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Heroes of [Might and Magic] Comrade 12/03/2020 (Thu) 00:41:32 No. 6911
What's your opinion on HoMM and M&M? Which one did you play? Which one did you like the most? Will there ever be hope that UbiSoft stopps hogging the IP and we may get good games again?
(2.18 MB 2000x1358 enroth_world_fan2.jpg)
(100.57 KB 1280x720 -1000°C knife.jpg)
Enroth, home. At least it was before I fucked everything up.
>>7353 >-1000 C That's impossible.
>>7357 It's clickbait. A 1000 C would be white hot and on the verge of melting and could only really be achieved with a forge. Not only would you be unable to pick it up with your hand, you'd probably need protective gear just to be close to it.
>>6911 Still god tier. Basically a legend over here with us still having international competition with random Slavic fan base.
(401.59 KB 1424x842 1d7.jpg)
I was lucky to pick up HoMM3 when I was a kid. Got many, many hours out of it solo and playing hot-seat with my buddies. I only discovered years later that HoMM3 is indeed one of the greatest games ever made, and that it still has an active community in CIS region like >>7367 says. There has never been a proper sequel to HoMM3, since all the actual sequels are Ubisoft garbage. It's not that the IP is valuable... it's turbo-generic fantasy, who cares. What we really need is a spiritual sequel to HoMM3, which could totally be achieved by a competent indie studio. I'm somewhat surprised and disappointed that it hasn't happened yet. Also Tower best town, fite me.
>>6911 I tried to play HoMM1 and couldn't figure it out, then I gave up and played HoMM2 instead. Since I picked Archibald's campaign I became used to always playing as a Necromancer, and eventually hit a roadblock with that map where there are hordes of peasants and archers everywhere. The game was already a bit frustrating but when I reached this point and couldn't clear the scenario, I definitely gave up. I don't think I've uninstalled them yet. I wonder if I would have a better experience playing 3.
HOMM 1-3 are the greatest video games ever created in world history. Period end of discussion. It's a carry over from an older era when game developers actually give a flying fuck an wanted to make a good game you can play till literally the end of time itself, as opposed to the DLC fucking crap we got today. M&m I never got into, is it any good? Seems like it but IDK
>>7423 >I definitely gave up. It's a game defintly for people with autism, as it takes a very very long time, alot of detail and planning for you to do it. H2, I need to beat Archibald's, and a few other campaigns, but i got though the hardest ones.
>>6911 I cant get over how ageless the graphics in these games are. Heroes 2 is almost 25 years old and it still looks gorgeous. I wish modern indie games would go for sprite graphics like these.
(397.06 KB 1280x800 AoW3.jpg)
(133.28 KB 600x331 eador motbw.jpg)
Heroes 2 and 3 were fun as a kid, and I played 3 some later in life, but it's not that great a game. Age of Wonders 3 scratches the same itch, and is a far superior game. Eador: Masters of the Broken World is also a very interesting game in this genre, but that definitely isn't going to be for everyone.


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