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(290.15 KB 932x420 csgo.jpeg)
Comrade 08/03/2020 (Mon) 09:23:08 No. 3454
American Foreign Policy Simulator I play it.
>>3454 rank?
>>3454 I used to play a lot of that with frens in highschool. I always hated it. I hate everything about cs gameplay at this point. It's just not fun.
>>3458 your taste is shit
>>3458 This, CS sucks.
CS 1.6 was the only good cs
>>3462 source was better
>>3460 your taste is shit
>>3454 me too, it has some based USSR themed levels >>3457 i'm shit brother
>>3458 GE here, you're right, I realized this and dropped it years ago. >>3460 Found the gold.
>>3473 then you're not GE any more
The only thing I don't like about CS is the rng. I like the varied maps, the economy mini-game, the smokes and flashes and recoil patterns and the large skill gap - I just hate the fact that even when standing still and firing one bullet at a time there's still a degree of randomness unless you're awping.
>>3454 Tbh now that valve is adding operator skins I wonder if they'll make a thot IDF whore operator skin to rake in the ez money from incels and simps. Would also likely cause immense butthurt to all commies and fascists and receive media attention.
>>3486 That's better than having a preset spray pattern which just allows you to game it/memorise the pattern
>>3489 Nah all RNG means is that everyone bursts and does spraydowns which is the exact intended opposite of the design. There's no reward for precision just memorize the spray pattern and get as many bullets in the zone as you can.
I play CSGO. I'm MG on matchmaking and I believe I was C on ESEA. I haven't really touched it since Valorant went into beta so I'm sure I'm complete shit at it now. Not that I was very good before. Valorant is kind of bad with shit maps, random recoil on weapons, and a deagle equivalent that doesn't one shot headshot at long range. >>3486 With no randomness it undermines spray patterns and actually messes up the balance in a lot of ways. >>3488 I'm waiting for kpop skins like Crossfire, Sudden Attack, Black Squad, and CS Online. There would be a lot of bitching, but I know at least 2 people on each team would be using them. >>3489 >>3502 There is a lot of mechanical skill involved in learning to spray transfer and making adjustments mid-spray for the kill.
>>3484 Im positive I can still shit on 99.9% of players.
>>3454 the gunplay is one of the worst in any other shooter. the game is stagnant and a glorified skins market. also Commodification of user generated contents. if you want a fun shooter try verdun.
hey guys how about a leftypol team?
>>3615 sure, region? I was thinking about making a steam group later.
>>3617 /leftypol/ steam group already exists.
>>3615 I can play if NA.
(434.71 KB 512x512 rush_b.png)
vote for this to get into game https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=391022382&insideModal=0&requirelogin=1 share anything else that needs to be ingame
>>3790 >it's five years old I mean I voted yes for you bro, but I'm quite doubtful a couple schmucks on our slow-ass board's gonna get that old submission in the game.


no cookies?