crunching employees just as much as other publishers just that they hide scummy shit really well <game and book take after their reactionary bourgeois ideals Wow gee. So strange!
>>6206 >Polish authors What did you expect?
I personally just don't consider the last DLC to be cannon, or at least consider it to happen separate from the main story. The actual W3 endings for Geralt of: >Dying after loosing hope in a self-destructive fit >Keeping on witchering >Becoming a prize-husband for a court sorceress >Retiring with his love in recluse Seem way better.


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