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(248.23 KB 1301x486 Screenshot_154.png)
New Call of Glowie game set in the cold war Comrade 08/19/2020 (Wed) 21:15:37 No. 3803
>this is the first frame in the trailer Discuss.
(183.60 KB 320x453 cornchev glow.png)
>>3803 >Just in time for the electoral antifa boogeyman Not even making an effort. MW's Highway of Death might have been a test.
I'm not much in the know with mainstream Burgerstani media, but even I can tell they been peeling off their mask slowly the last couple of years.
Discuss what? It's a trailer without gameplay. Probably made by Treyarch, since they're the ones that make the blatant propaganda entries in the series.
have you guys seen /v/? they're rejoicing
>>3807 /v/tards lived through corporate cocksucking and contrarianism. Of course they love that shit, especially after last year /pol/ infiltration because of them getting triggered about /v/ loving a slightly Marxist game.
>>3807 >rejoicing It's actually a shitshow.
Lemme just copy paste from the last post >describing US tricks against the USSR >cinematic propaganda clip with no gameplay >a video game franchise made in close collaboration with the CIA, Pentagon and the military industrial complex >activision porkies using the current scenario to boost their sales once again /thread
>>3807 According to /v/ these same companies were "Cultural Marxists" not so long ago. Oh well, let them have it, one more shitty porky company that the left doesn't need to hold a burden of and associate ourselves with. I just wish more and more corpos go right wing like this, it will keep accelerating things further and make leftism the new counterculture. 4chan is filled to the brim with edgy contrarians who will follow suit. I guess the new counter slogan will be >Get pilled, get killed. >>3809 What was that? Disco Elysium?
>>3812 >I just wish more and more corpos go right wing like this, it will keep accelerating things further and make leftism the new counterculture Just what I was thinking
>>3807 it seems like it’s pretty mixed actually. I think 4chan in general is pretty centrist, it’s just that Nazis have to autistically insert their politics into every conversation because it’s a surrogate for their lack of personality.
I've talked to a few chan aligned rightwingers and they are eating this shit up for breakfest. >>3816 that being said I am starting to see a sort of inch by inch pushback against /pol/shit. I think at least 20% of the chans just think the right are filled with tryhards or otherwise useless/annoying people.
>>3803 So are all the people who are against politics in their games against this?
>>3818 Of course not.
>>3819 Is this game gonna sell?
>>3820 it'll sell well to the spineless and useless people in this planet. /v/ is having a collective orgasm over this and they'll get bilked out of every penny they have from the microtransactions.
>>3803 Fuck, I was actually hoping for this one to be good too. I thought maybe they'd unfuck up zombies or something.
8/v/ seems to love it. https://8chan.moe/v/res/86641.html
Nobody will play this game on account of it taking up 300GB of storage space.
>>3820 yeah, but only because it's CoD
>>3818 This has always been a cope. It's only bothersome when it opposes your viewpoint.
>>3826 >300gb That's crazy, it's a fourth of all my storage for just one game.
>>3807 Which "/v/" are we talking about here? You realize of course that there are more image boards than 4chan, right?
>>3833 >>3834 I knew Yuri Bezmenov was a glowie reaganoid shill.
>>3835 Well we're talking about the /v/ on 4channel.org my man. >>3837 Always was.
>>3803 Still probably gonna buy it to play zombies with some friends of mine. Fuck playing the campaign though, I don't want to have CIA propaganda shoved down my throat.
>>3859 >fuck the CIA >still buying their game though! even /v/ isn't this pathetic
Finally watched the trailer... Wew. Not even trying to be subtle anymore.
>>3860 Killing zombies with my friends is fun. It's not like giving Activision $60 is gonna fund a coup somewhere.
>>3863 Pirate it
(198.54 KB 1280x720 1598056915621.jpg)
I'm maybe about to remake that trailer, here's a concept.
>>3866 Looks based, just keep the format same and reverse the content matter.
>>3803 i love that they show run of the mill anti-war liberals during the vietnam war as communist agitators, no way this shit wasn't made by some boomer who defends the vietnam war
>>3803 There is a grand total of 3 post-ww2 CoD games that aren't glowie and out of them 2 are extremely sci-fi. The games have almost always been like this but I'll probably give it a torrent and play the campaign because despite the retarded politics the actual mechanics and melodrama of the campaigns are a guilty pleasure of mine. There are barely any other studios that can actually make a decent linear campaign with high production values.
>>3866 this is allready way more realistic
(2.00 MB 360x198 4mYD13u.gif)
>>3866 You have my attention.
>>3826 Every CoD MW update is comically large but people keep playing it
>>3921 And Battle.net is so comically shit it takes a day to download each update even on a fibre connection


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