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Kremlin Games Comrade 07/09/2020 (Thu) 07:09:45 No. 2259
Thought we should have a thread on these guys, there's one in /hobby/ but the post numbering fucks up when you move a thread so we may as well start again. They're also like 60% off for the next 10 hours https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/13416/Cold_War_Bundle/ Includes: Crisis in the Kremlin, Crisis in the Kremlin: The Accident, Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall, China: Mao's legacy, Ostalgie: Legacy of Hoxha, Ostalgie: Fall of the Curtain, Crisis in the Kremlin: Homeland of the Revolution And I found some stuff of their latest game (screenshots attached why does this shitty website upload them in random order?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvodCCK2u2U
The new game is about a soviet republic standing against capitalism or about what?
(103.77 KB 669x1000 006.JPG)
>>2272 I think it's about the internal power struggle during/after the collapse, but that's just a hunch off the name and footage used to advertise it. My initial impression was that it's already pretty much ogre when it begins, but it's Kremlin Games and they love the idea of saving the USSR. Maybe the ideal endgame is a snatching the status quo from the jaws of defeat type deal. It could be a sobering reality check on their other late USSR games where you're trying to keep the entire thing together with duct tape, assassinations, and balcony defenestrations, but that's just speculation. I'd like to see some of that grim realism though as long as it didn't just lock you into "grim realism" choices, more options for when you're shit out of luck would be good since you spend a lot of your time there normally in their games. You see it coming through in Ostalgie with all the extra optional stuff like the party, USSR and so on trying to fuck you over constantly. Switching the harder settings on switches you from nuclear armed international villain RSFSR-replacement to a struggling to survive periphery state that didn't prepare enough, watching everything slip through your fingers. Near total spoilers for Ostalgie: Boogeyman DDR is fucking amazing to play though. Backing the RAF, bombing peace conferences, evading WMD treaties, framing NATO for shooting down a plane of your reformists, turning DPRK into a nuclear state, assassinating Deng, sending a hit squad for Yeltsin in his Dacha, storming the Russian parliament are all incredibly cathartic. But yeah, probably not the greatest thread I've made, but when I was playing it I saw it had 10hr left on sale and thought it was best to make it sooner rather than later.
>>2275 The impresion of the new game that I get is that its a Lukashenko simulator, where your victory isn't saving the USSR, but saving socialism in your republic. So consolidating your new parties influance, beating up the new-russian types and mafia and outmaneuvering the CIA and FSD. You'll likely struggle to maintain the panned economy and, as staple to Kremlin Games, try to do OGAS.
>>2294 For me, I think, the absolute height of Kremlin Games is their original CITK where you have the military, KGB etc lying to you telling you it's fine after ordering a nuclear assault on half the planet and getting thoroughly deposed, you just don't see that much nowadays. Dr Evil GDR that bombs everything and blames it on NATO is also a great feature. I think it will be very interesting to win as Russia in the new game, since they're not naive at all and despite being socialists pushing a narrative are very cynical in how they think victory is achieved I agree with them. I'm ready for narco-state USSR tbqh, with a bit of kidnapping on the side.
>>2295 I think it's not going to be about Russia, but an unspecified SR. So I think there might be an interesting dynamic where you will have to suck up to Putin's Russia at the cost of your independence to fend off from the western influences. Note how in the screenshot you got what looks like Russian and US influence both at 50.
I recognise that the games are great, but they are too complicated to be worth the time. Except for DDR, Romania, and Hungary in Ostalgie. That shit was fuckn ez.
as much as I like them conceptually, the gameplay can feel too mechanical and the graphics are practically powerpoint slideshow tier
I wish the game told you more about what your policies and technologies actually do.


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