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(1001.72 KB 3840x2160 disco_2019-10-29_22-10-43.jpg)
Disco Elysium Anonymous Comrade 10/30/2019 (Wed) 01:01:10 No. 2527
I think this game is on to something lads
(811.46 KB 3840x2160 disco_2019-10-30_22-58-22.jpg)
(865.08 KB 3840x2160 disco_2019-10-30_05-08-11.jpg)
(958.67 KB 3840x2160 disco_2019-10-30_23-46-28.jpg)
Finally beat it and I'm gonna say this game is brilliant.
It's a murder mystery adventure game that plays like a CRPG, the writing is great, the setting is hismat pilled and it lets you roleplay a communist doomer as a giant plus.
I advise to turn off voice acting though
>Ok, this game sounds cool
>Pirate it and start playing
>Create own character, only put 1 point into "physique"
>Start the game proper
>Damn, this is a pretty relatable morning
>Shieet, whats up with my face
>Aha! My tie is on the fan!
>Flick the light switch thinking it will turn off the fan
>Light too bright for eyes
>Ah, no problem, I experienced this many times IRL, you just keep it on and eventually you adapt
>Don't turn it off
>It's too much
>Die from a heart attack
Ok, this game is pretty based
I beat the whole game with one point in physique, it's doable even with 1 hp if you don't do too much drugs: you have some time to click on the healing item as your health counts down to zero.
I usually don't play ganes until a year after release, but this may be an exception. How well is it balanced and are there any gamebreaking bugs?
Didn't get any bug and I don't think "balance" is applicable to this game.
I find it hard to believe that balance isn't applicable, like if certain options open up a lot of content and others don't really do anything. Getting killed by ceiling fans sounds like it's fun so I'll check it out when I'm done with dos2.
I thought that this game took a centrist take on everything?
>succdem union has a manipulative sleazebag for a leader
>liberal porkies send mass murderer PMCs to break a strike
I dunno man, you need to be a real centrist to both sides this shit.
I mean simultaneously it pulls the "oh if youre communist time to kill a shit ton of innocents" card
I don't remember lines talking about innocents specifically, just internal dialogue about getting firing squads and cattle cars ready but that's MC being edgy, the same kind of talk you see on leftypol on the regular.
The game's take on communism is the most educated one I've ever seen in video games.
(143.90 KB 1197x761 steam stats.jpg)
Gamers rise up
I only played the first day, but I would say that it does feel pretty leftist. Like the porky strike negotiator and your centrist by the book partner both are, at least imo, pretty diamat pilled in what they say. However it also feels pretty Zizek / Fisher -pilled, with the defeatism and the "easier to see the end of the world than the end of capital" mentality. Hell, the aforementioned pork openly says when you tell her that you want to end capital that "You needn't worry, it is already falling, however its fall will bring no one any happiness (or at least something to that extent)". I guess there is still a lot of the game left, and maybe it will change this first impression though.
The devs are Estonian high school dropouts, game is 100% doompilled
Still amazing game, main writer had to quit drinking and live like a monk for 5 years to get it done.
Can someone point me to a good torrent/dd link for this game?
There are skill checks every line of dialogue, I feel like it's spread pretty evenly. Still need multiple playthroughs to see everything anyway.
Redpill me on this game?
basically an old crpg but with no combat and dialogue that actually made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. you can ascribe to pretty much any political ideology or be a drugged out party boy "superstar" cop
It's modern Planescape: Torment, not even exaggerating
It's a point and click adventure game where nearly every action is associated with a stat check. Also, all of your stats (there's 20 iirc) can talk to you. The higher a stat's level, the more likely it is to bombard you with dumb/counterproductive ideas-- like Authority goading you to strong-arm people and Encyclopedia flooding you with trivia. Sometimes your skills will even bicker among themselves.

Combine this with MC's drunken amnesiac state, plus the political options (e.g. you can gush about the free market to poor people, learn phrenology and become an alternate-reality race scientist, or become the Last Communist and moan about liberals) and you have a huge amount of offensive, insane or inappropriate dialogue choices at any juncture.
Can you run this game on toasters/ovens?
Probably, it's a couple of basic models on a 2d background, how bad could it be
lol nope.
thanks anon.
Nope, I tried to play it on my 10 years long laptop and I couldn't even launch it, the main menu simply won't load. Same shit happened to me when I tried to play Frostpunk.
it looks like unity garbage which runs like shit
Sounds dope as long as it isn't preachy imma give it a try.
(391.25 KB 1800x2700 bd562c99c6b0a5e2eda9289bac2ff500.jpg)
Mfw Dasha is voicing a character in the game
Voice acting is easily the weakest part of the game.
Really? Whihc one? i'm considering paying it for her.
Nothing about the way this woman looks feel right.
(1.41 MB 1919x1079 DPRS.png)
>Tfw you can defend the in-game equivalent of DPRK
And here I was thinking that the setting is completely hopeless, at least Juche still exists in Elysium
She's actually a stealth fascist pretending to be a socialist. Some super paranoid Marxist blog found pictures of her playing with an SS flag.
80s punks also played with nazi symbols. Playing with offensive symbols just because they are offensive is first and foremost a contrarian edgelord/attention-whore thing. And I would even say that of a significant chunk of the people who are literally members in neonazi groups for a short while, which she has never been as far as I know.
>paying for games
Point at this faget and laugh.
I once drew a giant swastika with petrol and lit it on fire.
Well, it must be pretty based if the Chapo crew agreed to voice characters in it.
>Marx and Engels
I sleep
>Victor Tsoi
Real shit
4chan's /v/ is so buttdevastated by the "Marx and Engels shout-out" that they are now boycotting the game. Proving once more they're just the mirror images of "SJWs".
yikes, now I won't play that game

>Viktor Tsoi
nice music but it's a fad now with doomer music

the butthurt on /v/ is absolutely mind-boggling.
The seething in the comments, beautiful.

Play it faggot, it's a masterpiece. Just turn off voices, it's not fully voiced anyway.
It's very good game with interesting story (albeit ending is quite un-climatic) and clever skills system but I don't get where all those "best RPG in years" reviews are coming from.
GNU + Linuxfag here, does this game runs well with Wine/Proton?
(509.67 KB 936x722 ogadrinking.png)
I'm reading the archived thread on the topic, and I'm happy to see that the balance was somewhat in our favor. Not that the posters would necessarily agree with us, not at all, but that the ragies in the thread were retarded enough to piss off the rest with their superficial and senseless contrarian outrage.
This seems to stem from game having garnered much respect for being of a unique and high quality, and most seem to consider the views it presents as "balanced". After all, much choice is left to the player themselves. Nothing if forced, and the outrage appears to be rejected as panic mongering by red-scared brainlets.
Very refreshing. Very subversive.

>ending is quite un-climatic
I cried several times during deserter's dialogue.
>the game was astroturfed into popularity just so the devs can namedrop marx on game award stage
Why can't /pol/tards breathe without coming up with ridiculous conspiracy theories.
>Play it faggot, it's a masterpiece. Just turn off voices, it's not fully voiced anyway.
I refuse to play games made by revisionists
Alright, I finished the game a few weeks ago and let it sit for a bit. Here is my review of it.
In general, I really enjoyed it. The claims of it being a graphical novel are in some ways correct. The only "real" gameplay here is managing your stats, time and moving around. However I wouldn't say it doesn't deserve being called a game for it. It reminded me a lot of Torment: Tides of Numenera, which also had practically no gameplay, as, at least in my case, I only had 3 short combats in that game, while everything else was dialogue. But back to DE. So, if the gameplay is practically unexistant, how is the writing and story? Well, it delivers in spades. The universe is very well fleshed out, showing that there is a massive and well developed world beyond the tiny district that you get to explore. It has a unique geopolitical situation, which seems like a mix between the interwar period and modern day, its own cultures, history, mythology, different technology from that of the real world while still looking like 1956, and even a unique world, which isn't necessarily a planet. The main plot is great too. Quite early on a phrase gets dropped in a dialogue: "everything is connected with everything". This really is the case. I am pretty sure that almost every little tidbit of information you encounter in the game will eventually get tied up neatly, even small, at first thought not really important, bits of dialogue. Writing it self is wonderful, with the many internal conversations with your different personalities being the best of it. I fully recommend this game to everyone who can be bothered to basically spend 40-60 hours reading the game.
With all of that however, I do have one big criticism of the game. I am spoilering this part. It is the main character, or rather the fact that there is a main character. Let me explain. Towards the end of the game I found out that I was playing, well, more correctly RP'ing, completely wrong. When I first started playing, I thought that I was intended to be my real self, stuck in a strange situation: finding myself in a body of another, someone who was quite definitely fucked up, even insane, with his mind fractured into many different personalities. Now, he died, and for some reason I came into his place, with none of his memories, but all of his problems and his fractured mind being the only thing that can assist me in this strange situation. Hence I went on as myself, tried to make the best that I can of this situation and maybe understand what is going on. However I was completely wrong. The man didn't go away, and I was not supposed to be playing as myself, I was supposed to be playing as him. However, I didn't feel no connection to him. Whatever that happened, what he did in the past, no longer exists, it was wiped of by the memory loss. So when the game wants to pull my heart strings with the story of Harry's life it falls flat, I don't care about his wife, it is in the past, and it should stay there. Then the game starts pulling shit like "ooh, you talk in dialogue trees because your character is actually autistic and that is how he talks" or trying to imply that you picked your ideology, be it communist, fascist, centrist or whatever only as a coping mechanism after splitting up with the one you love. I can only roll my eyes, since it was ME that chose these options, not Harry. /rant
Is it one of those games that is super depressing to play? The artstyle and the fact that is made by Eastern Europeans kinda gives me that vibe
100% doomer pilled. Also made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions though so.
But you will play games made by capitalists?
The setting is very depressing but it's funny as hell. Just like real life.
Any chance you just didn't copy the crack?
No, same happened in the GOG version.
I'm pretty sure that's the appeal.
(10.23 KB 480x360 Adam Freedman.jpg)
>Adam Friedland dumped her after she cucked him exactly as Nick predicted
I think first of all because it's a modern RPG with actual good writing written by human beings. The skill system also integrates really well with the story, and the story itself has actual vision and is very relevant for our times (especially for people like us). The ending also worked really well for me - and it didn't feel that rushed, maybe because I waited to complete all the sidequests before staring at the wall - everything just fell into place. Most of the rave reviews are probably just buying into the hype, and I totally get why some would dislike it, but I really think this game is on another level.
Anon, I really don't get where you're coming from with your theory. I didn't see anything that would indicate I was somehow playing a different person than Harry, and there are several points throughout the game where he is confronted with the actual memories and traumas of his past, not just the actions of some past him, and this can also be seen from the quotes in the thought cabinet. The ending was just the culmination of that, not some shocking twist. This isn't Planescape. You read it wrong, that's not the game's fault.
Bumping out of the spam hellhole
>>2573 >I don't get where all those "best RPG in years" reviews are coming from. Name a better one
>>2587 She cucked him with a gay man, how do you get cucked by a gay guy.
>>2592 There is no such thing as a gay man, females are pure sex and anyone who is blessed with the fortune to be able to sleep with them does so.
Is there a theme to putting in skills points? I am scattering it as and when i feel like it
>>2594 you get funny dialogue and behavior from maxing things out because there are draw back from having skills really high.
>>2594 >Is there a theme to putting in skills points? Generally speaking, there are a couple of needed skills, the rest of the points are better stored and invested directly in-dialogue, when a relative check comes up. >there are draw back from having skills really high. No there are not. High faculties "overflow" sometiems, but you can choose to think about it and not act on them.
>>2596 >>2595 How high do you have to go? I went to like 7 but I didnt see much change
>>2597 Most important "passive" stat is perception. There are one or two perception-like stats depending on your build (e.g. Drama to percept lies). You do not need to invest the existing points though, because when you see a dicethrow check, you can put points right in the dialogue. If it is a "white" check, you can put points only if you fail. Yeah, 5 is good, 7 to late game for passive checks.
>>2597 At ten encyclopedia starting listing every mundane detail about everything in history until I told it shut up
>>2599 >>2598 Am I seriously the only one that went a full well balanced individual route skill wise?
>>2600 "balanced" build only means you see less funny shit.
Reposting this here from the main board I never really played Planescape Torment since that is kinda before my era but this game reminds me of the Deus Ex series, especially Mankind Divided with the running around intruding on people's lives in a very small area and the underwhelming ending. There should have been a second shoot out or fight scenes like the one against Musclehead or the dream should be made mandatory at the very end. Other than that, extremely kino game Politically, this game does pay lip service to Leftism in general while funny dialogues and mechanics favoring heavily towards it. The Suicide of Kras Mazov lets you never be reliant on magnesium while Mazovian Socio-Economics lets you farm more XP (The real currency in this game). The Traditionalist, Ultra and Moralist just can't compete with their disadvantages. Also it is very hard to a race realist fascist when your partner is a minority(albeit quite stereotypical Asian) But they never really show why leftism is dope or good. The labour dispute is quite both-sideism, especially with Evrart vs Joyce. Even assuming Evrart is being earnest with you in his devotion to socialism and the working class, he is still a massive asshole compared to Joyce. Their opposing vision for the slums is also interesting, with a social complex vs a fishery. I personally don't see the latter as the necessary as the former but I won't deny that the slums needs both. Hell the resolution is like the Solomon's baby situation with Joyce being the 'deserving' mother. At the very least the PMC and coporate spy vs Hardie Boy and the black lawyer balances out the assholery dichotomy. The pale shit is kinda reeks of idealism but imma let that slide I guess. Overall the game is like a well, small but very very deep. How many games let you engage in politics, communicate with the city and throw a Molotov cocktail with a talking tie? I hope the sequel (and it sequel baits hard but at least is very well written) will at least expand on this genuinely groundbreaking game. Viva la the future revolución
>>2602 Since we're x-posting, here was my take on the game being leftist: >I don't think it's "resigned" in any way. I see it more as a portrait of the neoliberal era. The revolution failed, capitalism and apathy reigns supreme, communism is nothing but a fashion symbol, and everything is slowly falling apart. But underneath that there's a conflict brewing that might one day spark a new revolution. It's extremely leftist, more so than a lot of supposedly leftist games which are sometimes paraded around here. Just because the game doesn't say "communism good" doesn't make it non-leftist, and vice-versa. >I think what i mean is that it has a more nuanced and grounded view on communism than what is expected of a "leftist" game. It puts in no uncertain terms that communism was a massive failure that lead to immense suffering - in one of the first conversations you have about communism, you are literally told "communism is about failure". But even so it is the only hope we have left, and something that should be striven towards, because the only other option is to give up. A quote from one of the thoughts you can unlock sums this up well <How *not* to lose? It is impossible not to. The world is balanced on the edge of a knife. It’s a game of frayed nerves. You’re pushed on by numbers and punitive measures: pain, rejection, and unpaid bills. You can either play or you can crawl under a boat and waste away -- turn into salt or a flock of seagulls. Your enemies would *love* that. Or you can fight. The only way to load the dice is to keep on fighting. In short, the game isn't leftist because it favours communism or portrays it sympathetically, but because it addresses a very leftist issue: Coping with the failure of communist revolutions and keeping the flame alive in a crumbling late-capitalist society.
>>2603 >Coping with the failure of communist revolutions But not a single praise of Pol Pot. In the trash it goes.
>>2604 The game isn't set on Earth
>>2604 You can defend North Korea equivalent there though
>>2566 So you are a nazi
I can't help but cry at the "Of all the creatures I've met you are the kindest" part every time I think back on it. For some reason that one sentence hits really hard, harder than everything else in the game. Something beautiful did happen...
(213.30 KB 1464x1106 retard.jpg)
Finally got to play this game. It's good and I love it. Would recommend. Wanted to say it somewhere.
>>2527 there are anarchists in this game?can you play as one?
>>2609 I picked it up yesterday. Can't wait to jump in after I get home from work tonight
Piece of shit still doesn't launch even with the hardcore update. Fuck the baltic shitters.
>>2610 There's one girl doing ACAB street art and a Spanish guy siding with the union who could be representing the Catalunya anarchists (but I have doubts about it because he seems careless about politics). So pretty much nothing since they are not central to the main plot and forgettable. >>2527 or see the second pic I guess
>>2613 >who could be representing the Catalunya anarchists (but I have doubts about it because he seems careless about politics) The one calling people scab? One of the voices suspect he is a communist/anarchist pretending to be a moderate to sell said ideas better
(3.15 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (164).png)
(3.28 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (222).png)
(2.90 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (304).png)
I usually don't like characters like this, but something about conceptualization makes her impossible to dislike. She has very funny and helpful observations.
>>2615 If Im not wrong conceptualization is the one used in the check to learn the meaning of the title Disco Elysium with Joyce, Its probably the most amazing part in the game when you connect that with the church quest, and also expands every meaning of every action in the game learning that, absolutely recommended to put many points in conceptualization
(111.05 KB 200x278 inland empire.png)
>>2616 Ya second this, that's my favorite part of the game along with the ending when you-know-what appears. I almost got locked out of it because I kicked out the ravers, because I thought that would lead to letting the programmer do her work in the church alone and figure out the mystery. But she can't figure out the mystery if the ravers and her don't work together, which I thought was a really weird and unintuitive choice by the devs. Glad I restarted from an old save. I wouldn't consider it a complete playthrough if you don't solve that mystery tbh. It reminds me of the existential dread we are faced with from climate change today, idk if that was an intentional metaphor or not. Also another cool detail about that is that the portrait for Inland Empire looks like what Joyce describes about the world. This game is full of neat shit like that. Lots of love clearly went into it.
>>2617 The thing about the pale reminds me more of DialHist, or just how history weighs on us at all time. Climate change is only a part of it.
(1.12 MB 864x1200 Arch_logician.png)
>>2617 >It reminds me of the existential dread we are faced with from climate change today Didnt think of that, it always surprises me how desensitive they made me about a lot of things like the climate change, but if I extrapolate te feeling that I got learning of the pale (which is valid because its a very simiilar situation) it realy makes me feel existential dread
(44.17 KB 1011x71 true detective.png)
>>2539 bitch
>>2527 Someone explain this game in better terms than wikipedia's mess.
So is this game anything like Bioshock? I've heard that on /v/.
>>2624 No.
So what genre would the setting of DE be? It clearly has fantastical elements with the Pale, however they are very down to earth. Also the technology is quite clearly different than that of our own 20th century, yet no more advanced, basically a "sidegrade" to what we have. So is there a genre for something like this? I know there is the "weird fiction" term, but it seems rather wide, so I was wondering if a more concrete term exists. I mainly ask because I am myself trying to brainstorm a setting that, while different in tone and story, would take a very similar approach to the world - a huge fantastical change from reality, and then an examination of sorts of how would this change things in a realistic way for the society, how would it develop, look relate to itself etc.
>>3284 It is an inspired setting that cannot be so easily quantified. You could say it's something, but it's not exactly whole to the experience of what it is.
>>3284 >a huge fantastical change from reality, and then an examination of sorts of how would this change things in a realistic way for the society, how would it develop, look relate to itself etc. It's called science fiction. The kind Phillip Dick wrote.
>>3284 Dieselpunk vacuumwave doomcore alt-cosmology science-fantasy
>>2624 Not in setting but it does have the 'after the end' vibe. >>3284 Dieselpunk.
>>3410 >>3319 Come on, those aren't genres. It's like saying baroque or futurism is a genre.
>>3411 I thought we were talking about setting? Genre wise DE is pen and paper RPG.
>>3436 Pretty sure he meant literary genre.
It seems like /vrpg/ doesn't like disco elysium that much.
>>3441 /v/ was in love with the game until the devs shouted out Marx, making them super butthurt
>>3437 Hard to pindown. Cyberpunk but shitty
>>2589 even if that anon is right, we know that memories are stored in the body. If you and I swapped bodies, we wouldn't take our memories with us, would we?
>>3455 You'd think it would be more obvious that the themes to this game was more marxist than they thought it was.
>>3529 The music was its weakest aspect tbh.
>>3568 It's not weak or strong. It fitted.
>>3568 Nah I think it's fantastic. Really captures that melancholy vibe the game is going for.
>>2604 >not a single praise of Pol Pot. /pol/-Pottery goes in the trash first
Does Iosef Lilianovich Dros say anything different to "I'm a communist too" at all? I played through as a hardline communard, had both "Mazovian Socio Economics" and "The Suicide of Kras Mazov" thoughts equipped and even wore ushanka but he still called Harry a liberast :(
>>4571 I had the same playthrough and he was equally bitter. He is just a bitter old man waiting to die. I will be the same too tbh
>>2527 this fucking game man, I can pull white check-marks out of my ass no problem but red check-marks are practically doomed to fail, even with good odds. I just did the tribunal shootout and I managed to fail like 5 or 6 red check-marks in a row. I even failed the one where you're bleeding out on the ground and you warn kim that someone is gonna shoot him and I had 97% potential success rate on that one.
>>4583 I save-scummed 90+ rolls. I feel bad but this isn't Xcom where you have a whole metagame to mitigate losses from RNG.
>>4590 I was gonna reset until I saw that the story kept going, I liked where it went and what happens with you know who but I was still bummed about kim, he didn't die but he is pretty much uninvolved from then on, your character doesn't even mention them at the end Just finished it, and it was definitely an incredible game. They managed to do so much in the small little area that the game takes place on. They skill system is also an amazing mechanic, especially since if you have some stats much higher than the others it really does define your character since those parts of your mind will talk more and more than the others. I almost want to do the whole game again despite knowing everything just to see the dialogue that takes place if I had specked into another stat more than the one I did.
>>4583 Check fails still give you unique outcomes and progress the story, living with them instead of save scumming is part of the game. I loaded a save after failed check that makes you call Kim an ethnic slur, though, that one was a bit too much
>>4595 yeah I know, just of all the ones I fucked up, that last one was the worst especially when you read the dialogue about how kim never truly trusted you because of your actions and it gets him shot, it hurt to read.
>>3411 Futurism is a genre, Baroque is an era of music
>>4641 Futurism and Baroque are both movements of art and architecture.
>>4571 If you choose your options right, he can actually say that you are probably not a liberast and he was mistaken about you. Exactly once. It doesn't change much though.
>>4650 Baroque wasn't a "movement" lol, that would imply some kind of mobilization of a part of society/artworld. Baroque was a standardized style in a certain historical period before art even reached the modern stage where you could have different artistic movements.
>>3463 How could you even swap bodies when you are a body?
>>4695 The point is that >Dieselpunk vacuumwave doomcore alt-cosmology aren't genres. They're vague aesthetic categories, mostly formulated in the mind of a poster of this gibberish. Science fiction is a genre, and it applies full well to DE.
(1.09 MB 941x896 Screenshot_20200921_125755.png)
>>4689 I got this after talking about king's statue. You most likely need encyclpedia and conceptualization checks succeeded when investigating the statue so you can talk about it to old commie.
>>4709 I had 10 and 16 in encyclopedia and conceptualization, and I got this branch of dialogue but not the last part. Strange. The game did sometimes told me that I picked some fascist or liberal dialogue options, though I rejected the thoughts, I wonder if that counts. What does he say to option 1?
>>4709 Did you play Sad.fm on the trip to the island?
>>4712 Yes, i did. >>4710 Other choices in dialogue with him could perhaps matter too. But i don't know which ones.
This game is SO good. Age.
I saw this on /v/ of all places a while ago and found it surprisingly insightful >The Pale didn't exist in the Insulindian isola before humanity arrived, because the Pale is made up of the collective detritus of human thoughts and memories. This also explains why the Pale is expanding: history isn't getting any smaller, and everyone is constantly thinking about what happened before. >A lot of this game is about the past: Harry is so wrapped up regretting his ex that he drank himself into amnesia, anybody who has anything to say about politics just talks about a revolution from fifty years ago, and the real killer is a soldier from the revolution who never stopped fighting. The existence of the Pale tells us that being obsessed with the past is going to doom us. The game points to art as being an answer in two different places: it seems like the anodic music that the ravers play in the church tames the Pale somewhat, and the first successful voyage into the Pale only returned because they adopted a "psychological regime imitating the creation process of poetry," but I think more generally what the game means to say is: The only way to survive the Pale is to focus on creating something new.
(65.06 KB 515x955 big_boy.png)
>>5093 >NoOOo, you didn't make my MAGA-dad lookalike character relatable and showed him as the retarded slob that he is instead, this is literally white genocide! >NOooO, wite peepoh have the monopoly on skinhead lifters and race war!!! >NOOoOOO I didn't even kick him in the head Try harder /v/.
>>5093 That guy isn't black, I think he's supposed to be the equivalent of a pacific islander. Also he's the eugenicist and I think it's implied that he's being a hypocrite by going out with that one woman. Also you can beat the shit out of him too. I never took the racist route so I have no clue if the lorry driver has more of a character to him.
>>5093 It's obvious that you put all your points into intelligence, so then it's only logical from a roleplay perspective that you play as a communist.
I tseems like this game has a lot of backlash to it after the huge amount of praise it got before hand. I honestly liked this game though, I think that leftist vidya game makers (or even just liberal ones) just have to deal with more shit than if they were conservative because most libs will just tolerate a conservative maker if they like the product but conservatives will bitch and complain.
>>2603 I really like your analysis. This is my favorite game and the only one I know that develops a thesis of interest. I think it’s /leftypol/’s game in many ways.
>>5106 >wow this game is actually deep unlike most political games!!!!!!! <devs: we'd like to thanks Marx and Engels also the fascist routes are supposed to be a joke :^) >fucking commie game 0/10 go back to redditsetera tranny
>>5244 >the devs saluting Marx and Engels drains all the depth of the game You’re a retard you know that ?
Ok Im just gonna say it. Disco Elysium really is vastly overrated. Good, probably the best crpg story wise of the last 10 years but it is very flawed. First, I think having no combat at all was a mistake. Combat, even if it is just servicable serves as a nice change of pace from reading all the time. This was true for Planescape, whcih the devs do their hardest to rip off, and for any other crpg as well. The whole muh wife thing is clicheed and extremely underdeveloped. Voice acting sucks. Kim is a bit undercooked as a character. Though you do share a few wholesome moments with him which is nice. The writing is very good and entertaining, though the plot really is not. It is a standard murder mystery where you do very little engaging detective work. This shambles is carried by the writing, mitigating its stench. The ending fucking blows. Its just a tankie coomer no one knows about and who has been living on his secret tankie island without anybody noticing apparently. Yes I get that he is supposed to draw parallels to the PC but that facet is lame and underdeveloped and very superficial when it comes down to it. Also the fact that you need to succeed a check to notice a gaping bullet wound in someones skull is bullshit. Otherwise quite good I rate 7/10
>>5254 So it's basically a visual novel? Why are people even calling it an RPG? It's just role-playing without the game.
>>5257 There is a basic pen and paper element to it, it's more like an adventure book really.
>>5257 >It's just role-playing without the game. Jesus christ you're retarded. Even more so for basing your opinion on the game and what genre it is on a single post.
>>5254 >no detective work This was my biggest disappointment. You're never expected to make any deductions outside of a moral dilemma or how best to smooth talk someone in a dialogue tree.
>>5254 >The ending fucking blows. Its just a tankie coomer no one knows about and who has been living on his secret tankie island without anybody noticing apparently. Yes I get that he is supposed to draw parallels to the PC but that facet is lame and underdeveloped and very superficial when it comes down to it. Also the fact that you need to succeed a check to notice a gaping bullet wound in someones skull is bullshit. you didn't even get the real ending
>>5254 >It is a standard murder mystery where you do very little engaging detective work. it's not though. It's a character-driven story about a depressed fuck-up with a murder mystery as the backdrop.
>>5391 What's the real ending?
>>5394 I don't want to spoil it, there's a check you need to pass during the last conversation that will make something happen. It's also dependent on whether you did a questline for the lady in the wheelchair and her husband. There's a lot more there than just the tankie (who I still think is based because it ties together the theme of needing to let go of the past). Unless you already found it and it didn't do anything for you, in which case idk. To each his own.
>>5401 You can post spoilered posts ya know spoilers Scroll down and see how: https://bunkerchan.xyz/.static/pages/posting.html
>>5402 I know, I didn't want to even post that in case you hadn't seen it, because I being genuinely surprised by it is what really made the ending work for me. I meant the phasmid. Like I said, maybe you did get that and you didn't care for it. It's fine then. But I think it works very well.
>>5401 Oh I know that, I thought an actual separate ending and not just a nice addition.
>>5401 Oh no I did find the bug and even had a nice discussion about mazovian economics and it was a nice moment but it doesnt make up for anything tbh
They literally critic idpol with the gay character we meet.
>>6286 >the gay character who?
>>6291 The art student in high heels
>>6298 >>6286 How again? Tbh I only remember defending the North Korea-esque to the neoliberal.
>>5254 The murder reveal was the least impactful of the 4 resolutions and you fucking know it you brainlet. This isn’t supposed to be a murder mystery per se, but like retro version of Cyberpunk. I never once felt like Sherlock Holmes but like Deus Ex’s Adam.
Pretty good game, but I wish it had more content. I know it wasn't trying to be a huge grandiose tale like your typical RPG but the main plot still felt a little short. I got to the shootout and thought alright, here we go, this is kicking off... but then there were only about two more hours left in the main story. It just feels like you're bumbling around awkwardly for a lot of it, which to be fair might have been the point.
(297.34 KB 1200x1600 disco e.jpg)
These 2 were based
>>6535 Wait for the spectacle. Consoommer. >yfw gunfight
>>6636 Was this meant to be a coherent thought.. or what?
>>6636 >>6637 He's trying to make fun of me for enjoying something that was meant to be enjoyable, because he's a retard.
>>6636 This post was made by a GPT bot.
>>6642 >GPT bot A whatsit now?
>>6638 To find gunfight in games enjoyable is already highly ideological.
>>6839 Have you even played the game or are you just being a pissy faggot? It's not some glorious exciting action scene.
>>6845 Yes, I played the game and liked it a lot. You make a point faggot, the scene in question was neither glorious nor exciting. But it was good.
>>6644 woah I got neat dubs, didn't even notice
>>5254 >The whole muh wife thing is clicheed >Voice acting sucks. Gotta agree on those but it absolutely doesn't need fucking combat. I want more games with this exact system but playing a different guy.
ZA/UM has been teasing something coming "SOON" on their site these past few days, now it says "NOW", expecting something to be announced tonight at the Game Awards
>>7199 >>7198 Sounds awesome but goddammit, I just finished playing through the fucking thing.
>>7199 >free absolutely based
When I finally kill myself I think Red Rock Riviera will be the last song I listen to
>>7312 Be sure to scream I DON'T WANNA BE THIS KIND OF ANIMAL ANYMORE before you do it Also, the better version of that song is "Instrument of surrender" from the DE soundtrack
>>7318 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Psy00POSQI I like how the lyrics are basically the plot of DE >I'll wake up in a new life >Down by the seaside
(1.82 MB 763x1079 blwcveojp5f51.png)
>>7318 Some of the flavor text for the thought cabinet really hit home in terms of how it talks about living with that sort of constant, bone-crushing despair: https://discoelysium.gamepedia.com/Finger_on_the_Eject_Button >Who doesn't toy with the thought of suicide sometimes? Or, like, most of the time? Okay, maybe some people don't – like the happy scientist girl named Marie, or Jean-Marc, the superstar whom everyone loves. But you -- when the going gets rough, it's nice to think about your little trap door out of here. Do it. Put your finger on the eject button, see how alive it makes you feel -- the freedom of finality. Think of how much they'll *miss* you. https://discoelysium.gamepedia.com/Mazovian_Socio-Economics >0.000% of Communism has been built. Evil child-murdering billionaires still rule the world with a shit-eating grin. All he has managed to do is make himself *sad*. He is starting to suspect Kras Mazov *fucked him over* personally with his socio-economic theory. It has, however, made him into a very, very smart boy with something like a university degree in Truth. Instead of building Communism, he now builds a precise model of this grotesque, duplicitous world. I mean, shit. I feel like we've all had a "blackpilling" moment like that in our political journeys at one point or another.
>>7351 >You -- against the atom, the charm and the spin. Where the whole world failed -- matter failed to bend to human will; human will failed to get out of bed and ties its laces -- you alone, single-handedly will rebuild the dreams of the working class. You are The Last Communist.
>He's not okay. This is just another black day, in a row of black days -- something *strange* is keeping him together, making him endure... >...an idea. Told to him by grown ups, from radio towers and leaflets, in a beautiful print when he was still a teenager: everything is possible. If we fight.
>>6535 did you really expect that to be the starting point for the game? literally everything in the plot was building up to that moment as being the final confrontation, personally i sort of expected to die during it
>>3284 Magical realism
"It was real. I'd seen it. I'd seen it *in reality*." >"The mask of humanity fall from capital. It has to take it off to kill everyone -- everything you love; all the hope and tenderness in the word. It has to take it off, just for one second. To do the deed." >"And then you see it. As it strangles and beats your friends to death... the sweetest most courageous people in the world," he's silent for a second. "You see the fear and power in its eyes. Then you *know*." >"That the bourgeois are not human."
dope ass game. can't wait for the update in march
>>7527 chilling quote, one of the most memorable from the like 2 hour conversation with that guy
>>7527 cringe


no cookies?