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Zombies Thread? SaintSlice 07/27/2020 (Mon) 05:14:18 No. 3262
Sup Saint /games/, what's your guys take on the zombies mode in the cod series? Good, bad, murdered? How do you guys think they're going to handle it in bo5? It's probably going to be BO3 again but still you never 100% know How do the other non zombie Co op modes stack compared to it?
cod sucks
I played a shit ton of Waw and Bo1 when I was young, played WAW custom maps a lot in highschool and some of college. Bought bo3 on steam and it's nice to play custom maps on a modern engine. IDK it's probably gonna be bo3 again I agree.
Played loads of WAW zombies, recently I picked it up again and replayed those classic maps. Played BO1 zombies a little bit but not much. Thinking about buying BO3 on sale (or not buying it) just for the zombies. I remember really liking the lore when I was younger, but from what I can tell they took a played out Lovecraft turn.
>>3286 >Bought bo3 on steam and it's nice to play custom maps on a modern engine. Oh damn, there's custom zombie maps for BO3?
Also, I'm surprised that there haven't been many maps set in a soviet facilty (There's only one as far as I'm aware) with the wall guns being soviet weapons, and the starting pistol being a Tokarev or something like that
>>3604 soviets are pretty neglected in zombies lore in general now that i think of it, very odd
>>3607 Aye, I want a zombie film set in the USSR dammit!!!
>>3603 Yep. It has its own steam workshop full of custom maps with custom weapons and mechanics too
>>3636 Noice
>>3603 BO3 is a weirdly experimental game for a CoD from the co-op campaign story being insane because they only ever imply whats actually happening (unless you are very fast at screenshotting scrolling loading text) to letting people heavily mod zombies. I don't know how treyarch managed to get actiblizzard to go as nuts as they did.
>>3650 Yeah, wouldn't be surprised if ActiBlizzard tried to monetise mods Bethesda style though, hell I wouldn't be surprised if it actually does happen at some point
A very important period of my life was marked by playing with my friends WaW Zombies in lan parties (then, hamachi); specially all the mods.


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