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Comrade 07/25/2020 (Sat) 12:48:00 No. 3224
What multiplayer vidya do you guys play? How good are you at it? No autistic casualfag seething allowed. Also steam group when?
Red Orchestra 2, i can survive for over 30 seconds on any given map
Only multiplayer I've done this year is on the N64 with my fiance and\or nephew+niece. Looking forward to when the nephew and niece are old enough for perfect dark and goldeneye... still a few years out for that though.
heroes and general, it's p2w shit and the waiting qeues take forever but I'm addicted.
>>3224 war thunder and hunt showdown sometimes, don't judge. i've invested too much time in the former already and it just feels good to pop planes at low level arcade. >>3227 what server are you on?
Only multiplayer game I play any more is Foxhole for the memes and the emergent behaviour of large groups https://store.steampowered.com/app/505460/Foxhole/ I'm ok at it, but then you already are if you just understand the mechanics of it, since its about teamwork and logistics a lot more than skill
>>3224 From time to time I play either Black ops 3 or Titanfall 2. It's a shame that both now have such low playerbases and aren't supported content wise. I'm alright at both but I noticed that not playing either for a few months makes it way harder to pick back up than lets say re-picking up cod 4 in years.
Playing a bit of Factorio lately. I pretty disappointed in the developers and don't even care much about the "game" anymore (because the developers have given up on it being a game), but I'm the guy everyone wants to play with because I know how to plan shit out.
>>3263 >because the developers have given up on it being a game what did you mean by this
>>3264 Campaign has been totally scrapped now in favor of relying on the lazy, weak goal of making the rocket. That's not the only thing once in the development roadmap that's been scrapped either. The developers can hone a billion features into a razor's edge but they can't design some goddamn levels. That's the problem with early access in general: when you become beholden to the feature requests of a million assholes on a forum you lose sight of what it means to develop a game. The one thing you never hear these people request is specific details about level design.
(104.17 KB 789x564 wazrweytnoa51.jpg)
>>3224 Too many games to count, my library is quite sizeable. Here's a few I currently have installed though. >RS2: Vietnam (with the Winter War mod) >Open Fortress >Tannenberg/Verdun >Hell Let Loose >Mordhau >Wreckfest >CS:GO >War Thunder >Fistful of Frags >Insurgency: Sandstorm >Any Paradox 4x Game >Skyrim (with multiplayer through Skyrim Together) >Red Dead Redemption 2 >Escape From Tarkov >War of Rights >Star Wars The Old Republic I'm also currently re-installing For Honor, but my download speed's kinda slow so it might take a while. In terms of a group for organizing games, the /leftytrash/ Element (formerly Riot) channel was specifically made for stuff like this. It has voice chat through Jitsi and encrypted text-based communication (unlike Discord) so feel free to hop in there. If people really want a Steam Group I might make a private one where people can be invited to at some point. Since the site doesn't let people paste Matrix links directly due to wordfilters I have to use pastebin as a workaround: https://pastebin.com/G4KxyhCq
I played quite a bit of Apex but got sick of dealing with random people and I had no one to play it with in a team so I stopped. Other than that, Monhun World.
>>3277 do you really need on-rails story based levels to enjoy a game tho? the whole point of factorio is that it's a procedurally generated programming sandbox and imo it's a good thing the devs eventually realised that, because it unshackled them from making bad design choices such as fighting against the aforementioned sandbox by restricting player choices, which is something you must do in level based game design and yet flies against the flow of factorio as a whole where the whole point is emergent problems and solutions. the goal in the game isn't even really about making the rocket, the rocket is just a macguffin really. it's about making a well oiled and efficient factory, which is why there's so many megabase builders that end up launching tens of thousands of rockets and still keep playing. campaign level design seems entirely apart from all of that.
>>3328 >do you really need on-rails story based levels to enjoy a game tho? A what? Who said anything about a story? I want a game to enjoy a game. You know, levels and challenges to overcome, goals to complete that are better than the paper-thin bullshit about constructing the rocket. >the whole point of factorio is that it's a procedurally generated programming sandbox That whole point is that a procedurally-generated sandbox with a grand total of three enemy types and one goal that is always the same is a piss-poor lazy fucking excuse for the developers' refusal to stop spending every hour of development refining features and actually do some goddamn level design. Please, do not compare Factorio to an actually well-executed procedurally-generated game like Spelunky. Procedural generation is not an excuse for a total disregard for game design.
>>3329 >levels and challenges to overcome, goals to complete that are better than the paper-thin bullshit about constructing the rocket. <do you really need on-rails levels to enjoy a game tho? didn't answer the question, also: <the rocket is just a macguffin really. it's about making a well oiled and efficient factory this is the game's real goal btw which is why the game doesn't end when you launch a rocket also if there are separate levels then there is invariably a need to compartmentalise the game and justify that by delivering a storyline. in factorio they figured out that compartmentalising factory design such that you are artificially restricted in what you can do (otherwise every level will be the same, which defeats the point of splitting the game into "levels") or you have an arbitrary set goal instead of setting the goals yourself (which is why the campaign was weird with forcing you to rebuild the base endlessly, and the restrictions it placed on you were unfun) is the opposite of what the game is meant to be, and i happen to agree with that myself. maybe it's just not your type of game, but it is absolutely not "bad design".
Do you guys voice chat?
>>3614 Why?
>>3616 spaghetti
>>3616 my voice sounds like shit
>>3616 Because my demands for voice chat are security and end-to-end encryption and I don't want to burden my Stockholm Syndrome'd friends who just want to use cancer like Discord.
>>3224 >multiplayer Fuck off back to Reddit
(634.62 KB 2100x2100 (u).png)
>>3624 based
>>3224 >Also steam group when? There has been one since 8/leftypol/ days.
>>3258 Wow, sounds really cool. >check page >Windows only I guess I'll wait a couple of years until the Linux port.
Hunt Showdown anyone? >mfw pulled back from the brink of party wipe after fighting several parties killed the second boss with one remaining partner and the game disconnects. This game is against me. One time I win by tooth and nail the servers shit themselves.
>>3627 >implying most of it isnt just falseflagging /pol/tards
>>3628 it work on linux via proton
I play CSGO and Valorant. I'm MG in CSGO and Gold in Valorant. >>3613 Yes. You can't play competitive team games for shit without it.
I'm not extroverted and competitive enough to play multiplayer. I would just lose so others could win.


no cookies?