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help Comrade 07/08/2020 (Wed) 15:58:25 No. 2248 [Reply]
Help me to make the chinese flag in Hk in Pixelfun. https://pixelplanet.fun/#d,20759,-4352,28
>>2248 no, pixelfun is run and inhabited by inbred fascists on reddit. get out of there

(75.10 KB 616x353 ttdot.jpg)
Through the darkest of times Comrade 07/03/2020 (Fri) 17:53:35 No. 2142 [Reply]
Has anybody else here played this? What do you think about it?
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>>2145 But what kind of game is it? Is it a shitty game that you shill just because you like the story?
>>2147 It's a strategy game where you try to organize a resistance cell against the Nazi, you get to recruit followers send them on missions and make tough decisions on what to do and how to react. I wouldn't say that the gameplay is something never seen before the most interesting part is the setting for sure. You basically get to live the rise of the Nazis to power I actually learned a few historical events I didn't know about. I'm worning you tho that the game can get pretty heavy if you are a particularly sensitive individual.
>>2142 Is there any way to win the game in any chapter that isn't 4? Can you stop the nazis before they fuck up Europe or is more about annoying them? I tried a "pacifist" route and i did barely any changes to history.
>>2142 Are there socialist or trade unionists agents?
(26.44 KB 120x120 really.png)
>>2187 >I tried a "pacifist" route and i did barely any changes to history.

(160.26 KB 724x400 Atom RPG.jpg)
Comrade 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:20:35 No. 603 [Reply]
Atom RPG Is it based?
It looks like soviet flavored fallout 2 , with some improvements.
we have two of these threads now
>>2213 So that's a yes?

(837.99 KB 1920x1080 external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)
Brigador Comrade 06/27/2020 (Sat) 16:16:49 No. 1981 [Reply]
Wow epic super cool le warcrimes simulator xxxxD GREAT LEADER IS DEAD. SOLO NOBRE MUST FALL. (hehe SO COOL ;P)
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>>2012 They are literally called New People's Army
>>1989 Well, he does end every one of his videos with a long running gag about jews controlling him. Even though he tries to create a persona who is just a horrible person in general, /pol/ meemees are everywhere. Also, his fans love to flood every youtube comment section they find with *wink-wink* "hey, do you know sseth" "sseth sent us here" "join our ebin sicreet klub" talk.
>>2197 Which means nothing, a name is just a name and reactionaries have always tried using the language of the left. What we can see of Solo Nobre absolutely doesn't track with any kind of socialist state.
>>2203 Solo Nobre is clearly supposed to be a degenerated workers state ala USSR.
>>2204 I dunno, the Soviet Union didn't have any casinos. It really feels more like Syria or Iraq

(90.42 KB 960x720 dbzmshsl2tc41.jpg)
VR is cool. QUEER_BIRD 06/29/2020 (Mon) 23:19:29 No. 2045 [Reply]
I don't get why it isn't mainstream yet. They are cheap AF for how awesome they are, I got a WMR headset for 230 bucks new. Literally every genre is better in VR. Even if I could only play Pavlov and Elite Dangerous I would still be obsessed.
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I own WMR as well and it's pretty shit compared to expensive sets. You also need a beefy PC to play good stuff and the software side is a mess so it's a huge turn off for normies. Totally worth it just for Beat Saber, though.
Has anyone tried neosvr? Looks like a big stepup from vrchat. https://youtu.be/uDORSb4kxps
I'm building a new PC for VR at the end of the year and buying a headset. The plan is to get the Valve Index, but I guess that depends on what my money looks like after Christmas shopping. I really do think it is the future of games, but I still don't think the price is quite there. For it to work well we still need much better accessibility and more than the exactly one AAA title. I know weebs would blow all their dakimakura money on VR if a AAA MMORPG got released. Normies might pick it up for heavily marketed titles and free VR porn.
>>2083 This. Even though I've tried it and it was awesome, it's still too expensive. I fear if I get tired of it I will have a 600€ paperweight.
>>2161 Honestly I enjoy it a lot precisely because it's not a place for AAA shittery, feels like early computer times with janky experimental shit for enthusiasts only. If the pokers fail to make it palatable to the normies, lose a bunch of money and leave the scene for people who really care that's like two birds with one stone.

(28.58 KB 650x446 Steam-Linux.jpeg)
Linux gaming general thread - /lxgm/ Comrade 05/24/2020 (Sun) 15:11:53 No. 655 [Reply]
Thread for gaming in linux Recommendations, software, critiques anything like this
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>>1641 Is that a tiling plugin for Kwin? Personally I don't have a huge need for such a thing now that Konsole has tiling terminal windows.
Hello frens, I have this old laptop with 3 GB of RAM, I installed Linux MX 18.3 on it and I was meaning to play CSGO on it, but it doesn't even start. Does CSGO support Linux 32bit? Left 4 Dead 2 works flawlessly. Thanks frens.
>>868 < almost no mods > 625 mods that you can download directly in the launcher without the need of entering fucked up websites that gives you 52798523706 types of malware
>>2169 Is that a recent feature? Last time I played I had to grab my mods from the web.
>>2171 Depends on what you consider recent, I use version 5.0.1

(119.27 KB 600x338 atom-rpg-screenshot-6_6057054.jpg)
ATOM RPG Comrade 06/30/2020 (Tue) 17:49:17 No. 2069 [Reply]
Thoughts on this game?
Not played it but I was thinking about playing it some day, what are your thoughts on it?
>>2098 It's pretty much Fallout 1/2 set in the USSR, the gameplay and the roleplaying system are almost exactly the same except with some QoL additions. So whether you will enjoy the game depends entirely on whether you liked the isometric Fallouts. Personally I enjoyed it a bunch and beat it in 40 hours over the span of a few days. The way it manages to capture the zeitgeist of the late USSR is great and the characters are very colourful, literally every NPC in the game has a portrait, a personality and something to offer. There are many ways to solve quests using different skills and approaches, too. I felt like the main questline was kind of short and barebones with an ending that creates more questions than it answers, but the sheer amount of sidequests makes up for it imo. Also you can join a 40k esque cult of Leninists who dedicate their lives to protecting Lenin statues from being scrapped by bandits and mutants
>>2099 Being in a cult and caring much about statues doesn't sound Leninist to me

(159.88 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
HYLICS 2 Comrade 06/24/2020 (Wed) 09:45:45 No. 1921 [Reply]
It's finally here.
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>>2029 Oh you haven't seen the 2d platforming yet.
>>2004 >>2006 Interesting, so it's in a 3D environment this time around? That sounds like it'd go together perfectly with all the characters and environments being 3D clay models.
>>2041 Environments are 3d, but the characters and vfx are 2d sprites. It's greenscreened claymation.
Finished it. Before even unlocking the ultimate spell. The story really is as straightforward as they come. It was neat.
https://youtu.be/AaZnBFJAdNQ The music absolutely slaps.

(773.82 KB 920x518 Persona 5.png)
Anonymous Gamer 05/07/2020 (Thu) 16:30:23 No. 257 [Reply]
What do you think about the Persona series? Is it based or is it cringepilled?
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(656.08 KB 1200x756 1557239419914.jpg)
Persona 4 just got released for Steam and it's miles better than P5. Play it of you haven't better yet if you wait till it's cracked so you don't have to pay for it, piratechads rise up
persona 5 is peak "depoliticized politics", lots of messaging about needing to fight but never any about who to fight against. it's decent enough, though, and probably easier to read leftism into it than rightism, for what it's worth. >>558 >Hashino saga is adolescence incarnated. The angst, the yearning for belonging, the rebelliousness. It'll always remain a mystery how these games are popular with adults outside of waifufaggotry and maybe MAYBE a tinge of nostalgia for high school. same appeal as any high school anime (which is what those games are); getting to live the high school adventure that you as a nerdy loser never had. p4 is the worst about this, protagonist is a total chad who has an idol singer fall in love with him basically as soon as they meet. oddly enough it probably had the best gameplay in the whole series, 1 through 5. i'll always have a soft spot for p3 though, played is a teenager and it introduced me to megaten, cried a lot then because i was and still am a little bitch. megaten in general tends to be kinda based (but not always). jrpgs used to be oddly left-leaning as a whole until they reached the inevitable point where they just became a self-feeding nostalgia cycle that can only satisfy the commercial urge for more of the same instead of actually trying anything new, leading to a conservative fanbase that resists anything that threatens the purity of their trash. though fwiw the genre didn't fall prey to this effect to nearly the same extent as anime in general did.
>>2019 >>2019 > oddly enough it probably had the best gameplay in the whole series, 1 through 5. Even better 5? Doubt.jpg
>>2028 yea. what was interesting about the gameplay in 3 and 4 was that nearly every battle is either a risky drain on your resources or a potential game over. healing and exploration were always choices to be made very carefully, because you need enough sp to get to the next checkpoint. this made dungeon crawling a tense survival affair. the minimalist levels worked because they focused on what was important. 5's best decision was to replace faceless shadows with actual megaten demons; most of the other additions were distractions. usually in jrpgs, you expect puzzles to serve as breaks in the action for the sake of variety. but 3/4 didn't demand breaks in the action, quite the opposite. they're meant to constantly keep you on your toes. add to that choices that made the game easier -- more frequent checkpoints, ability to use your party members as sp reserves because you don't lose your entire progress by swapping them out, a whole bunch of confidant rewards -- and the game sure feels tedious at times in comparison. but i understand that the repetitive and aesthetically uninteresting dungeons of 3 and 4 can provoke the same reaction in others.
>>2040 I can understand preferring actual dungeon crawling to boring gimmicky go-here-trigger-switch-then-go-there level design, but P3 and 4 lose automatically by having atrociously long and unskippable battle animations happen on every single encounter. It's especially infuriating when you consider Nocturne was released 3 years before P3, was probably made by the same team, and for the most part had quick, snappy battles without making everything look too jank.

Comrade 06/20/2020 (Sat) 01:52:14 No. 1822 [Reply]
I'm getting fucking filtered in the first areas and restarting with new character builds. Are you supposed to be a shitty wimp who cant land a hit 8/10 times while enemies deal about double your damage more consistently than you
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>>258 >>1822 first fallouts (1-2) are fun as fuck but relatively hard to play tbh,story lore characters are well written tho
>>1958 Played through them for the first time a few years ago and honestly found them very intuitive. Pretty much any rpg before them completely filters me too.
Loved the first game but am I wrong in getting the impression that the second one basically forces you into a melee build unless you want the first few hours to be a slog? I think my experience has been basically the same as OP's.
>>2018 It is easier if you have decent strength and start with a tag on either melee or unarmed, but it isn't necessary. Just run like Hell whenever there is a violent confrontation until you get a decent gun and or companions depending on build.
>>2018 idk man, I didn't go for a melee build and I got through it fine.


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