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(242.19 KB 1382x864 gta-4-art.jpg)
Anonymous 12/16/2020 (Wed) 22:05:14 No. 7514
a reminder that GTA 4 (a 2008 game) is much better than DiaperShit 77
Best GTA, captures the political and cultural environment of the 2008 crisis perfectly Damn I wish I could play it now
>>7515 Can't you just pirate the game?
I agree completely but, >>>/games/
>>7516 I don't have a gaming pc you boujee
Reminder GTA is mass produced trash with a hundred million dollar budget all the same. Stop swilling corporate garbage.
(1.53 MB 480x360 Deus Ex Official Trailer.mp4)
Don't forget the original Deus Ex
but that's the boring one. other gta games are more fun
>>7520 >hyperrealistic >advanced AI >100s of highly detailed characters Man, people sure were naive back then.
>>7514 Funny you make this thread now because I replayed it recently. Really didn't like killing those Italian union dudes for playboy X tho, he was like "the guy I do it for is a developer from Dubai, we gotta help our brothers that came from Africa" fucking bourgeois idpoler.
It's good, but the III-era games were better. The storylines weren't as complex but the sense of freedom in a game like San Andreas is something a lot of open world shit today still struggles to capture.
>>7518 It's from 2008. A normal PC from today can probably run it.
>>7523 That union was a mafia front though
>>7534 That mafia front was based though. Only bootlickers cares about the legality of Unions, not many people have the luxury of forming legal unions especially if it is outlawed. Besides it's wrong to take money from some wannabe bourgie so a real estate developer notices how gay he has for him. Would be a better choice to take money from the union to take out the don in a coup then the other choice mentioned above.
>>7525 London was the best.
2077 was disappointing. It has a significantly worse open world than GTA and its gameplay is just a shittier version of what all the Deus Ex games have been doing since forever.


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