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Stalin Dating Sim Comrade 11/14/2020 (Sat) 19:55:44 No. 6370
I'm a professional game dev (I do visual novels) Would anybody be interested in a NSFW dating sim where you can choose a waifu: Stalin or Girl Stalin and steal his or her heart? Elaborated: You are not only a worker at a train station but a revolutionary. One day, you find Stalin alone on a bench. Not recognizing him or her, you go up to them and talk to them about their troubles, and end up kissing under the moonlight. A few years later, Stalin becomes dictator of the soviet union and you recognize your old flame and decide to try your hardest to reclaim your waifu! Please give suggestions and I'll take them into account!
>>6371 >no girl stalin
There's already a similar project from the /GET/ community you could check it out >>1546
>>6374 gonna be honest, that other prohect doesn't interest me at all, girl stalin waifu sounds way more fun.
>>6370 Why not a dating sim similar to that, but you can date rule 63'd versions of the rest of the Soviet leadership aswell, maybe some generals aswell? Imagine dating a animeified-genderswapped version of Beria lmao
Girl Stalin still has the mustache.
>Genderswapped male historical figures >Ironic VN >waifu >dictator Cringe tbh >dating sim That better not be a synonym for "visual novel" You wanna make a dating simulator, do it properly: no narration, only dialogue, dates and stats, preferably several love interests; that would be super fun and likely wouldn't get too long. Wanna make a visual novel, it's gonna have at least dozens of thousands of words and minimal gameplay, and it would honestly be more boring to read something like this with that premise. Mixing both wouldn't hurt, but in my experience, it usually doesn't go well. My ideal would be a visual novel with romance but focused on story, taking place in the Soviet Union, with several original characters being the love interests. But I would indeed like a romance game about romancing Stalin and other high ranking officials or important people of the USSR. It would be funny if you avoid being too cringy. But why genderbend them when there are already important or famous Soviet women like Roza Shanina or Lyudmila Pavlichenko? Hope you come back to this thread in the future and update us on your progress.


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