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Disco Elysium Anonymous Comrade 10/30/2019 (Wed) 01:01:10 No. 2527
I think this game is on to something lads
I tseems like this game has a lot of backlash to it after the huge amount of praise it got before hand. I honestly liked this game though, I think that leftist vidya game makers (or even just liberal ones) just have to deal with more shit than if they were conservative because most libs will just tolerate a conservative maker if they like the product but conservatives will bitch and complain.
>>2603 I really like your analysis. This is my favorite game and the only one I know that develops a thesis of interest. I think it’s /leftypol/’s game in many ways.
>>5106 >wow this game is actually deep unlike most political games!!!!!!! <devs: we'd like to thanks Marx and Engels also the fascist routes are supposed to be a joke :^) >fucking commie game 0/10 go back to redditsetera tranny
>>5244 >the devs saluting Marx and Engels drains all the depth of the game You’re a retard you know that ?
Ok Im just gonna say it. Disco Elysium really is vastly overrated. Good, probably the best crpg story wise of the last 10 years but it is very flawed. First, I think having no combat at all was a mistake. Combat, even if it is just servicable serves as a nice change of pace from reading all the time. This was true for Planescape, whcih the devs do their hardest to rip off, and for any other crpg as well. The whole muh wife thing is clicheed and extremely underdeveloped. Voice acting sucks. Kim is a bit undercooked as a character. Though you do share a few wholesome moments with him which is nice. The writing is very good and entertaining, though the plot really is not. It is a standard murder mystery where you do very little engaging detective work. This shambles is carried by the writing, mitigating its stench. The ending fucking blows. Its just a tankie coomer no one knows about and who has been living on his secret tankie island without anybody noticing apparently. Yes I get that he is supposed to draw parallels to the PC but that facet is lame and underdeveloped and very superficial when it comes down to it. Also the fact that you need to succeed a check to notice a gaping bullet wound in someones skull is bullshit. Otherwise quite good I rate 7/10
>>5254 So it's basically a visual novel? Why are people even calling it an RPG? It's just role-playing without the game.
>>5257 There is a basic pen and paper element to it, it's more like an adventure book really.
>>5257 >It's just role-playing without the game. Jesus christ you're retarded. Even more so for basing your opinion on the game and what genre it is on a single post.
>>5254 >no detective work This was my biggest disappointment. You're never expected to make any deductions outside of a moral dilemma or how best to smooth talk someone in a dialogue tree.
>>5254 >The ending fucking blows. Its just a tankie coomer no one knows about and who has been living on his secret tankie island without anybody noticing apparently. Yes I get that he is supposed to draw parallels to the PC but that facet is lame and underdeveloped and very superficial when it comes down to it. Also the fact that you need to succeed a check to notice a gaping bullet wound in someones skull is bullshit. you didn't even get the real ending
>>5254 >It is a standard murder mystery where you do very little engaging detective work. it's not though. It's a character-driven story about a depressed fuck-up with a murder mystery as the backdrop.
>>5391 What's the real ending?
>>5394 I don't want to spoil it, there's a check you need to pass during the last conversation that will make something happen. It's also dependent on whether you did a questline for the lady in the wheelchair and her husband. There's a lot more there than just the tankie (who I still think is based because it ties together the theme of needing to let go of the past). Unless you already found it and it didn't do anything for you, in which case idk. To each his own.
>>5401 You can post spoilered posts ya know spoilers Scroll down and see how: https://bunkerchan.xyz/.static/pages/posting.html
>>5402 I know, I didn't want to even post that in case you hadn't seen it, because I being genuinely surprised by it is what really made the ending work for me. I meant the phasmid. Like I said, maybe you did get that and you didn't care for it. It's fine then. But I think it works very well.
>>5401 Oh I know that, I thought an actual separate ending and not just a nice addition.
>>5401 Oh no I did find the bug and even had a nice discussion about mazovian economics and it was a nice moment but it doesnt make up for anything tbh
They literally critic idpol with the gay character we meet.
>>6286 >the gay character who?
>>6291 The art student in high heels
>>6298 >>6286 How again? Tbh I only remember defending the North Korea-esque to the neoliberal.
>>5254 The murder reveal was the least impactful of the 4 resolutions and you fucking know it you brainlet. This isn’t supposed to be a murder mystery per se, but like retro version of Cyberpunk. I never once felt like Sherlock Holmes but like Deus Ex’s Adam.
Pretty good game, but I wish it had more content. I know it wasn't trying to be a huge grandiose tale like your typical RPG but the main plot still felt a little short. I got to the shootout and thought alright, here we go, this is kicking off... but then there were only about two more hours left in the main story. It just feels like you're bumbling around awkwardly for a lot of it, which to be fair might have been the point.
(297.34 KB 1200x1600 disco e.jpg)
These 2 were based
>>6535 Wait for the spectacle. Consoommer. >yfw gunfight
>>6636 Was this meant to be a coherent thought.. or what?
>>6636 >>6637 He's trying to make fun of me for enjoying something that was meant to be enjoyable, because he's a retard.
>>6636 This post was made by a GPT bot.
>>6642 >GPT bot A whatsit now?
>>6638 To find gunfight in games enjoyable is already highly ideological.
>>6839 Have you even played the game or are you just being a pissy faggot? It's not some glorious exciting action scene.
>>6845 Yes, I played the game and liked it a lot. You make a point faggot, the scene in question was neither glorious nor exciting. But it was good.
>>6644 woah I got neat dubs, didn't even notice
>>5254 >The whole muh wife thing is clicheed >Voice acting sucks. Gotta agree on those but it absolutely doesn't need fucking combat. I want more games with this exact system but playing a different guy.
ZA/UM has been teasing something coming "SOON" on their site these past few days, now it says "NOW", expecting something to be announced tonight at the Game Awards
>>7199 >>7198 Sounds awesome but goddammit, I just finished playing through the fucking thing.
>>7199 >free absolutely based
When I finally kill myself I think Red Rock Riviera will be the last song I listen to
>>7312 Be sure to scream I DON'T WANNA BE THIS KIND OF ANIMAL ANYMORE before you do it Also, the better version of that song is "Instrument of surrender" from the DE soundtrack
>>7318 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Psy00POSQI I like how the lyrics are basically the plot of DE >I'll wake up in a new life >Down by the seaside
(1.82 MB 763x1079 blwcveojp5f51.png)
>>7318 Some of the flavor text for the thought cabinet really hit home in terms of how it talks about living with that sort of constant, bone-crushing despair: https://discoelysium.gamepedia.com/Finger_on_the_Eject_Button >Who doesn't toy with the thought of suicide sometimes? Or, like, most of the time? Okay, maybe some people don't – like the happy scientist girl named Marie, or Jean-Marc, the superstar whom everyone loves. But you -- when the going gets rough, it's nice to think about your little trap door out of here. Do it. Put your finger on the eject button, see how alive it makes you feel -- the freedom of finality. Think of how much they'll *miss* you. https://discoelysium.gamepedia.com/Mazovian_Socio-Economics >0.000% of Communism has been built. Evil child-murdering billionaires still rule the world with a shit-eating grin. All he has managed to do is make himself *sad*. He is starting to suspect Kras Mazov *fucked him over* personally with his socio-economic theory. It has, however, made him into a very, very smart boy with something like a university degree in Truth. Instead of building Communism, he now builds a precise model of this grotesque, duplicitous world. I mean, shit. I feel like we've all had a "blackpilling" moment like that in our political journeys at one point or another.
>>7351 >You -- against the atom, the charm and the spin. Where the whole world failed -- matter failed to bend to human will; human will failed to get out of bed and ties its laces -- you alone, single-handedly will rebuild the dreams of the working class. You are The Last Communist.
>He's not okay. This is just another black day, in a row of black days -- something *strange* is keeping him together, making him endure... >...an idea. Told to him by grown ups, from radio towers and leaflets, in a beautiful print when he was still a teenager: everything is possible. If we fight.
>>6535 did you really expect that to be the starting point for the game? literally everything in the plot was building up to that moment as being the final confrontation, personally i sort of expected to die during it
>>3284 Magical realism
"It was real. I'd seen it. I'd seen it *in reality*." >"The mask of humanity fall from capital. It has to take it off to kill everyone -- everything you love; all the hope and tenderness in the word. It has to take it off, just for one second. To do the deed." >"And then you see it. As it strangles and beats your friends to death... the sweetest most courageous people in the world," he's silent for a second. "You see the fear and power in its eyes. Then you *know*." >"That the bourgeois are not human."
dope ass game. can't wait for the update in march
>>7527 chilling quote, one of the most memorable from the like 2 hour conversation with that guy
>>7527 cringe


no cookies?