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C&C Tiberium Saga Comrade 08/23/2020 (Sun) 02:06:47 No. 3891
NOD OR GDI? Scrin/third way acelerationism doesn't count, neither TW4. Personally I play NOD because I feel powerful and at the same time guided by the "people's" Messiah, fighting against a standard NATO org, not matters the cruel reality of the tiberium poisoning, the decay of the planet, the mixture of totalitarian corporation-state-church of NOD or the experiments with humans. One vision, one purpose.
scrin gang the ayyliens will bring us communism
(61.42 KB 600x790 kane.jpg)
I have always liked GDI, especially when it is obvious that Kane has plans of his own and NOD is a means to an end.
I only play red alert
>>3911 C&C series is the better game series tbh. Red Alert was just red scare: the game.
>>3909 >especially when it is obvious that Kane has plans of his own Communism. Lenin -> Yuri -> Kain, simple as
>>3916 Kane is obviously an analogue to Cain. What with the Marked of Kane/Cain and the fact that he can't die. Even the Scrin can tell he is not human.
>>3924 I love how they were building up the mystery of who he was and his final goal before they just threw in the towel for C&C 4 and he took a portal to some ayylien planet and left Earth. Like what the fuck you could have done that decades ago.
>>3932 I think the original plan was Kane returning to somewhere alien. I read about dev notes that said that the Tacitus was from an alien world that fought the Scrin, which is why Kane had so much affinity with it. Too bad the new people fucked it up. Kinda sad tbh.


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