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Hitman thread Comrade 07/11/2020 (Sat) 20:43:06 No. 2526
Secret societies and global elite crime rings Is this game based and redpilled?
what were the ex kgb generals planning in silent assassin?
what is teh best way to play hitman 2 settings wise? Like should i follow missions stories, or turn everything off and find stuff myself, or keep like instinct on or what
>>2992 just play with the default settings
>>2992 Personally I disabled instinct, disabled opportunities or stories or whatever that streamlined shit is and played the intermediate difficulty for unlimited saves. Then it plays like a sandbox, I just immerse myself in the world and opportunities arise by themselves.
I'm just waiting until they get through all the episodes of this nigga and then I'll buy it. I got Episode 1 and its pretty dope. Blood Money is still my favorite though
>>3029 what do you mean, there are still episodes left for Hitman 2?
>>3029 >>3031 oh... you mean like, Hitman 3?
>>3031 they keep releasing new missions every two months or so. it's stupid, and confusing.
>>3036 they already announced Hitman 3 for January 2021, there won't be more missions until then
>that mission where you have to assassinate the Saudi pharmaceutical CEO and the South African Apartheid boogaloo during a deal in a casino Hitman is absolutely based and redpilled. Hitman 3 better have a Superbowl level.
Tbh I don't think any of the new Hitmans ever get as kino of a level as the theater mission in Blood Money.
>>3151 have you played them? Hokkaido is just top kino for me
ngl, this new level looks kino af https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CynjrQRRpj8
I've always loved these games, nearly every target is some rich scum bucket. The newest ones seem to be going somewhere pretty cool with the story but time will tell.
>>3152 I've spent so much time on that level, I just love everything about it and destroying the heart has to be one of my favourite kills in the series.


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